Living and Working with Intention

If you are life-centered in the present, yet possess a vision for the future, you can do almost anything. Your vision is your intention.  The key:

Accept the present and intend the future.

If you’re living in the moment of now, then the imaginary obstacles – which are ninety-five percent of what you perceive – slip back into the nothingness from which them came.

The prospect you think may reject you?  You’re making that up.  Worried that someone is going to accuse you of promoting a pyramid.  Total figment of your imagination.

Are there real obstacles?

Of course.  But those are only five percent.  And you can overcome almost all of them with intention.  Set your vision, act boldly, and you bend the universe to your will.

You up for that?


21 thoughts on “Living and Working with Intention

  1. yes, I want to believe that I am because if at the moment I wouldn’t be looking forward for the future, I would be in quite a dark place – no job, not a proper place to live and weather is threatening to freeze you up every time you step outside! I now that it’s normal because I just came back from China where I still wore short sleeves, so I came back to UK on the worst weather possible and all the obstacles just add to the misery of the cold… but I still have my health, my family, my MLM business and most importantly my bright future ahead of me! thanks Randy for keeping me motivated! Laura (Newcastle, uk)

  2. -RG,

    Thanks for the reminder.

    Why are we programed so strong for the negative?

    It seems as if it is counterintuitive to be positive, yet that is where we need to live.



  3. Yes…We all need to vision for a better Future. I know this coming year i can be a fulltime Internet Marketer and help more people each day to become better to themselves. We can all learn from this message.

  4. During my sales career, I have learned that people do not buy products, they do not buy marketing plans as much as they Buy me and a DREAM. In this case (MLM), I share a vision of possibilities in such a way that touches them to act.

    Yes, I am definitely up to it. Deepak Chopra, speaks of that “one-pointed intention, … holding your attention to the intended outcome with such unbending purpose…”
    and it is that kind of focus that will take me to my desire outcome.

    Living with integrity, being powerful, courageous, peaceful is my present awareness for an extraordinary future with life-changing possibilities.
    I picture helping others to change their circumstances, prosperity, and excellent health in my crystal ball.

    Thanks for this post!

    1. Hi Volker,

      I have been in the industry for nearly 15 years… Just go out a collect as many no’s as you can. It will sharpen you prospecting skills and the ones you want are out there, I promise you.


  5. Hey Randy,

    As the saying of Napoleon Hill:” What the mind can concieve can be achieve”.
    If we can imagine and visuon enyyhing,we can bring this vision to the reality,
    carry out it.

  6. yes, Randy, I agree it makes no sense to envision a negative outcome. Why not envision and believe there will always be a positive one — even if the prospect says, “No.” Sometimes that is for the best, as we know.

    The Bible says it too: “Whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.”

    Napoleon Hill said, “Keep your mind on what you want, and OFF what you don’t want.”

    Thanks for adding to the library of instructions for how we can create our own reality. We need to be frequently reminded that we create our own life in partnership with the Divine. It’s pretty cool, when you think about it!

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