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Okay guys, this is the special announcement I promised you yesterday.  It’s about a special, private event I’ll be conducting.  Please read it completely, and think about who on your team would be qualified to participate.  Then get ahold of Lornette immediately, and reserve your spaces before I have to close it out.

Here’s the story behind the story…

After speaking at their recent convention in Sweden, I went to dinner with Orjan and Hilde Saele.  They asked if I would be willing to conduct a high-level Boot Camp on speaking – specifically for leaders in Network Marketing.  They assured me they would send about 30 of their Diamonds there and would help promote it to some their friends who are leaders with other companies.

Initially I said no.  But the more I thought about it, the more intriguing it started to look.  And I decided I really would love my own Diamonds to attend that kind of intensive training.  In our business, to succeed at the highest levels, you need to be amazing on the platform.

Even doing in-home presentations, the better you are presenting, the more successful you will become.  And becoming a compelling, charismatic speaker will make a HUGE difference once you are on the platform at the hotel and other large venues for opportunity presentations.  It should go without saying, but won’t, you also need to be amazing when you’re conducting training seminars and workshops for your team.

It’s just a fact:  the most successful people in any company are usually the best speakers.  They lead, inspire and communicate better.  Their teams are better trained and the experience stronger duplication down the ranks.

So I decided to go ahead…

I did not advertise this program publicly.   It was strictly by invitation only to people who attended my Mega-MLM program, my own Diamonds, and a few of my friends who are select leaders who are charged with influencing large crowds from the platform.

The experience was amazing…

It was a powerful experiential workshop with teaching, demonstration, and lots of actual showcases.  We explored the science and art of influencing from the platform.  Here’s just a taste of what I covered with the select crowd of attendees:

  • Crafting unique, personal stories that only you can tell;
  • Understanding the structural, content, and delivery differences between a keynote speech versus a training workshop;
  • The formula for constructing a memorable and impactful keynote;
  • The art of storytelling and the mistakes to avoid;
  • The ethics and legality of intellectual property and using material from others;
  • How to open and close a talk to provide closure for the audience;
  • Teaching methods that cause better retention and application after the program;
  • How to weave humor into talks in a relevant way, as opposed to extraneous jokes that don’t advance the objectives of the talk.
  • Creating a complete audience experience through drama, props, music and other tools;
  • How to structure a testimonial;
  • Creating the right introduction for yourself;
  • How to handle the microphone, sound and lighting issues;
  • How to REALLY use visual aids and protect your audience from PowerPoint coma (HINT: Text on a slide is not a visual aid.);
  • Avoiding “book report” presentations;
  • Posture, poise, pacing, timing and vocal intonation; and perhaps the most important,
  • How to get the audience to take action after the talk!

As you can see, it was an extraordinary program.  The evaluations from every single person in attendance (more than 60) were off the charts.  Since that event, they’ve been dripping on me with a steady stream of requests to conduct a public version of the event, one that they could promote to the higher levels of their leadership team.

I had no plans to do that, but the requests aren’t stopping and truth be told, it’s a great creative high for me to conduct.  I LOVE working with people helping them develop complete and total platform mastery.  It’s an exhilarating experience to be a part of.

So here’s the deal:

The event will take place Saturday and Sunday, October 20-21, 2012 in Miami.  It will run 9 to 5 pm both days.  I will have the room booked for Saturday evening, in the event we need some extra time.  If we’re running on track for the agenda, it will be a free night.  If I think we need more time we’ll meet for a few hours that evening.

Who should attend?

BIG KIDS ONLY!  Do not bring anyone who isn’t over the line and committed to your company.  We’re going to have people up on the stage all through the course of the event, practicing their testimonials, training segments on their system, or portions from their opportunity presentation.  This is NOT a generic event; it is a totally UN-generic event.

The people you bring should not be beginners in the business.  If they’re at that stage, they need to be learning the fundamentals of meeting people, working a candidate list, inviting, and follow up.

But as you know only too well, at the top levels of Network Marketing, you have to be a mind-blowing presenter.  So you should only offer this to leaders on your team that are on the main stage at major events, or are being groomed to take that next step.

What’s the investment?

I went back and forth on what to charge for this:  Price it at five grand and just get the highest level players, or do it at $500 so more could attend?  Make it inclusive with meals, versus lower the cost and let people do their own thing?

I decided on a nice medium… 

If money is an issue for someone, they’re not really at a level qualified to attend this program.  But I don’t want to rake anyone over the coals to attend this either.  And I want you to be able to get all of your serious and aspiring leaders there.  So the investment is only US$1,277 per person.  (And for those of you that attended the first one, you can re-audit this one for only $777.)  That will include refreshments and lunch on both days.

Just know we’re not doing gourmet lunch at a restaurant.  We will arrange some simple but tasty meals that will be delivered to the meeting room, so we can do working lunches both days.  We have a lot to cover, and can’t afford losing time with people traveling to restaurants.

If this all sounds like fun to you, please connect with Lornette Browne at or 1-305-573-2994 and let her know how many spaces you want, the names of who you’re bringing, and handle the payment.  (I’m giving you advance notice of this, so you can start talking to your team.  Lornette won’t be in the office until 9 am Miami time on Monday.)

I’m not setting up a website, making a brochure, or any sales pitches.  I’m posting this on the Success Blog and emailing it to the Leadership report E-zine list.   Then it’s up to you.  I will accept as many attendees as can be effectively worked with, and then will close it out.  To be fair, it’s on a first-come, first-served basis.

Once you register your spaces, Lornette will send you details on dress, hotel, and other stuff.  For now we need to know if you’re in, and who you’re bringing with you.

This really will be something special and can provide some amazing breakthroughs for you and your top leaders.  If you attend, come willingly to play all out and have an amazing experience.

– RG

P.S.  Remember this isn’t something for you to be promoting to your whole team.  This is for serious leaders only.  Decide who that would be for your team and get in contact with Lornette at or 1-305-573-2994.

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