No, You Do Not

A few times every week I get a pitch to join someone’s network.  Sometimes they’re crass pitches I just ignore.  Other times I politely decline and explain I am happy with my company and I’m not sponsorable.  Then they all invariably say something like, “You understand, I had to ask.”

Ah, no.  No you don’t.

Let’s test out an analogy.  You’re a guy and you meet a very sexy women and you find out she’s married.  You say something like, “I know you’re married and love your husband and all, but would you like to sleep with me, and see – maybe you’ll like me better than him.”

She gets offended and slaps you.  You’re shocked and say, “You understand, I had to ask.”

No.  No you didn’t.

There is something called professional courtesy.  That’s why I don’t call up Jordan Adler, Richard Brooke, Art Jonak or Donna Imson and try to pitch them on my deal.  They are in competing companies, but they are still my peers and colleagues in the profession I am also in.

Now I will be the first to admit, I wasn’t always this way…

When I started out, I also thought the secret was chasing after everybody in those other companies and explaining why their deal sucked and mine was superior.   That’s the arrogance that comes from being new, not knowing what you’re doing, and not having respect for the profession.

But once you grow up, learn something about the business and understand it, your viewpoint needs to change.   It doesn’t serve us to tear down other companies.  It just makes us all look bad to anyone not in the business.  And speaking of people NOT in our business, last time I checked, there were more than 6.8 BILLION people – not in Network Marketing, yet.  Why don’t you call up some of them?

And the next time you’re thinking about trying to cross recruit me or anyone else from another company thinking, “Hey, I have to ask,” remember this:

No.  No you don’t.


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    1. I was very interested for so long, there was a time when your reps were taking liberties that I thought were crossing the line, basically demanding my phone numbers and emails of family and professionals so they could and did contact them, if they didn’t buy the products then they were never contact and never explained how they got in touch with them in the first place.

      It plants a seed in their minds that I sold their name and information so someone can sell them something, and just does not fly with my network and yours either.

      Most people are skeptical in the first place about MLM, let alone when someone contacts them and just blasts through your network to cream off the top someone they can sell to. I like the products and agree there is a value, but paper pushing my network around so someone can make money off of them is what came off, and that can burn my network against me… That cant happen.

      P.S No one has ever contacted me after that and the sent up a red flag also. It told me they were in it to take my valuable network for their gain.

  1. Well said Randy. I learned this over time and for you! Besides there are more outside our profession, that have yet to hear about what we have!

  2. Well done. After 24 years with one company I , like you, get asked the same question …..usually from someone that not only doesn’t understand the industry but from someone that generally is not going to be a long time resident of the company they are representing…a “newbie”. I must say though that I’ve never been approached by a “professional” veteran in NWMarketing. It’s normally someone who has visions of hitting the lottery. A “newbie”……Appreciate your thoughts. Keep punching! Kerry

  3. HI Randy, ….nice blog post, a point well taken…. BUT…. I was in the same company as you and another Randy and unfortunately on our online trainings on building a downline we were told ” yes you can and should go after the “Heavy hitters with experience and a huge downline” as its the express lane to a solid monthly residual income. At that point in time I knew no better and followed instructions to the “T” as I believed it could be a chance to get up the leaderboard and someday see Diamond… of course it didnt work, and with good reason, but lets face it. The MLM industry only functions if everybody in the team does exactly what their upline does and doesnt try to reinvent the wheel., but what we were taught simply didnt work for the country I live in.. “A” totally bombed here. It didnt work for me but I didnt give up as I still beleive to this day that the concept of MLM is solid, just that the training is archaic and so Ive begun to study the way guys like Mike Dillard use the internet to brand themselves to build a following and then show the product instead of the otherway around. IMHO you should be thankful for your hard earned position and not feel it a “bother or an affront” when a poor hungry newbie bites off more than he can chew and tries to “recruit” you…. he just hoping against all odds to hit the “grand slam” in the bottom of the ninth and win the game for his future if you were inclined to say yes. He´s looking up to you and hoping that his research about who the big earners in MLM are paid off and maybe one is ready to spring to another company as you all seem to do and take your huge downline with you…. its just his inexperence that doesnt realise what goes on behind the scenes when you big guys do make such a move and comes out of retirement for the 23rd time to lead another new company to a super year….. something like the Roling Stones “Final” world tour…. (Ive been to 3 of those already….. lol
    Hope you dont take this the wrong way, but just had to put my feelings out there since I did exactly that a few years ago because thats what I was taught to do. As you see I still follow every piece of info out there from you and am truly grateful for all the help and direction you give, because you offer it “non-denominationally” regardless of what company people are in. Happy Easter Randy

  4. Dear Randy!
    Am an independent distributor in tanzania.
    We have been following up ur teachings and would like to invite u to Tanzania.
    Kindly assist we on how?

