When You Really Know

All of us have defining moments in our careers and lives.  These are the moments that change everything that happen from that point on.  Here’s what I think is the defining moment in your network marketing career…

The day you decide that you have to do this.

Not that you’re going to try, not when you hope it works out.  When you know – absolutely know – in every fiber of your being that you simply have to do it.

The day you make that decision is the day your life changes forever.  Because a person with belief will bend the universe to their will.

So how you doing on that?


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  1. “Have to” vs. “Want to”. I struggled with that battle for many years. The ‘carrot’ of wanting more money simply doesn’t compel me enough.

    You must also have a ‘stick’ to almost threaten so that you have to take consistent action… or else you will meet with an even worst result. Like having to have a job forever… or going bankrupt.

  2. yes, i totally agree with this. i have been involved for a year now but have not done anything about it. now i found a reason that makes me have to do it.

  3. Sometimes a ‘Have To” can come in the form of needing to address a financial or personal issue. For instance, someone loses their job and all of a sudden they turn up the heat on working their network marketing business. Maybe your boss makes you work on a day you requested to have off to see your child sing in the Christmas Chorus at school, you want to buy a vacation home, etc.

    If the reasons are strong enough, you get to the “Have To.” You work on increasing your belief, whatever it takes.


  4. I once was told this story to decide what would motivate you:

    Would you walk across a balance beam sitting on the ground for $20? (100% say yes)

    Would you walk across the balance beam at normal height for $20 (50% say yes)

    Would you walk across the beam at normal height for $100 (90% say yes)

    Would you walk across the beam stretched over a 100 foot deep canyon for $1,000 (100% say no)

    Would you walk across the beam if I held your child or grandchild over the edge? SIlence as people absorb that thought.

    That’s the level you need to find to make the change. For some it’s the money, for some it’s keeping their house, feeding their kids, living in a mansion, finding the cure, etc. WHAT IS YOUR THING that would make you keep dialing, presenting and doing?

    What would make you walk the beam, go through the fire, accept rejection, etc.

  5. Everyone operates in their own perceived best interest.

    I have participated in many programs over the years for the tax deductions first, the product second and to have the little I paid back quickly. I did work one program one year like crazy and saw that MLM really does work but I was not interested in giving up what I was in it for, for what I had to do to have the big buck income.

    I have no job to care for any longer and the associated tax benefits of a home business are mute. Now I am doing it because I want to, not for some motivational course, or because I have to, or the world will put me out on the street broke and destitute. I know many who have that motivation and it is the “you have to hit rock bottom before you can ‘change’ attitude.” I think more people need to raise their rock bottom instead of digging to find it.

    Whatever works?! Had I not walked away a dozen times from decent, good companies I may be further along than I am now. But, then I wouldn’t know what I know now either. I get to be me now. I picked the company and the group I work with and I am having fun ‘stretching’ it a little more each day. I know that this is a time function that given the hours our day will come. We are real close to an explosion and the closer we get, the more the tension, the more excitement colored with dread and fear and wonder there is.

    My defining moment in this profession is when I heard I could do it being me. I didn’t have anything to fix or change or get better at. I could do this being me and not being anyone else. When I heard Eric Worre say that I knew I had found a home. Only in network marketing it is possible for anyone to succeed by being them self and have all the perks besides. Thank you Randy for taking on the point, it is not easy being number one.

    1. I like very much Your comment. And… That’s one of the main reasons I feel very good doing MLM. Be happy, being as I am.

      Have a great week.

      From Cali, Colombia,


  6. The day I “knew” I had to do this?
    That was the day that the first person I shared how they could get
    help with a severe health challenge called and said that after years and years
    of Dr.’s and medications, they no longer suffered!

    Since that time, the count is growing and growing of the people
    that I have been able to help.

  7. “All the significant battles to accomplish your dreams are within yourself”

    Your Defining Moment:

    “Having a bigger belief within, will win those battles”

    Great Post Randy

    Be Blessed and have a Great Thanksgiving


  8. Actually just did a training on exactly this topic “my defining moment” in Moscow in last month in front of a few thousand people. You are right on Randy, in my very 1st opportunity meeting I had that feeling with all my heart, hard to explain – made a decision then that I was going to be successful no matter what in this industry – the light bulb inside me was burning so bright, as you say that defining moment and decision changed my life forever.

    Is this really the ‘SECRET’ that everyone is searching for?

  9. What’s the old saying? Either you’re doing something or you’re not. There is no in-between. It’s like truth. Truth is all there is. There is nothing else.
    Took me a while to plant that flag. Am so glad I reached that point, with your help of course. 🙂

  10. I absolutely agree. I have had my struggles with network marketing in the a but then realized that you have to work as a team. Once you realize that you also realize that others are also relying on you. It is amazing what you can do when you have to do it.

  11. I absolutely agree. I have had my struggles with network marketing in the past but then realized that you have to work as a team. Once you realize the importance of a team you also realize that others are relying on you. It is amazing what you can do when you have to do it.

  12. When I think about it, I realize that I have still afraid to live a life as a true network marketing professional. I still think in MLM, as a Plan B, but not as a way of life 100%, although I love this philosophy. I need to be a professional. I still boyfriend with my company, I have not married with it yet. One day sitting in my
    car, was thinking: What would happen if I do not need to have to meet a work schedule? What would happen if I had not accountable to anyone but to myself? What would happen if single day would be the result of my decisions, my agenda? if so out. would have the discipline to properly manage and MLM professional? “Would organize my agenda in the few hours of the day I have to devote to my business? eo I’m missing a lot of growing, I have to get a lot more discipline, because when you get to be a MLM professional, no excuses, no one to claim, there is no one, to wait to get paid your salary. It just depends on you! I have to overcome that fear! That day I will change my ive forever! Hope thi day will come soon!

    1. Dear Randy. Since discuss this post, as of today, took 2 days. I experienced in these 2 days because I had my traditional working holiday, working 100% as a marketing professional networking. Being with my family, taking my kids to school, and then pick them up at the outlet pass. Being in a cafe with my wife, looking at the e-mails from friends and acquaintances and my contacts. Visiting your blog of prosperity and visiting your page MLM. Reading your book, and others, to gain a positive mindset and so help others as well. Visit new prospects, working to return love to the people, in state of peace with myself. Dear teacher, I can understand your message today, I can understand what you want for us and I want to be a professional today in this beautiful career. I want to grow, I wanna be happy to make happy my wife and my children, because it brings me joy, and all around me and for all the the people that want to surround me. I understand what Jim Rohn once said: “The best thing about life is not having a huge bank account, but have a good life.” Thank you very much. I love you, my teacher. A big hug.

  13. Hey Rndy,

    The day which I made that decision was the day when I understood that the law of attraction can work for me , and when someone has the passion to succes, and
    believe that he can do it, and take action, than his life begin to changes forever.

  14. When you really know, then you also know the truth.

    When presidents talk bullshit and smile, it’s a more blatant form of “I’m lying, but believe me!”

  15. I agree.
    we must get to that point to be able to see real changes.
    The really difficult part is to get to that level of extasis with a goal.
    But once we get it there is nothing to stop us!

  16. I definitely agree with it.
    we must get to that point to be able to see real changes.
    The really difficult part is to get to that level of extasis with a goal.
    But once we get it there is nothing to stop us!

    And this is needed for good result in MLM.

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