The Award You Don’t Want to Win

So it was the special black tie award program my company does for leaders each year.  There are five awards bestowed, based upon voting of the top field leaders.  Unfortunately, I was one of the top three vote getters in all five categories and won the award for Team Member of the Year.

So why do I say unfortunately?

I was honored and grateful to receive those votes.  And I don’t mean to seem ungracious.  But it also tells me I’m not doing my job, because I win some of those awards every year.  And after five years, I would rather see my new leaders coming up get those awards.

So that’s my objective for this next year.  Helping my leaders grow into their own and step up and take the baton from me.

So how you doing on that?

Are you ready to step into your greatness?  And more importantly – are you helping your people step into theirs?


19 thoughts on “The Award You Don’t Want to Win

  1. Truth is awards and being on stage does not motivate me to do anything. It’s not that I would say no [and I have said no to awards in the past,] and I don’t get the acknowledgment. I like winning in secret and letting everyone else have the spotlight. I am a fan of the Wizard of Oz and would never come out from behind the curtain. I like the moment to moment of this profession and I have never enjoyed the hoopla over past events. I have been fortunate to be in the right place, at the right time and knew what to do about it and I could and I did.

    How does that really have anything to do with me… except a tiny piece that I did?

  2. I learned a lot from you at the Mastermind event Randy and it’s great to see you expand on your philosophy here. For those not sure how to help your leaders, I suggest reading a book called “Go Givers.”


  3. You are right Randy! I am happier when my leaders are going up on stage and I am cheering and applauding them for their accomplishments. for me, that would mean stability and duplication has taken place in my organization.

  4. Thanks Randy. This gives me the encouragement i need to continue building depth and not width. I am not earning so much right now but i have discovered to sustain any kind of growth or explosion in my business i must first build a strong foundation to carry it. Thanks again for your timeliness.


  5. Hey Randy.

    You deserve to won the award for Team Member of the Year,but not all the years, and every year. A good leader has to qualify, some of the team to be leaders like him.

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