Everyone Can Win

I can still remember like it was yesterday.  It was 3 am, and I was sitting on the sofa watching infomercials.  The one with Tom Vu was on and he said, “You, you sitting there on the sofa.  It’s 3 am your wife’s asleep, your baby’s asleep.  Nobody cares about you.  You’re a loser!  If you don’t buy my program, you deserve to be broke!”

And of course I was so broke I couldn’t afford to buy his program, so I felt like the biggest loser in the world.  But thankfully I found Network Marketing…

And the one business where everyone can win.

You are not competing against anybody.  You have the chance to win and nobody else has to lose along the way.   And in life that’s not usually true.   When you get in a business where your success is based on the success of others, everybody wins.

Now there will be some losers, but that’s because some people quit.  So that’s a choice they make.  But if they are willing to stay the course, they can win along with the others.

Ain’t it great!


27 thoughts on “Everyone Can Win

  1. Yes, you are right, but so far I wander through looking for business opportunity, I know that somewhere and I’m ready to catch her.


  2. Nm is probably the most fair business in the world. You have the chance to change your life. But only the ones that do the job gets the pay

  3. Hey Randy,

    Nobody is a loser,unless he give up,accepts thi situation and agrees to it.
    There is always a light at the end of the tunnel ,for the ones who believes,
    hopes and does not give up

  4. Thanks, Randy as always is great. Interesting to read comments. It is in the nature of people to find excuses -” everybody can win, but…..”, “something good happens in my life, but…..”. Habits of thinking. “BUT” cuts the thought in the first part of sentence and leaves second- excuses, troubles and warnings.
    My version of Svens comment: “Nm is probably the most fair business in the world. You have the chance to change your life. Who do the job gets the pay.”
    Just idea…

  5. If you truly WORK NetWORK Marketing, you only have yourself to blame if it doesn’t work. NWM levels the playing field and the earning field. It’s a blessing that NWM is available to all of us! No excuses!

  6. These are all very good comments.

    No one really “fails” in network marketing , they just stop being willing to grow & develop the skillsets necessary to propel them to the achievement of their dreams.

    Good stuff

  7. I’ve found that most people come into this business looking for evidence that it won’t work. They even act excited but as soon as they find that evidence, there is their excuse! The other, much smaller group are looking for a way to make it work. I believe that, in business and in life, we find what we look for! Merry Christmas Gage!

  8. Network Marketing works! But it took me over a year before I really ever earned any money in the industry. that is the downside to MLM, anyone can do it if they are willing to work hard and invest in themselves.

  9. No one will ever tell me “they can’t make it”. I will take all their excuses away. Just 4 short years ago. I was a carpenter, I never sold anything, I was scared of people is a matter of fact I did not like people, I had a very low self image. But God had a dream in me. There are hidden talents and abilities in EVERYONE.
    The three thing I had was
    First and most important I had DESIRE!
    2nd I had a good work ethic
    3rd after the first year I became teachable. I studied the skills and practiced every day. I had no upline, I had no mentor. I was alone in my business. In 1 year I went from $0 a week to over $5000 a week.

    You CAN WIN
    Pick the right company for YOU. Stay in that company, quit jumping around. Most people quit or jump around from one business to another before the ever get good, and you CAN and WILL WIN


  10. I’d like to share my experiencie…
    A couple of months ago I thought I was a successful guy working for a consulting firm, earning good money, having good friends. I work hard and thought I was going to the top… Then a friend of mine comes over and tells me about MLM. I thought it wasn’t for me, but then I read “The Business School: For People Who Like Helping People” by Kiyosaki and “My First Year in Network Marketing” by Mark Yarnell ..
    So I join an MLM company and I’m learning skills I thought didn’t exist. It turns out there is a better job, a better boss, better friends, better leadership. For me it was like cold water because the image I had of a bussiness man has dramatically changed.
    I guess what I’m trying to learn is how to convey my exitement about this new business opportunity to other people. I’d like to make people see what I see, and I think that this is not easy.

  11. Ain’t it great! You can take the boy out of Amway, but you can’t the Amway out of the boy! 😉

    Reading the Tommy Vu quote took me way back to when I first got your generic network marketing opportunity disc years ago. Much success & money has been realized since those days. I can still hear you telling your story.

    Then he peeled out in his red Ferrari….

    Thanks for staying the course & yes, EVERYONE can win.

  12. OH boy this is a big one for me. I am college educated, and worked for a fortune 100 co. long enough ( 15 yrs.) to know that almost everyone that had the opportunity would try to make themselves look better at my expense.( or anyones expense). Call it competition, but i call it fear and insecurity. I could not play by their rules any longer. NWM, her i come and here I be for 16 wondreful yrs. I had to go back to square one, but It was so rewarding, I can only tell you, you will be tested, so know its a test and keep on going!

  13. You’re right up to a point – that point is “You are not competing against anybody.” Randy, where have you been? We are competing against EVERYONE in our respected companies! Yes, I know there’s that “we’re like a family” mantra but when it comes down to business, it’s every man/woman for themselves. There’s nothing wrong with that – it’s called competition.

    Please don’t make network marketing look easy. It’s a wonderful business model and as long as you work hard, be duplicatable and stick with it, you’ll be successful. JL

    1. Yes Jack we can say we’re competing against people in other companies, and even against the people in our own. But with 6.5 billion people that aren’t in the business now, I think we’ll do just fine.

      The real point I wanted to get across (obviously not too well) is that we don’t have to compete for a limited number of the same positions, as you do in other work environments.


  14. Hello Randy, thanx 4 heeding d call on ur life n 4 staying faithful. Experimented with ur Duplication Nation Series in d last 16mths n has doubled my income. Thanx for ur Teachings, it has helped my whole Team. Being in NWM for 11yrs now, enjoying d journey n d joy of helping others to grow. Fehintola.

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