Risky Follow Up!

Well “Risky Is the New Safe” released last Tuesday and it’s been an amazing week!  Bookstore sales have been strong, social media buzz has been huge, and it debuted at #1 on the Barnes and Noble list and hasn’t budged the whole week!

The book is going to get millions of people to come to some very stark conclusions:

1)   The longer they work for a big company, the bigger the target on their back will be to replace them.

2)   If they are counting on a government retirement program to care for their loved ones, they’re crazy!

3)   The retail model is dying and is hastening it irrelevance.

4)   Network Marketing will capture a huge share of the sales that move from retail.

5)   Millions of people a month will be losing their jobs and looking at the options of direct selling and network marketing.

“Risky Is the New Safe” is really going to be a powerful third party credibility piece for you if you utilize it properly.  I launched the book over the weekend at Mastermind 8 and the top leaders from around the world are jumping at the chance to include the book at some stage f their follow up process.  I recommend you get three or five extras and keep the in circulation.  BTW, if you order them TODAY, everything between now and midnight counts toward the first week’s sales on the New York Time and USA Today’s bestseller list.  The higher the book debuts, the more powerful it will work for you.

You can get all the details and order links here:


And if you haven’t read it yet, fix that today!  The book really will open your mind to all the possibilities for creating wealth that are available to you, right now.   Hope you’re having a great week!


20 thoughts on “Risky Follow Up!

  1. I think this book will be an excellent hand out to those you know who are real ‘Entrepreneurs’ and open to new ideas. Not only will they see other income possibilities, but as a third party tool giving credibility to Network Marketing you probably won’t get a better way of opening their mind about MLM.

  2. UPDATE:
    The first week figures are in and “Risky” is a NYT bestseller. It will debut at #10 on the list out this weekend. Thanks for all the support!


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  4. Network Marketing (MLM) is a sub-category of Direct Selling. Direct Selling can also refer to single level companies where you get paid only on your personal sales and typically on your front line.

  5. I truly take offense to number 3 – although I have not read your book I hope it’s not more of this New School bull about “you don’t have to sell anything” I like to know before I get your book.

  6. You are so right on the money. It is a shame that a lot of people will not listen to us on what is going on in our economy. I am seeing many people lose their jobs and then they think that more education is the answer. Once they start realizing that it isn’t the answer a lot of them will be willing to listen.

    In the mean time there are already a lot of people waking up to our great industry and it is up to us to share what we have so that we can save them from the mess that is about to happen.


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