    1. Salema, I was just in Tanzania for MLM success trainings in Dodoma, Dar es Salaam, Arusha, and Mwanza! What city are you located in?

      I will be back in Tanzania in the next 2 months or so…(I have moved from the U.S. and based in Nairobi! As far as our background, my best friend/partner and I have a combined 70 years of network marketing experience-each of us have been in the industry for over 30 years, and in 2 companies prior to our current program we had combined teams of around 1 million distributors, our groups generated around $2 billion USD in sales, and we, along with a number of people on our team earned total incomes into the 7 and 8 figures!

      In addition, we were one of the first 2 groups to introduce automated, online business building systems with a powerline to the MLM industry and we helped to pioneer the binary pay plan to the MLM industry back in the early 90’s, we are well versed in such areas regulatory compliance, pay plans, and international, so we have an extensive and diverse background in the industry.

      By the way, the seminars we do are free of charge and there’s nothing to buy! We cover such things as how to properly evaluate network marketing opportunities, an overview on pay plans, We don’t have any books, tapes, or CD’s to promote!

      If email addresses are ok to send to people here, reply back with yours and I’ll make sure you are notified of our next seminar in your area! I am not sure if emails addresses count as a url or not, and don’t want to upset Randy by leaving an email address. Although we’ve each been in the industry for a number of years (in my case more than 30 years, I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Randy, although I have followed him periodically over the years.)

      You can also look me up on Facebook and message me there-Ken Stewart (you’ll see a pic of me and my wife Rae, who is Kenyan.) If there are several Ken Stewarts who are white guys, I am pretty sure I am probably the only one with a wife who is black/African, so look for the pic of me and her! You probably can’t miss it! LOL!

      Hopefully we can meet in Tanzania one of these days in the near future!

      1. Oops…accidentally hit the reply button without finishing some of the other topics..we cover such things as the 5 rules for achieving financial freedom in the 21st century, how to properly evaluate network marketing companies, an overview on pay plans, the difference between a legitimate network marketing opportunity and an ILLEGAL pyramid scheme, some basic steps to success and how to create duplication in your organization, and more…

  5. Hi Randy
    Thanks for sharing this powerful point on recruiting. More people need to know about it. Everybody is into something and time & knowledge is the way to go and the interested individual who will take the time to listen to you outline, learning more about it. Not everyone is interested or comfortable with the process of MLM no matter how good it is portrayed.

  6. Amen! A thousand times AMEN! This is something I believe with all my heart. Especially after reading your Manifesto. I recommend it to everyone I meet in the industry of network marketing.

    Thank you!

  7. Ive always been a big fan. A little conflicting when i heard the “agel MLM Rockstar audio” When you listen to that, it does seem like it is in conflict with what you are saying here.

  8. hi Rendy
    I am a networker in iran, I recieved more of your education. I worked more than 3 years and for several times my organized leaved me. I am alone. in my country NM is forbiden. I had so tired. if you was instead me what do you do. after 3 years we are 4.
    Rendy Please help me.
    I wait for your mail.
    best Regard
    nasir amanat

    1. dear Nasir, we are iranian who are working with AGEL outside of Iran, contact me, maybe i show you a way you can join us.
      skype : emperor1441
      best regards,

    2. Nasir, living in Iran is going to be problematic for you as far as being involved with a U.S. based, network marketing company due to Iran being on the U.S. State Department’s list of countries that are considered to be state sponsors of terrorism the last time I checked, and as such, U.S. companies are generally not allowed to conduct business in Iran…

      You also mentioned another huge obstacle, which is actually not only a bigger problem, but more frightening as well-according to you, network marketing is forbidden in Iran, and I’m not sure you want to get on the bad side of those on the Sharia law enforcement patrol! Ending up in a prison cell for a few years in Iran is not a pleasant experience-neither is losing your head!

      Looks like the only real option you have if you want to pursue network marketing as a career and profession is to move from Iran, and if that’s not a viable and realistic possibility, then perhaps you can do forex trading, invest in the stock market, real estate, or start some kind of business on your own as a means of making money…

  9. I also recently got a phone call from someone in a different company, who was attempting to “mine the miners.” When I explained I was happy with the company I partnered with, he continued to press, questioning my success to-date, and suggesting that if I really ever wanted to do better, I’d consider switching to his company. I basically told him that he wasn’t going to get anywhere with me and thanks, anyway. But afterwords what really got me was, why isn’t he working with the people already in his group? And what if some of his builders received similar phone calls from other company reps, and left his group? How would he feel? He was rude and definitely doing his part to give our profession a bad rap. RG, your words ring true to me: there are enough people out there who are not yet in the industry who NEED to know about our industry…those are the people we need to be connecting with when it’s time to recruit and help more people.

