7 Steps to Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever

Let me share something with you that might seem simplistic, but I promise you is quite profound:

How you close one month, is how you open the next one.  And how you close the year determines how you bring in the next one

So want to have an amazing 2014, hit all your goals, and exceed the highest income you’ve ever earned?  Work it backwards from there:

It really begins with you having and amazing first quarter.  Which starts with a smoking hot January.  And that only happens if you and your team…

Stay focused and active, over the holidays.

Let’s talk about what that looks like for you.  Although it may be helpful to see what it doesn’t look like:  It’s not about pitching your relatives around the holiday table, or trying to make your whole opportunity presentation in two minutes to the cashier ringing you up for your holiday gift purchases.

It’s about being smart, listening, and planting seeds…

There are people who believe that nothing gets done over the holiday season.  And because they believe that, it’s true for them.  There are others who realize that while most of the world shuts down, they have an opportunity to leapfrog ahead by being active.  And because they believe that, it’s true for them as well.

December 10th is D Day.  It’s the official start of the shutdown for people who buy into the meme that you can’t build during the holidays.  Everyone’s work holiday parties are happening, people are shopping, Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza and New Years all stacked on top of one another.  There’s lots of evidence to support the belief that you can’t build right during this time of year.  In fact, most people belief this.

But that’s why most people are broke…

Here are seven things you can do if you don’t want to be broke – and really do want to make 2014 the most lucrative year you’ve ever had:

1) Decide that the holiday shutdown belief doesn’t serve you and lose it forever.  Decide to be productive this year and every year from now on.

2) Maintain your usual weekly calls, webcasts or other training and recruiting events through December.  If they fall on Christmas or New Years, love them forward or backward a day, but keep the routine going for your team.

3) Work your prospect list around the calendar.  Christians don’t celebrate Chanukah, Jews don’t celebrate Christmas and Hindus, Muslims, and lots of other people don’t celebrate either.  Don’t focus on who you can’t call, but who you can call.

4) Keep your team learning and growing.  A big part of team member activity is their confidence to meet people, invite, follow up, etc.  Make a push today and get all your people signed up for The Gage Academy for Network Marketing Leadership, my online learning platform here.  Every time they finish a lesson, they’re going to want to use what they just learned.  It will give you a crazy activity boost over the holiday season.

5) Plant seeds.  As you’re attending holiday parties with colleagues and holiday dinner with family and friends, be listening.  You’re very likely going to hear from a lot of people complaining about their boss or job, wishing they were doing something more meaningful, and (lots of them) talking about the financial strain the holiday season has placed upon them.  Don’t make your pitch over the honey-baked ham.  Just let them know you have something that might help them, and you’ll be following up within a few days.

6) Use the ”secret weapon” week.  Every year my most productive week is the one between Christmas and New Years.  Half the world is doing nothing but watching cat videos on the internet.  They’re on holiday from work, or even if they’re working, their mind isn’t in it.  They are checking emails and taking phone calls and it’s a great time to reach people.

7) Come out for 2014 locked and loaded!  Okay I get that you might not get great attendance for a meeting on New Years Eve or Day.  But you should have an event scheduled for Thursday, January 2, 2014.  Most of your competitors will just start getting back to work on the 2nd.  They’ll start making calls and trying to get their prospects to something the following week.  Stay a step ahead of them by having something on the books for the 2nd and inviting to it the week between Christmas and New Years.

Let your competitors go into a black hole for five weeks.  You use that time to stay active and keep your team focused on the long-term goals.  And here’s the best part:  Because most other people are taking the holidays off, every activity you do produces twice the normal results for you!

So Happy Holidays.  Now get to work!


P.S.  Here’s bonus tip #8: Share this blog with everyone on your team.  You’ll see much better activity all through the group.

23 thoughts on “7 Steps to Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever

  1. Hi Randy,

    This message came just at the right time. I was just talking to a friend of mine this afternoon about ending this year on a high note thus starting the new year with huge momentum and on a high like no other. I wish everyone in our industry could read this. I’m literally pumped up to get to work immediately.

    Rock on…

  2. Hi Randy,

    Can’t agree more, you are so right many people want things to happen in a glance! we much planting seeds and care about it, for sure one day it will grow.

    Thanks and Happy Holidays .

  3. This is EXACTLY why I LOVE working with you Randy!! 7 Powerful Nuggets for blowing up through the holidays that I have used over and over again!! Thank you for laying it all out so clearly and to the point! Locked & Loaded!

  4. Randy, I used this same strategy when I was in the mortgage business and trained Real Estate agents on this concept. Eric Worre refers to it as “the launch”, keeping busy and setting yourself up for future success. Thanks again, and I hope you and your family have a safe and prosperous holiday!

  5. I’m totally agree with you, this year I decided to finish stronger than ever before, I’m not thinking in parties, shopping, gifts, and all those distractions that keep us broke, I’m thinking in how many people I can add to my pipeline of qualified prospects, how many people I can show a way out of the rat race, how many people I can help have the best year ever, I’m doing it, I’m 200% focused in leaving mediocrity behind.
    I’m tire of being tire.

    Thanks Randy because you have been one of best mentors for me .
    Unlimited blessings my friend!

  6. Randy so glad I read this post. I remember back in November 2006 when I was going to have Thanksgiving dinner at my place. We invited people over. My plan was to show my opportunity video then as entertainment. LOL. So glad I was talked out of it.

    So your point about not pitching over the ham had me flashing back and laughing. Thanks for your leadership.

  7. Thank you a lot Randy for this information. I dont speak english very well, so excuse me if I dont explain myself well. I love this industry and in the future I ll be attending.

  8. Wow,this is great,was almost falling for the excuses am gettin from a lot of people abt relaxing en stuff. But its ma life am gonna do things differently. Love u randy

  9. Hi Randy, this is a good message to share with my team. This is the busiest time of the year for network marketers who are taking action. Everyone wants to get rich for their new years resolution and its’ our job to be in front of the crowd.

  10. What a great article. Just boils down to whether you want it or not. I’ve heard countless people use things as awful as their kids for an excuse to not do something like this business. And others will say December is just a terrible time. I love the old addage: excuses are like armpits, everyone’s got two and they both stink. In the words of an old friend of mine: make it happen captain.

  11. Randy

    That was great, thanks for sharing the 7 steps to make 2014 your best year.. I was taught this last year from amazing lady, that work your butt of during December and leap into the New Year Roaring like a Lion.. Thank you.. Matt

  12. Randy, great message to share with my team! This is about the busiest time of the year for network marketers who are taking action. It’s our job to be in front of the crowd.

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    Thanks Randy.

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