The Power of Posture

If I had to really isolate the biggest difference between people struggling in the business and the million-dollar producers, it would have to be posture.  

You may think it’s a chicken or the egg thing.  You may say something like, “Well if I was a million-dollar producer I would have posture.  But I’m just starting out and don’t have that confidence.”

But you can have it with a few simple steps…

First, don’t try to be making presentations when you begin; use third party resources.  If your company has them, use them.  If they don’t, use my Lifestyle Freedom Pack or Check Out the Biz.

Second, stop worrying about the fact that you’re new and haven’t made a bunch of money yet.  That’s not really relevant.  Network Marketing is proven.  More than half a century!  So there simply is no debate for a thinking person.  Own that.

Finally, get your consciousness right every morning, before you even leave the house.  Nothing gives you stronger posture than spending daily self-development time each morning.

So stop begging people, arguing with people or being timid.  You’ve got something that can make their lives better.  Get out there loud and proud!

P.S. I’m sitting in for Eric Worre this week on Stop by and share your comments.  And Monday’s show (up now) is a great one for developing your posture!


15 thoughts on “The Power of Posture

  1. Posture is great, and very important! And, so are good listening skills. I have learned that I have so much more success when I take the time to really listen and HEAR the needs/wants of my prospect!

    The language we use is also important. When we listen authentically, we know intuitively what to say, based on our prospect’s questions/answers.

    EXPECT Success!

    Jackie Ulmer

  2. Thanks for this post Randy and for all you do to help us be successful in network marketing. You are the reason I am still in this business after 3 years struggling.

    P.S. Thank you also for introducing me to Eric Worre–another rock star in the industry. He mentioned that you would be hosting this NMPRO this week. Awesome!!

  3. I agree and I am on the way, I had to cut a man whom I have supported 12 years, but I`m still looking for a product with which I can go to MLM. Morning Mental strengthening reinforces the certainty of the day.
    Randy is right as usually,Thx.


    1. Hey Wencel,
      I see that you are still looking for a company to go with. It took me a while to find one I love and am pationate about. I would love to show you how we are changing lives on both sides of the ocean. Give me a call and we can talk. 6153195303. Look forward to hearing from you. Jeremy.

      1. hi wencel hi jeremy,

        i am rene from the philippines just want to share my homegrown networking company

        we’ll be, expanding globally next year. do hope our path will cross someday guys… as randy says ” Be a Blessing to others”

        RANDY ROCKS!!! MLM is Power!!!

  4. Good Morning Randy,

    Great post.

    One of the important lessons I learned shortly after starting in this industry back in 1996 was to create the proper posture by……..

    ACT AS IF……..

    One of my earlier mentors began teaching me this concept by having me answer a series of questions…

    If you were making 1000.00, 2000.00, 5000.00 per month what would be different and how would you approach the people you know about what you are doing?

    I gave him my answer and he simply said, OK now ACT AS IF you are and do it with confidence etc.

    It was one of the most important lessons I learned and applied.

    There of course is more for others to learn that will read this but it will I believe get people headed in the right direction.

    Having a mentor and a coach being a new person or a person that has been in this industry for any length of time, NOT having success will be a important decision for you to make to propel you to go forward and create the success you dream about.
    Search out someone in your company that has the passion to help others be successful and ask him or her if they would be willing to help you learn what it really takes and what kind of personal development you will need to go through.
    If you are real with them and commit to follow what they teach you it is my belief they will walk with you until your ACTING AS IF… becomes a reality.

    I know that is what I do when I receive a call from someone in my company seeking help, whether they are in my personal organization or not.

    Maybe the following will help someone reach for a new level:

    ‎”Many are concerned about the life they are living each day. If you really have the desire to have your life be a magnificent story, then begin by understanding YOU are the author and everyday YOU have the opportunity to write a new page.”

    Be Blessed,


  5. Hey Randy

    A good posture has a great power and influance for creating personal attraction.
    people like a prosperus person,someone who has self confidence, and believes
    in himself.
    Nobody wants to follow someone as a leader who is needy, poor and a loserin
    his life and business.
    Anyone who has a dream to get the succes has to makes self development,
    a positive self image and than he will become in a good posture.
    At the very begining for this process, “Fake it until you get it.”

  6. Randy, thank you for this post, I really needed to hear it. I’m in my 2nd network marketing company. Did just barely ok with the 1st one. But I’ve felt ashamed about promoting my 2nd company because I didn’t think I did that great at the 1st one much less the 2nd one since I just started. But your post does help put my experience into perspective.

  7. Thank you Randy! But can you expound on “get your consciousness right every morning” – specific examples and also direct me to where I can learn how to do that?

    I’m relatively new to your site and have learned from each of your blogs!

  8. Hi, Randy

    I have been trying to purchase check out the bizz from the prime concepts site without success and even went ahead further to email whom soever is in charge to assist if there is anything you can do that i purchase a copy and also more information on shipping i will appreciate


  9. Thanks Randy for for being there for people like me. I started out well in this business before I even enrolled but I think I’ll do better if my company helps me to deliver. Nevertheless, with or without them I’ve made a resolve am ready to stand by. Once again thank you

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