  10. Anyone who asks you to look, investigate or see if you are even open is practicing courage. Nobody needs courage to ask me… I am asked to look at a new program 100x a day it seems. One just popped up on my screen now! I have friends in the business who ask me to look monthly, and more often when they change companies. I am on a list… many lists it seems. The number of people who ask me first if I am already committed is practically zero. Just like in your example, many people hit on those with a ring too. It appears to be in the wind. Commercials pitch everyone and people are not upset … most are not anyway… when they are a fifth generation FORD family and every commercial is for Toyota. I think instead of an opportunity to be upset it could be a teaching opportunity. What’s missing from their communication that would make a difference for you AND for them? Instead of saying, some people are off limits, maybe there is another way to approach this and YOU above all people will figure it out. There are serious people in this industry who have managed by will, luck or endurance to be in one company and are uber successful. Some did a few before finding the one and some change often. How many people on the top 100 list from last year are already in a new company? How many were on that list two, three years ago and no longer are part of the list? The changing a new company is such a normal behavior, that NOT to ask you when given a chance would make me wonder why they are even in the business. YOU told me. “You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person.” When did you become the wrong person for everyone to ask?

      1. Hello!

        i have read from your training materials several times the concept of “you cant say the wrong thing to the right person” and its vice versa (you cant say the right thing to the wrong person) but, i have also read in Big Al’s material that he seems to think otherwise

        so, im just curious, how does this principle exactly works?

        thank you!

  11. Following the comparison … In life happens all sorts of things-marriage fall apart, and not just because someone dies. So what?
    When I was in that situation, my first choice came down to somebody, who previously had made a sign that he has something to offer me.
    Would be really foolish to ask a question “would you like to sleep with me, and see – maybe you’ll like me better than him”. But seems to me that would be wise to give a sign that you are serious in everything that you do, and you do based on true values,
    Otherwise it may be like Rhett Butler in “Gone With the Wind” when he could not jump between Scarlett marriages.

  12. That’s very true and I was experiencing this kind of thing just 2days before
    One guy has called me and said he got my number form someone and he knows that am in direct selling business so I asked so why can I help you?
    He told me he want to tell me about his company and I told him I am very happy with my company
    He said he knows but styl he want to meet me and tell me about his company
    Then I wad very upset because it is
    I was confused what to do
    Like do I have to meet and tell him that he is wrong ?or just ignore him
    But now thanks to R.G don’t deserve my time!

  13. I’ve been reading over the comments, and I am just curious as to what to look for when choosing to join a direct sales company? The age of the company? The number of independant distributors? The targeted market? If they have already created an iconic brand? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!
    H. Williams

    1. Heather, I was a stock broker for a decade, and over those years evaluated over 400 companies. There are a number of aspects to your question, and it also depends on your personality. Over all, I suggest looking for a company that has a unique product and customer base. “Me too” products have trouble competing. ( If you can answer “me too” when someone says they have a product that does ____ , for me personally that’s a flag)
      From a compliance stand point, make sure that the pay plan ONLY pays out for actual product or service being consumed. I don’t care how old the company is, if they pay you when someone signs up, and the payment isn’t justified by actual service volume or product being bought, eventually the Attys General will catch up with them.
      Also look for a company you’re passionate about. If it’s not a company you’d buy from if you had to pay full retail and if there was no business opportunity attached to, I would argue that your chances to be successful diminish.
      Contact me if you’d like more input, b/c like I said, some of it also depends on your personality.

  14. If some cows are not sacred, the expression ‘Sacred Cows’ won’t exist. Respect for them is wisdom; afterall, one could also grow to be one and how woulld you feel then if you are similarly accousted by some ‘newbie’?

  15. Nice post – short and sweet and to the point!

    It’s a pet peave of mine when someone who knows I’m already in another network marketing company and happy with it for all they know, blatantly cram another opportunity down my throat. How about building a relationship first?

    If we know one another are active in network marketing our first instinct should be to bloody help each other rather than make a quick buck of each other! Just my 2 cents.

  16. Like so many have stated, nicely said. As a marketer with over 20 years of experience, I have often found my best team members are those with no experience, but a huge passion. It is easy to take a “virgin” marketer and train them to be the next “heavy hitter.” I find so much more satisfaction in doing that than stealing hitters from other organizations.

  17. Really great post. I agree that we as network marketers,must maintain a certain level of professionalism. Especially when dealing with fellow network marketers.

