What You Have to Lose

I remember the first time I saw the circles.  I joined on the spot.  And the real reason why?

It was the answer to the question, “What do you have to lose?”  What I had to lose was:

$120 in the bank
A dead end career
Being broke
Being a victim

I decided it was okay if I lost some of that.  So what do you have to lose?


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    1. Hi Friend!

      100% responsibilty and honesty with yourself are your strengths! What a great foundation…

      Good luck and be kind to your self


  1. There are many things you could loose when joining a Network Marketing company, but to me, when I joined my first company none of that seemed to outweigh what I had to gain.

    • Financial Freedom
    • Success
    • A Limitless Career
    • Being A Winner
    • Becoming Wealthy

    So instead of thinking about what you have to loose, why not just think about what you have to gain? It makes life SO much easier…

    So, what have you got to gain?

  2. Thanks Randy for this post. It’s true. When I realized that doing MLM, I have nothing to lose, even not losing money because I enjoy a wonderful product form my company, I change my way of doing business. I lost my fear! Also, there is nothing to lose. One person has commented that you may lose friends. One as a networker should not be upset and talk 24 hours a day to all friends about the business. If we do so, beings regarded as fundamentalist and there we will lose much more than friends. If we are balanced and in any case your friends will leave out … they were really friends? What are we doing wrong? We do not harm anyone, do not force anyone. We only show an oportunity, at least in my company is like this. So my friends and acquaintances, some are doing MLM business and others not, but we’re still friends. If we do MLM we can win, a dream life, new friends (friends with positive attitud, not pessimistic), I could meet you, we can live in communion with all, changing from within … to better way. If we miss the oporunidad leave this possibility, and we will win another thing, that life, on this earth, that will be the same for the rest of the years! As Jim Rohn said: “The best of life, is not having a super bank account, but have a good life.” I think that with MLM is possible!

  3. When I first started in the industry at 23, I had only been working 6 months in corporate America, already couldnt make ends meet & knew something had to change. My mom told me not to get my hopes up & I told her if I didn’t get my hopes up now what would I get my hopes up about later. The speaker that night said something very powerful. He said,”If you walk out of this room tonight & choose not to get started you can never again say you haven’t been given a chance to truly succeed”. I knew I wasn’t succeeding where I was & while I was hesitant leaving, I took the information & after a 2 hr followup of Q&A, I got started. Best decision I ever made. Created a full time income in the industry many years ago.

  4. I have seen many after years in NM with $120 in the bank, a dead end career, being broke and being a victim. Probably most of them if you really start counting, but such figures are never exposed.

    Biggest mistake not only NM ever did was to start talking down on things. If you have to talk down something to pull yourself up, there is something just not right.

    And it is a tragedy if people think the only solution is to join something.

    The question is not what you have to lose but what you want to do.

    NM is good at lining out all the obstacles with other options yet when you have joined everything is possible! 🙂

  5. I do not know another way that a man or woman can start a business, right from their home, that has the potential to earn significant income with such a small investment. This business model is the best of any.

  6. In network marketing I loose as below:

    1)I loose all my negative thinking
    2)I loose my negative friend and relative
    3)I loose the poor life
    4)I loose my bad finacial management

  7. Hey randy,

    I have nothing to lose, because in the life when one door became close, on the other side, anoher door will be open.when we make a decision to choose the
    one way, we give up another alternative.

  8. That’s why it’s harder for many people to go all in because they are not in such a bad situation. They can justify it to themselves (especially after they get a few no’s and see the business will require them to face their fears head on)

    For some the price of feeling rejected and stepping through fear is just too high. It’s sad cause if they would just take action they would see that the fear lessons and goes away.

  9. Excellent points! The only things people have to lose are fear, doubt, and negativity. Time to shed the junk in the trunk and move onto a better life. Sadly, some folks want to cling onto their junk that’s holding them back.
    Grateful I took Randy’s route!
    Merry Christmas and a Prosperous and Healthy 2011!

  10. I don’t know if I’m only seeing part of this blog or not because I only see half a page, the other is blank. I can see people’s comments. What do you mean by circles?

  11. Уважаемый Ренди! Большое спасибо за то, что Вы вселяете в миллионы человек оптимизм и желание изменить свою жизнь. Я дистрибьютор компании Agel. Я слушала все Ваши тренинги, и думаю, что именно Ваша система поможет развиваться нашему бизнесу в России.

  12. I love the way that you put this and i have never seen it put that way before. Boy do i have alot to lose, lol…… Happy Holidays everyone…… Light and love, Cathy

  13. I have to lost :
    – debts
    -victim mentality
    -exwife – still very sensitive point because my soons
    – being broke

    .. but am working on that.


  14. Randy,
    I have been a serial networker for sometime now. There are only so many hours a day, why not leverage them. The products have saved my life and the freedom has saved my sanity. Lead on.

  15. In MLM what I have to lose is negative thinking, non productive, stuck-in-the-box people from my life who are comfortable with where they are in their life. For me that is totally alright 🙂

  16. Its like the story of the Dog sitting on the nail on the porch… We know the situation is painful but the concept of change feels more painful…

    The question is, how do we reverse the fear of change?

  17. Thank you for all the comments. Randy, I have a new reason to keep going! I am surrounded by negative people, and lots of debt., so I will be dumping the junk, and bringing in the goods.

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