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Networking Times

Last post we talked about how you can use my new “Risky” book for credibility with your prospects.  And I promised this time to alert you to another powerful resource you can use for credibility and traction for your business.  So let’s get to it! Continue reading “Networking Times”

Risky Follow Up!

Well “Risky Is the New Safe” released last Tuesday and it’s been an amazing week!  Bookstore sales have been strong, social media buzz has been huge, and it debuted at #1 on the Barnes and Noble list and hasn’t budged the whole week! Continue reading “Risky Follow Up!”

The "Golden Era"

If you get my MLM Leadership Report, you know that in my new book I predict we are about to enter the “golden era” of Network Marketing.  Recently I did an interview with Ray Higdon, explaining some of the reasons why. Continue reading “The "Golden Era"”

What Is Full-Time?

The great thing about Network Marketing is that it is meant to be started part-time, with whatever business or job you currently have.  That’s the good news… Continue reading “What Is Full-Time?”

Leave Some Oxygen

Been a while since I posted, so I wanted to check in with you guys.  Just came back from Denmark where I was conducting a leadership session.  A question came up that you may find very relevant… Continue reading “Leave Some Oxygen”

Platform Proficiency

Okay guys, this is the special announcement I promised you yesterday.  It’s about a special, private event I’ll be conducting.  Please read it completely, and think about who on your team would be qualified to participate.  Then get ahold of Lornette immediately, and reserve your spaces before I have to close it out. Continue reading “Platform Proficiency”

The Duplication Formula

Let me share with you the formula for creating true duplication and wealth in our business.  It may strike you as simplistic, but I promise you it is actually quite profound. This formula is where duplication lives.  It is: Continue reading “The Duplication Formula”


One of the smartest things you can do to recruit more effectively is to utilize third party tools.    By this, I mean a tool not specific to your company or product, which edifies the business and opportunity.  Continue reading “Cred”

Just a Reminder

I just finished outlining a mentoring webcast I’ll be doing for some of my leaders in Latin America tonight.  And instead of teaching on skill sets, I decided to simply remind them of seven very important things.  Continue reading “Just a Reminder”

How Much is Enough?

Last week I went through about 20 counseling forms.  (And if you’re not counseling with your key people, and aren’t being counseled yourself – you need to get Duplication Nation and start immediately!)  And in ninety percent of the case I was counseling – the issue was the same… Continue reading “How Much is Enough?”

Changing Your Results

Maybe you don’t earn as much as you would like in your bonus check.   Maybe your group isn’t as big as you hoped it would be.  Maybe things just haven’t worked out the way you hoped when you first filled out that application form.  Continue reading “Changing Your Results”

Drive the Business

A lot of people in Network Marketing drift through the days, letting the business happen to them.  They answer calls and emails, go to events and watch activity in their back office.  Some months stuff happens, most times it doesn’t. Continue reading “Drive the Business”

Your Real Job

This is going to sound crazy to some of you.  But your real job is not to sponsor everyone you know.  It’s just not. Continue reading “Your Real Job”

Do the Products Matter?

About 20 years ago, when I was just starting to make some money in the business. I attended a seminar put on by an author who had written a book on MLM.  In a private conversation, he told me that the products were really irrelevant; it was the compensation plan that drove growth. Continue reading “Do the Products Matter?”