What Motivates People

If your team is a group of people working for bigger bonus checks – you’re about to be crushed by a group of people working for a cause.

That is all.

– RG

19 thoughts on “What Motivates People

  1. Short and sweet. Like it.
    I think you are right on. You need a cause or a challenge like you see in some of the weight loss programs. I am not involved, not a fan of the autoshipping etc. Maybe it is simply a cause to educate like Robert Kyosaki. These causes seem to grow viral.

  2. So true! Experience shows that this is always the case.There is no better way to say it. Indeed, “a word is enough for the wise.”

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  4. Yes, you are exactly right… We have what’s called the Mower Mission, and it does motivate our people to go above and beyond what they would do for just more money at the end of the month. Find a company with a great cause, great products, and a company that is making the world a better place. You can learn more about the Mower Mission on YouTube or click on my web site link…

    All the best to your success,


  5. Great post, short but straight to the point. I agree, multi level marketing is not about how big of a downline you have, its about how you help your downline to find success for themselves, that is very important indeed. Thanks.

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