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Be Your Biggest Fan

Let’s be real: The Network Marketing business isn’t easy. It’s actually pretty simple, but it’s not easy. Continue reading “Be Your Biggest Fan”

How to Kill Fear

This is the final post in our series about overcoming fear.  If you haven’t read the first three articles, they are on overcoming fear of success, fear of failure, and fear of rejection.  Now let’s conclude with three very important points I want to share with you about fear in general.  Continue reading “How to Kill Fear”

Facing Down Fear of Rejection

You’re afraid to call.  You’re afraid to bring it up in person.  You’re afraid to approach those really powerful prospects on your candidate list.  Continue reading “Facing Down Fear of Rejection”

Facing Down Fear of Failure

Okay you’re scared.  You’re afraid you’ll fail in your network marketing business.  But just how rational is that?  Continue reading “Facing Down Fear of Failure”

Facing Down Fear of Success

So what scares you the most? Fear of being rejected? Fear of failure? Continue reading “Facing Down Fear of Success”

Facing Your Fears

Here’s something you may not know about actor Henry Fonda:  He had tremendous stage fright.  When he was starring in Broadway shows, he would literally vomit in a bucket backstage, clean up, then go out and deliver a virtuoso performance.  Continue reading “Facing Your Fears”

What Makes You Great

So what makes you an MLM Rock Star – a team leader who has active duplication going on, new leaders bubbling up, and group volume that increases?  What makes you great in this business? Continue reading “What Makes You Great”

No Charge Excuses!

It’s that time of year again.  People are reflecting on their lack of progress, the goals they didn’t meet, and looking for why it wasn’t their own fault.  Continue reading “No Charge Excuses!”

How to Work Your Business

Show me a new distributor who pledges to work their new business like a business, and I’ll show you someone that will crack like a walnut.  Continue reading “How to Work Your Business”

7 Steps to Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever

Let me share something with you that might seem simplistic, but I promise you is quite profound: Continue reading “7 Steps to Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever”

How to Get Unstuck

Here’s a great interview I conducted with Ann Feinstein on how you get unstuck.  Set aside 20 minutes to listen and take notes.  And be sure to share this with your team.
Continue reading “How to Get Unstuck”

Are You a Leader?

We talk a lot about leadership in this business.  Everyone likes to believe they are a leader, and that every new distributor they enroll is another leader.  Continue reading “Are You a Leader?”

No, You Do Not

A few times every week I get a pitch to join someone’s network.  Sometimes they’re crass pitches I just ignore.  Other times I politely decline and explain I am happy with my company and I’m not sponsorable.  Then they all invariably say something like, “You understand, I had to ask.” Continue reading “No, You Do Not”

Fear of Rejection

Are you really afraid to call certain prospects?  Good.  That tells you a couple things… Continue reading “Fear of Rejection”

What Motivates People

If your team is a group of people working for bigger bonus checks – you’re about to be crushed by a group of people working for a cause. Continue reading “What Motivates People”