Are You a Leader?

We talk a lot about leadership in this business.  Everyone likes to believe they are a leader, and that every new distributor they enroll is another leader. 

But are they really?  Are you?

I have a pretty simple criteria I use to determine this:  If the way you live and work your business inspires others to dream bigger, strive to accomplish more, and endeavor to become more – you are a leader.

– RG

17 thoughts on “Are You a Leader?

  1. Hi Randy,

    So good to hear friom you. I am not sure I am a leader but am a ‘doer’ . If no one follows, I will still do (persist) whatever I believe in until successful.
    Blessed day!

  2. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con lo que Randy nos dice, ya que la palabra LÍDER es demasiado manoseada y realmente para ser un LIDER, no se demuestra con palabras ,sino con echos que tienen que ver con INSPIRAR a otros saludos LÍDER DE LIDERES RANDY GAGE.

  3. Cool – Thank’s Randy! I’ve been asking myself that question. If that’s the criteria – then I’m definately a leader. Not that I ever really doubted that, but sometimes in your struggle, you ask yourself that question. I gues you asked yourself that question too during your struggle to achieve success and prosperity mindset. Lots of love to you from Denmark – It’s WONDERFUL you give lifesigns like this.

  4. Hello Randy,
    I’m new to the networkmarketing business, and glad I subscribed to your mailing list. I’ve read your views and comments concerning networkmarketing and people’s personal attitude with great interest. This link tells me I’m a leader and I will make my downline as successful as I will be myself.

  5. Randy,

    I agree with you that most people think that they are leaders. Unfortunately, most are not. But who can blame them. From a very young age we, I include myself in that, are taught to be follows. Our parents teach us to walk and talk, in the first 2 years of life, then they spend the next 16 years trying to get us to sit down and shut up! Our school teachers make us sit quietly and follow directions. If you rock the boat, you get detention.

    I’ve been self employed most of my adult life. I’ve even gone so far as to try to teach my kids to be leaders. “Be a leader, not a follower,” I’d say. They’d just laugh at me and make fun of me for such nonsense. 3 of the 4 have “jobs.” The last one is still in middle school. We’ll see what happens with him.

    So what’s a body to do?

    13 years of training to be an employee, to sit down, shut up and follow the rules is very difficult to overcome!

  6. Your definition is spot on… and I am wary of evidence regarding my opinion of what I do that may or may not ‘inspire’ others to action. I fail at this leadership goal every day. I stumble and find fault with myself, I always notice after the fact how I may have done something different for an improved outcome. One of my daily ‘quotes’ I read is.

    The one thing I’m clear about is EVERYONE is capable of being great. Not compared to someone else. I mean GREAT for yourself. I’m committed to you realizing your’re great. – Werner Erhard

    I believe I am capable of having everyone see they are. Is the programing Richard speaks about so strong I cannot make any difference? Far too often I am left a failure. I cannot evoke the ‘hero’s journey in them, I say something that keeps them in place instead of in action. I’m improving.

    Thank you Randy for the being on point.

  7. Right on Randy! Yes, leaders inspire their people by setting a great example and taking the higher ground. A great leader is positive, optimistic, finds the best in their people, inspires them to reach higher, get out of their comfort zone, and grow personally and professionally. In my business I put a large focus on developing people into leaders. It’s an investment, but when it pays off, it pays off big time.

    All the best to your success,


  8. Nobody was born to be a leader.When someone decide to be a leader to any group,to lead them to the “promised land”,he can teach himself gow to be a leader/

  9. You hit the ball out the park excellent bro.

    I’m a leader and I have a team off about 100 people and constantly I get people asking me how can I make money like you in so many days

    I’m like it doesn’t matter how much I make it’s about the training I provide and the effort you put in

  10. Hi,
    thanks for your post . it’s really powerful post .
    I believe that the team is the mirror of it’s leader .
    So if you are a good leader you will lead the people in right track and help them to dream bigger and earn more and set a right vision for them .

    Ahmed Mandour

  11. Most of us think of leaders are a rare breed. Well the challenge lies in discovering our inner leader and determining how we can, and should lead. No matter where we are in life, each of us has the power of influence – the power of leadership.

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