Leave Some Oxygen

Been a while since I posted, so I wanted to check in with you guys.  Just came back from Denmark where I was conducting a leadership session.  A question came up that you may find very relevant…

It was about duplication.  And the answer may surprise you.

Because in the counseling I was doing, my advice was to back off.  Let people step up and do more, even if they can’t do it perfect like you.

A lot of leaders suck all the oxygen out of the room.  They have to do all the trainings, all the webcasts, all the presentations, because they do them better than anyone else.

Welcome to Grinderville…

If you ever want to move out of Grinderville – leave some oxygen for others.  Just as “helicopter parents” suppress the growth and self-sufficiency of their kids, you can do that with your team, if you never allow them to fail.

Try loosening up and letting your people do more.  Be willing to let them make mistakes.  Because that’s how they get good!

– RG

21 thoughts on “Leave Some Oxygen

  1. More fantastic advice “Oh Great One”. Thank you! The “helicopter parent” reference nailed it for me. That’s why you get the big bucks my friend.

    Keep up your mentoring, we all love it and need it!


  2. Hey Randy,

    Real leaders don’t dictate you what to do , they show you the way how to do things by yourself .They teach you and direct you to the right path which you need to go.
    Real leaders are not those who make the loudest show, on the contrary most of them are humble, modest like Moses in the Bible

  3. So true. When you let go of control you achieve so much more of the freedom you where looking for in the first place and you enable others to do the same.

  4. Randy,

    Cannot imagine how anyone can enjoy and bloom working under a controlling person. By the way thanks so much for all that you have done.

  5. Awesome post Randy! it is so very true, growth comes from not being confined, but allowed to expand. Just like skillsets 🙂

  6. I was going to leave a long winded comment, express my prowess and ‘suck as much oxygen’ out of this post, but decided to be a ‘real’ leader and pass your views onto my downline. I’ll await their comments and watch them GROW.

  7. Hi RG,

    Let go and grow. Let your team do what it can. This is how they learn. Power advice.

    I learned how to run live webinars by…running live webinars. I learned how to run a blog by blogging. To call prospects by…you get the drift. I never reached out to my coach…my fault..but thank God I didn’t. Because I never would have developed the courage in myself and desire to succeed.

    Our team won’t succeed unless we allow them to get through the same awkward, difficult situations we sliced through. This is where all the growing is. All the good stuff. All the success.



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  9. Love and leadership comes naturally. You can’t make it. All you can act like this. But true leadership comes naturally always. If you gather 50 people at same place, you will see few of them will take over naturally

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  11. You are so right. If you do all the work for your team then your team will never grow to become leaders. You have to step away sometimes and allow them the freedom to fail because once they do then they can move forward.

    Also if you do all the work for your team, then you have created just a bunch of followers and what you really is is a ton of leaders who builds other leaders.


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