Facing Down Fear of Success

So what scares you the most? Fear of being rejected? Fear of failure?

For most people in the world today, the answer is quite shocking. Because the true answer is fear of success.


Now they don’t know that though. In fact, they’d deny it vehemently. That’s because they are the victim of subconscious programming they’re infected with – that they’re completely unaware is there. One of my earlier books, Why You’re DUMB, SICK & BROKE and How to Get SMART, HEALTHY & RICH! deals exclusively with this issue of mind viruses, and how you get infected by them.

The good news is, just as you can get programmed with a negative mind virus, you can reprogram yourself with a positive one. And your subconscious mind is what governs your whole world. If you make a commitment to consciously choosing that influences you allow yourself to be exposed to, you can eliminate fear of success from your mind.

In fact, you can turn fear of success into eager anticipation of success!

The books and blogs like this you read, the audios you listen to, the videos you watch, and the people you spend time with – all have major roles in how you see yourself, the world, and your role in that world.

Fear of success is insidious and destructive. You have no room for it in your life. Blow it up! It will go back to the nothingness from where it came from.

Now that takes us back to our next fear: Fear of Failure.

I’ll show you how to get over that, in the next post. Until then, share this with your team. Have a discussion on the topic. And start every day being mindful, of what you’re going to allow to influence you that day.

– RG

28 thoughts on “Facing Down Fear of Success

    1. Matt,

      Something I’ve done is taken two of the things Randy recommends and combined them. Steve Halpern has some great subliminal messages tracks, which sound basically like just soothing music, but they have messages played throughout that get to us at a subconscious level. Then you can take those tracks and create your own self-talk track over the top of it. Listen to it all night when you’re sleeping and whenever else during the day. Great way to increase the effectiveness of the re-programming that happens!


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  1. Hi,

    I think a fear of success is not at the root of the problem. I believe that fear of success is, at its roots, a fear of change. Success brings with it, change.

    Unfortunately, it takes change to over come a fear of success.

  2. While I understand this theory I have never seen fear anywhere. Stories yes but actual fear, does not exist in reality. Sometimes the stories about fear give
    people the perfect permission story for not doing anything because they are afraid. PS everything following the work because is always a lie. Thank you Randy for making this work!

  3. People of Greatness! When we listen to either Randy Gage’s audios entitled “Prosperity” and or “Prosperity” by Charles Fillmore..

    While these audios are non specific to network marketing, listening to them while you sleep at night will definitely raise your Prosperity IQ..

    Try it yourself.

    I’ve been listening to the latter at night for approx. a year..

    and RG’s audios during the day. Totally and positively positive.

  4. Fear of success because when a person comes to success,
    He leaves his old losers friends, leaving his comfort zone.
    Initially we will be lonely, until he recognizes new members
    which are successful people like him

  5. Hi, Randy!

    You always inspire me with your posts. Thanks for this one as well! And talking about your book Why You Are Dumb, Sick And Broke.. It’s absolutely amazing and mindblowing! I loved it from the first sentence till the last!

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom with the world, that needs it!

  6. I totally agree with what RG has outlined here. I hope to find those tapes here in Nigeria. Any suggestions please?

  7. I’m currently using Steve G. Jones’ self hypnosis programs via mp3. He has quite an extensive list of them. Fears of success & failure are just couple of them.

    I’m starting to see and feel some results. In Shaa Allah.

  8. I have a greater fear. Fear of those who use their positions to raid the successes of others. So here is a warning. Anyone hear of MLM raiders Zann Horlacher and Burke Green? They will steal anything that isn’t nailed down and take credit for other peoples work. Ask any leader at Monavie and learn what happened. Ken Porter built Zanns leg and now Zann and Burke stole someone elses downline in Asia. Distributors were told that if they didn’t transfer they would be terminated. Then, they jumped to Evolve raiding Matt Steffe’s people. If you are on the receiving end of their help…watch out!!!!

    1. Not sure who anonymous is but I find it somewhat cowardly to post something like this without knowing the facts. Let me set the facts straight:

      Mona Vie was a binary compensation plan. I didn’t introduce the leadership of a large Japanese leg to Mona Vie, but I spent significant amounts of time and money supporting that team. It grew to be be one of the strongest legs in the entire company and was one of my legs. The other leg was build by a leader who I did introduce to MV. He has significant relationships to Korean leaders. Between this leader, Ken, and myself, we spent $750,000 (split almost evenly) on building a Korean organization. When Mona Vie launched in Korea it was one of the largest country openings ever. It was almost entirely due to the efforts we put in over there prior to the launch. That was my other leg. So to say I never did anything is lacking of the facts.

      Furthermore, we never stole any Asian leg or threatened anyone. That is not how I do business and it wouldn’t have made sense due to the risk of being terminated and losing all I’d built.

      As for Evolv, I looked at the company but never officially joined so the facts are wrong there. Burke Green did join Evolv but he was in Matt Steffe’s downline so how could he have stolen his team. Makes no sense. Again, let get the facts straight.

      Lets not post things that are not factual that hurts someones credibility.

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