The "Golden Era"

If you get my MLM Leadership Report, you know that in my new book I predict we are about to enter the “golden era” of Network Marketing.  Recently I did an interview with Ray Higdon, explaining some of the reasons why.

Check it out here:


16 thoughts on “The "Golden Era"

  1. Great interview!

    I’ve been paying attention to all the pre-launch buzz on this book, my pre-order is placed and I’m singing about it to people all the time. I already know this will be one of the most important books to hit the shelves in my lifetime!

    I’m excited for it to be released already!!!! Let’s go October 30th!

  2. Randy!! I Great interview. You asked exactly same question I would love to hear. i really enjoyed this interview and you made me a fan of Ray Higdon. And I am going to check out this book as well.


  3. Powerful Interview Randy! – I found it VERY helpful. Thank you, I’d like to share something I myself came across that has proven to be SOOOO helpful. – I couldn’t believe the power in it! Kim taught me some crucial principles from a different perpective focused on customer retention. Start Recruiting Your Customers and KEEP Them Once You’ve Got’em!

  4. Eye opening interview. I learnt a lot about how to be successful in network marketing. I do agree that we must develop skills set, and that we must know how to meet people.

  5. I agree 100%, the days of setting up home meetings to tell people, Amway isn’t just soap anymore is over. No more traveling 1000’s of miles per year for sales convention. The internet can do now in 1 day what took 12 months to do 10 years ago. I’m witnessing massive growth in my affiliate networks and looking for others wanting the opportunity as well.


    Jody Heath

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  7. Great interview. So true about millions losing jobs to policies and technology who will be looking for a way to support their families. What a great opportunity we all have to offer them.

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  10. Great Interview Randy, looking forward to reading your book. This industry has made a dramatic impact on my life over the past five years. There is no job security in corporate America anymore. Today, job security is having your own business. My passion is helping people succeed in this industry and showing them what is possible if you treat your networking business like a real business.

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