The Power 50

Well I got quite a tribute last week. I cracked the top ten of “The Direct Selling Power 50,” a listing of the most influential people in the profession for 2010.

I’m listed ahead of some serious players and while I am honored, there are some names and placements on the list that are perplexing to me. Obviously it’s quite subjective and I’m not sure how the criteria is decided. But top ten, I’m blowing up, baby!

Seriously, one reason is probably the popularity of this blog as a gathering place for so many top professionals in our business. Another was probably being voted the number one trainer in the world on the Nexera listing. So thanks to all of you for your support and being a part of the community.

You may find the list interesting. You can find it clicking here.


18 thoughts on “The Power 50

  1. Randy,

    Your accolades are much deserved. You are one of the reasons we can call this a profession. You’re an example, you practice the laws of prosperity that others only talk about & you encourage all of us to have the right mindset regardless of financial gain.

    Kudos to you!


  2. Lists, schmists. I avoid them like the plague. (Hate ’em, kinda’ or lots.)

    Back (way) in 1992 when that issue of SUCCESS magazine came out with the first full-blown positive endorsement of MLM by a national publication, I begged them NOT to include a list of “Top Companies.” It’s by nature bogus. What standards of measurement? What criteria?

    And this “Top 50” list is just silly.

    That said, sans sour grapes or fine wine, YOU deserve to be acknowledged on the top of any sincere & serious effort to spotlight “the best of the best” in this business. You’ve earned it. Transformed yourself. Put you money (cash & spiritual currency) where your mouth is. And you’ve RUN your talk, not just walked it.

    There now. How’s your head? (No wonder it doesn’t grow any hair )

    Love ya’ Randy, and no… I don’t want your BudLight…

    I greatly appreciate you!

  3. Hey Randy,

    isaw your picture in this site, and i also voted for you/
    You are a champion, a real leader to your team, and give
    much values in your site by your posts

  4. Congratulations, it is an honor for me as well, you deserve the first place, because your philosophy is much more humane and inclusive way.


    Absolutely not surprised! I respect and admire you as a profesional networker, networker trainer and I think which is more important as a spiritual guru. You have your way, but is a very spiritual way!
    Thank you Randy!
    We need you and your lidership!

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