Giving Away Prosperity

I’m working on a new book on prosperity.  What a wonderful experience it is.  It feels like I’m just channeling insights from Infinite Intelligence.    The chapter I’m working on now is about giving your prosperity away as fast as you can – without creating entitlement mentality.  

It’s not about giving money and things to people.  It’s about empowering them to create their own prosperity.  And that’s what we do in Network Marketing better than anywhere else!

Please.  Stop thinking about how you can sell something to someone.  Stop thinking about who you can sign up.  Start thinking about who you would like to empower!

P.S. Remember I’m sitting in for Eric Worre this week on NetworkMarketingPro. The topic of today’s show is “Sow it, Don’t Throw It!”


15 thoughts on “Giving Away Prosperity

  1. Hi Randy,

    I am listening to you on NWM Pro this week, but this is a great line that I have not heard before – start thinking about who you would like to empower – so its not about sponsoring or selling the product. This is another way to make the point about not being attached to the outcome, but focused on other’s needs and not your own.

  2. For me the right advice at the right time, I did it and left this way 15 years ago, and went out of business, including health problem. I wandered into the intersection and looking for my way back.

    Thanks Randy


  3. Once you begin surrounding yourself with people who empower you your lesson today requires you do the same. Reciprocity works. If you have surrounded yourself with the entitlement gang selling everything that moves reciprocity will also come into play. Thank you Randy for being empowering.

  4. Some people start mlm because of fear or greed. That may work, but only in the very short term. We need to understand that long term growth in the mlm business resonates from Love. Love transends all emotions. Its my drug of choice. What is Love? In part when we Love we constantly give without expecting anything in return because giving gives us pleasure and watching the satisfaction or the receiver gives us a double dose of the same experience! How cool is that?

  5. Hey Randy,

    Someone who work for onle to get more and more money,will not get much,
    someone who put his target how to help people to solve a problem, can be a wealthy person.”Help others get what they want so you will get what you want”. “

  6. I like this point of empowering. That means you really want to help the person you are talking to. That is actually what I do in telemarketing, and why I get so good results with that. I know networkmarketing is different, but it feels right. Thank you.

  7. For most people, the first lesson of prosperity is experienced in the Network Marketing business model. For too long, we have been conditioned to believe that working the 45, 50 year rut plan, working more hours, and taking on an extra jobs will make us wealthy and less stressful, wrong!

    The great news is that we can reset our channel from lack to prosperity in all areas of our life (relationships, health, spiritual, clarity, more wealth, and so much more good the world has to offer us), and it all must start with our thought process. Resetting our thinking button is the beginning and then doing ‘THE WORK’.

    Randy, I am sure you will produce a phenomenal masterpiece because you have a story to tell, and you are living PROSPERITY. Moreover, for those that need inspiration and the HOW TO; I am that you will point many in a more proactive direction.

    Lastly, I believe when we all start to do or have done the ‘The Work’ others will take notice, and that is what I call inspirational. A better solution to staying poor.

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