  18. Why beat your head against the wall with sponsoring other people. MLM companies will eventually disappear for that reason. Sponsoring others is not a bad thing providing that you don’t spend all of your time wearing yourself out and annoying your friends and neighbors. Did you ever ask yourself why you have to be so assertive in MLM. Maybe it’s because it is not all that is is cracked up to be and is flawed. YOU BET IT IS ! MLM is a dinosaur and the best programs on the planet will eventually run their course.Furthermore, why pay for leads when you can buy the rights to customers for life at $150 for three . This company has been around for about 15 years and has a A+ BBB Reliability Seal rating. It doesn’t matter how little or how much money that you have made in MLM in the past. Enventually people will have to admit that this is the best residual income model ever. Call me if you like (620) 825-4472

    1. There are many factors to consider when choosing a direct sales company. Solely looking at the age of the company does anything.

      It just like investing in the stock market, you would not want to invest in a company solely based on the age of the company would you?

      There are many factors such as the product. Do you feel that you would use the products? And would you be an evangelist of it?

      Basically, would you use the product if you were not in the MLM company, or would you even buy it? You have to believe in it if you want to sell it.

      Other factors include compensation plans, training systems, company policies, the founders of the company, the person sponsoring you etc. etc. There is a whole lot to look at and I talked about it in a blog post I did recently.

      Don’t just look at it from a company’s age. Remember, you need to look at various factors too! 🙂 I hope it helps you in making a more informed decision about which company to choose.

      Darren Spruyt

  19. I know you’ve moved on to “greener” pastures Randy, but I definitely have to agree about not pitching people and bringing other companies in this industry.

    I remember when I joined my first company, the people that were presenting would sometimes say “we are not like so and so company because we are bla bla bla…”.

    It just adds to the stigma, and spoils the reputation of the industry. People should stop trying to cross-recruit and just support each other to succeed. If someone has issues with their sponsor or their company, they will find you.

    Otherwise, just be there for them as a friend, not a wolf.

    Thanks for the wise words! 🙂

    Darren Spruy

  20. I realy like this post. I am agree with this words. In MLM Software will be more useful to mlm. MLM Business will depend onMLM Marketing. So that your MLM explanation will simple fast under stand matters. In that point of view i will more infiunce inthis post.

  21. Well Put Randy!! Thank you for saying it too. I get several calls per month like this from rival company leaders. That’s why we advertise on the internet, so people who actually are looking for a great opportunity can find us and contact us. Approaching people who are not looking for an opportunity is what gave this industry a bad name for so many years. Hopefully we’ve learned something…

  22. Some very good points made, both in the original blog and the replies.

    I’m quite amazed how some network marketers from other businesses tend to put the boot in to competitive companies as a way of proving their opportunity is the best.

    As Randy says, there are plenty enough people in the world to go round. And you really don’t need massive numbers to make a very good living in this industry.

    Just focus on being the best you can be. If your opportunity is good and you match that, then the big hitters from other businesses might seek you out. It rarely works the other way.

    If it did, then it’d be like plankton chasing the sharks!


  23. Hi Randy

    This is the best post i ever read about this, and it make
    get a new point of view about my Company and me.

    South Africa

  24. Actually, I don’t mind them contacting me…but they should inquire as to whether one is open to looking at an opportunity or not before hitting someone with a pitch….analogous to if you meet someone you find attractive and you are single, you inquire as to whether they are single and “available” before putting the move on them!

    If you make it clear that you’re satisfied with your current company and not recruitable, if they’re smart they’ll read between the lines and won’t bother to hit you with the pitch, and just stay in touch periodically…

    On the other hand, they may be calling at a moment in time where you are considering making a move. While most industry leaders are fairly knowledgeable about a number of companies/opportunities that are out there, most average people aren’t, and if you indicate to them that you are open to taking a look at something, then obviously there is not a problem at that point in them sharing some information with you.

    As with most things in life, it depends on one’s approach! After all, how are they supposed to know if I am “available” or not, unless they first ask, which should always come before launching into a pitch, although they should also be smart enough to realize that if they are approaching a top industry leader, chances are the leader is already aware of their program and would likely enroll with a top leader they either know or know of versus someone who is calling them up out of the blue.

    And if you’re not recruitable, why not use it as an opportunity to reverse pitch them on your opportunity if you think they have some potential! Grab their email address, put them in your database, and follow up with them periodically to see how they are doing…you never know-one of these days they just might give you a call wanting to join your team.

    It’s actually highly likely due to the fact that 98% of all new young and companies fail in the first 2-3 years, and 99% fail over the first 5 years, so if you’re in a solid company, and they’re promoting a new or fairly young opportunity, you just might get an email or phone call from them in the near future wanting to join you and your team!

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