Celebrating the Victories

Last post we discussed the goal of getting free.  This is a follow up to that, and another article I suggest you get your whole team to read.  Another big part of getting free is celebrating the victories along the way.  This reminds us we’re making progress and helps us weather the inevitable challenges.  

Of course we want to recognize people whenever they break a new rank, crack a solid income goal, and develop a new skill.  But make a BIG deal about getting free!

When someone wins a new bonus car, have a big ceremony on stage and present their keys to them.  When someone finishes paying off their house, have a mortgage burning party.  And when they leave their job, have a retirement party and make sure everyone in the area participates…

On the last day of a team member’s job, everyone from the team should be in cars waiting outside blowing horns, streamers on the antennae, cans tied behind like you do at weddings.  Everyone at the new retiree’s job should be looking out the window wondering what all the racket is about.  Then they sheepishly say something like, “Oh sorry, those are all my friends, here for my retirement party.”

If it is your spouse’s retirement, you should be in the front car, a stretch limo, waiting with the door open and three or four dozen red roses on the seat.

Then the next major event you instruct them to bring their alarm clock.  Bring them onstage, give them a hammer and safety goggles, and let them destroy it into a hundred pieces!

Every time I do this, the entire hall erupts in pandemonium.  People rush the stage, to grab a shard of the broken clock as a souvenir.  Many keep it on the nightstand, next to their own alarm, so that every time it goes off, it’s a reminder of the day they will destroy their own.

Focus on the day you and your people will be free, celebrate the victories along the way, and that day will come!

You up for that?


19 thoughts on “Celebrating the Victories

  1. I did away with the need for an alarm clock when I was 24 back in 2003 when I went full time flipping houses.

    Now at 32 I’m back working a J.O.B. and absolutely despise living with the electronic rooster again.

    Last time I didn’t do any cool / fun celebratory destroying of the alarm clock like that but as soon as my MLM biz is to the point that I can leave the J.O.B. life again I’m totally going to destroy that damn thing!

    And for Good this time!

    I can’t wait!

  2. Sorry to the all,’m no friend of big celebrations, I prefer peace and contentment in my soul, do not expect handclap of back and thanksgiving, when I want to do something so I do it, but it was not so ,after reading Randy’s book, I returned to the ground …maybe later on apply it too.

    Thanks Randy


  3. YES! YES! YES! I want that. I want to do that! I want to be free! I want to wait out side of my MLM friends jobs, waiting with a lot of team members and celebrate thier freecom too. If I imagine that moment and it touch my heart. Because that joy is wonderfull. Thanks for this, thank you very much! You are a great master!

  4. Celebrating each individual step along the path towards Freedom, especially the landmark events that mean the most to the person involved, is like lighting the torch at their initiation into the world of their dreams. Now you not only help them see it, but to help them live in it….& isn’t that what we are all striving to build for ourselves & others? Have them enjoy giving that feeling to others, as well.


  5. Hey Randy,

    As the saying:”what the mind can conceive can be achieve”-Npoleon Hill.
    Anything is possible according to the Law of Attraction.

  6. Sometimes I forget to celebrate my own victories along the way. I seem to always celebrate my teams advancements & break thrus in big ways. Recognition is oxygen to the soul for the majority of us.

    In addition to the big victories like rank advancement, don’t forget to celebrate the sometimes overlooked things too. For example when someone breaks thru to another level of abundance mentality, attends their first big event, or brings their first guest to a PBR. Celebrate!

  7. Loved the post. I have a vision of a fleet of white Mercedez at the entrance to my office filled with friends and red roses all celebrating my retirement. It’s going on my dream board!

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