The Size of Your Dream

Okay you’ve been told again and again you need to have a dream.  But how big does that dream have to be?  Here’s my take…

Your dream has to be so big…that there is simply no way you can achieve it by being who you are right now!

Your dream has to be so big that it forces you to grow into a bigger person that can make it real.  That’s the kind of dream that will pull you toward it.

So do you have a dream that big?


32 thoughts on “The Size of Your Dream

  1. Randy,wonderful post.
    Ever since I started using manifestation via Dream Board (as advised by you to me through your works) PLUS of course taking ACTION, lots of them have come true.

    You put me on a personal development path that has raised my consciousness, thinking, size of my dreams and in return size of my bank balance that continues growing exponentially.

    I think Magic of Thinking Big’ as a starting point is the greatest tool followed by your books.

    Dreams can and do come true!

  2. Randy, your posts are Great, short and to the point and appreciate that.
    In my dream, I AM A Multi-Billionaire. God has Blessed me which allows me to Bless many others. I start and operate the United States largest and only privately funded homeless rehabilitation program. We show and teach how to find their unique ability. We help them understand that all things are possible with God and in life. We provide job training, financial training, career placement.
    All this plus much, much more including the use of private jets, private charter yachts and exotic travel. We share the wealth while showing them everything that’s possible and achievable.
    Keep the great posts coming
    Brian VM

  3. Hey Randy, I also believe that my dreams and goals have to be even bigger than those that I plan to lead. People really want to follow leaders with big dreams, goals and aspirations. Thanks for the short reminder to keep dreaming big…

  4. Hey Randy.

    There is a saying:”“If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.”
    ~Donald Trump~
    Ihave the courage to be successful.

  5. Great post Randy. We have to have big dreams, that stretch us and push to achieve, otherwise it would be too easy to succeed and we would not strive for our goals.


  6. The biggest dream – to repeat this feat a teacher! Become an inspiration for other people to help them climb to the pinnacle of success and prosperity!

  7. Hi Randy,
    My dream is put the Satellite on the Ozon.I want to publish out the information of AMWAY for free to everybody.The satellite name is “TAN KOK WAH”.I will fight for this dream….Do you support me Randy??

  8. Randy, I love this. One issue I have is making my dreams too small. I need to dream bigger.

    Question, though: where do our dreams and our goals interconnect?

    To me, goals should be leading to our dreams in bite-sized (of course, the sizes of those bites can vary) with deadlines. Dreams are the BIG picture…

    I’d be interested in your thoughts, everyone!

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