The Power of Association

“Every man has a tendency to take on the mannerisms, beliefs, mental attitude, political and economic viewpoint, as well as other traits of the more outspoken men with whom he associates in his daily work.”

Who said that?

Andrew Carnegie, one of the wealthiest men in human history, mentor to Napoleon Hill, and the person that the “Think and Grow Rich” philosophy was adopted from.

Is it any wonder that you see me, other top leaders in the business, and your sponsorship line always stressing the importance of attending major events? Those events are where you associate with and get influenced from the most successful people in the business. And that’s why you simply have to attend them. All.

Don’t cry poor. Don’t make excuses about the babysitter, where to board the dog, or the price of the hotel. Just get there.  It’s an investment that will pay off for years.

So let me challenge you. What’s your next major event? Are you registered? And how many tickets have you sold in your group?


17 thoughts on “The Power of Association

  1. You know that your income is the average of the income of the five people you spent the most time with.

    This events are our chance to push this level higher as we can communicate with the most successful people in our business.

    So they are pulling as higher only by talking with us and spending time with us at an event.

    Great post,

    thanks Randy!

    Greetings from Austria


  2. Though not currently involved in MLM, I check in daily because the nuggets of wisdom are applicable for anyone that intends to be successful. To answer the challenge, my next major event is the MAGIC Show (I have a clothing line), yes I’m registered and I only had to sell myself on the value of attending. Ok, I had to sell my wife on it too!

  3. It is also true that a person can be immensely powerful and positively influential, not by being outspoken, but by his inner strength which shines through; a natural attracting and attractive energy.

    Thanks Randy for all your constructive teachings

  4. We are registered for the next major event. Ticket prices always can be found cheaper the closer the event and with the USA TSA madness the airlines may be out of business by next year. California may fall into the Pacific and they will reschedule it for somewhere nice. In any case you will see me there.

  5. I recently attend the Mastermind Event in Houston and this past weekend I attended a corporate event in CT. There is a Super Saturday coming up after the holidays that I’ve purchased tickets for and will be there.

    Personally Randy, I prefer events that limit the rah rah and focus more on the educational aspect of successfully operating the business, what’s working and what’s not, etc. That’s why I’ll attend the Mastermind Event again next year.


  6. This one is very critical. I have been going through some financial challenges lately, and all that anyone in my company has stressed to me was attending the next event. I actually dropped a class in school to get a refund check on my student loans to go. So now I have to get there and be a sponge, and then apply myself immediately!

  7. Sure thing Randy Im registered for IamAGEL Sydney have 2 personals coming from QLD with me looking forward to seeing and hearing you there Regards Jill

  8. Hi Randy,

    great post.
    We love your books, especially ‘Making the First Circle Work’.
    We are attending Go Diamond in Valencia Spain, bringing 15 of our team members. And still working to get more team members overthere.
    Can’t wait to see and talk to you in Valencia in Januar 2011.
    Thanks for your support.

    Lia and Simon

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