Good Excuses

There sure are a lot of good excuses out there for not growing your business.  And some of them are REALLY good…

Maybe you don’t have much money.

Maybe you don’t have a car.

Maybe you have young kids.

Maybe you’re a caregiver for someone.

Maybe you have a sponsor that deserted you.

I bet you even have a special one.  You can fill in the blank here:  _____________________________________________________________________________

Now there is only one problem with all of those excuses.  (Including your special one.)  There are people who had the same situation that have successfully built the business.   So that leads you to the choice…

You can argue for why your excuse is real.  Or you can leave it behind and win.  So which one are you going with?


30 thoughts on “Good Excuses

  1. Poor me-Randy-
    “My grandfather was a miner,My Deddy was a miner and so are all my cousins. What would they think if I make money without working hard?I won’t be love.”

  2. Randy yes it is true. One of the excuses that I am fighting, is thinking that the people of Puerto Madryn is not ready for networkmarketing. But then I think, why there are people in my team here, so I am sure that there are more people in Madryn that need to be find, there are waiting for me. But to find them depends if I go out of my house and search that people. Question: Why people, even konowing the excuse, they still keep it in their mind? How can i help my team to eliminate this thinking? Ragards

  3. I think excuses are good. Write it down in your diary, wall, planner or anywhere you can see everyday. Soon your excuses will become reasons for you for growing your business. it works for me.

  4. Ask, if I do this thing I’m thinking & not give time to money making activities do I get closer to my goal.

    Understand excuses are rooted in fear.

    Break thru!

    Just say no.

  5. I think those who use excuses to not build their business are those who just want to say that they’re in networking and end up being a part of the statistics of people who fail. Those like myself who use exuses to build their business, like the economy isn’t going to get much better, I want to live a better lifestyle, I want much more out of life…those are the ones who actually end up making it. So there are good excuses…as long as you’re using them as a reason to build your business bigger, badder and bolder!

  6. I just copied this blog on my business folder to remind me daily to work toward my goals.

    I may even hang this on the wall near the treadmill, on the refrigerator door…I could post this in so many places to remind me to WIN! :o)

  7. All excuses arise from programming. You can reprogram yourself or be at the effect of your past… which insures you will continue having what you have always had.

    Human Being is the Universes best survival machine. [That we know of] Push the machine to its limits and you will discover that every ‘limiting belief’ broken has some amazing space on the other side. You soon discover another set of limits that old programming triggers the same old excuses. Tough but once you notice you can again jump off the cliff and then figure out how to fly, land, glide, escape on the way down. Go for it. What else were you going to do? Hook up to a mind meld with you pc/tv/…

    Argue for your limitations and sure enough they are yours. – Richard Bach

  8. -RG,

    How about a poem?

    Good excuses bad excuses, excuses excuses excuses!

    There are no excuses for excuses. They only lead to abuses of time, talent and muses.

    So if you find yourself making excuses stop it, change it, to making positive choices.


  9. Excuses are the number one reason people fail at anything. They are based on fear. If you can get in the “no excuses – winners find a way” mindset, your business will explode because you have liberated yourself from fear. I just attended a company event where a member of our team drove to Las Vegas from Missouri, even though he knew he had to stop somewhere (ended up in front of McDonalds) and wait for his paycheck to clear to buy gas to finish the trip. He made NO EXCUSES about getting here!

  10. Hey Randy

    Everyone who whant to be succesful in his business and life,
    has to take responsibility and control on his situation
    , not to make excuses for his failure and not blame anyone,
    or anything.

  11. Try THIS one on for size…A Sales Manager with Stage 4 breast cancer confined to a wheelchair encourages someone at a live company event to excell. This person is NOT in her Successline! This Leader gives the newbie a challenge, yet she is not making ONE THIN DIME off her sales! Imagine that? The new Rep meets the challenge, promotes herself and gets honored on stage at a future event. The experienced Sales Manager was too ill to come herself, but guess what? That’s right-she rewarded the newer Sales Leader by sending several great gifts! Now where were her excuses? She had EVERY reason to feel sorry for herself and fail-some powerhouse of a Sales Leader huh? Yes!

  12. Dear Randy,

    -I have debts
    -children studying
    -executors of me sitting behind the neck
    -wife I love, but she is totally negative person

    and I love family at all.

    But still I`m not frozen and don`t lament, looking for opportunity and believe.


  13. If someone really wants to make a shift they will find a way. I’ve learned not to chase people who make excuses. Either they see Las Vegas or a desert. If they see Vegas, they will put their home on the line.

  14. Everyone has an excuse, it’s how we handle it that makes a difference.

    One great response I heard at a Big Al Seminar was to follow up with this phrase and one that I use quite frequently:

    “Great Think it over. Take all the time you want. But could you do me a favor?”

    They say “Yes”

    “The next time you get your paycheck, when you rip open the envelope, you pull
    out the check between your thumb and forefinger, just hold it up to the light and
    ask yourself, ‘Is This All I’m Worth?’

    Powerful, set back and see what happens!

  15. Randy’s just telling it like it is. Seemed pretty mild to me. Our job as mentors to our people is to help them see their excuses in a wider context. Most people use those excuses at one time or another and by being honest with our people we can help them move through it. Otherwise, especially when they’re new to the business, they might genuinely believe they have a unique excuse. It won’t be helpful to them. Having the courage to call your people out on this stuff is huge.

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