Drive the Business

A lot of people in Network Marketing drift through the days, letting the business happen to them.  They answer calls and emails, go to events and watch activity in their back office.  Some months stuff happens, most times it doesn’t.

They are tourists.  You don’t want to be a tourist.

Success in our business doesn’t “happen.”  It is created. 

Don’t wait for a different economy, a new product, or a call from your sponsor.  Drive your business.  Take charge.  Have a plan.  Get into action.  Today.

Got it?

– RG



28 thoughts on “Drive the Business

  1. Randy Randy Randy!!!

    Fully agree,, in this culture success is determined by one word ACTION.
    In simple terms we write our own cheques i.e we are given a blank cheqeu & its up to a person how much u want to take home.
    Great!! I got it

  2. Here I am today, reading this Blog, and BOOM… feels like you wrote this one just for me. I am thankful for that you remembered me on the promise I’ve made to myself about one year ago. Thank you Randy 🙂

  3. Hi Randy, thanks – as if we are in a
    war, taking the offensive not defensive steps towards priductive work. ….

  4. Besides my networking business, I work at a retail store. We were discussing how clients can sometimes not get approached by a sales person. One of the girls offered that she always notices every client as they walk through the store. She watches them. I told her, that’s great but you are paid to engage with a client, not watch them!

    Donna Johnson once said, “you get paid when you produce, so spend your time producing”.

  5. Amen ,Randy it has happened for 3years I have been in our profession BEEN A TOURIST .Now I know I will duplicate this .Thanks

  6. Hey Randy,

    When anyone” drift through the days, letting the business happen”,he can’t be
    an entrepreneur, a self employed , independent businessman.The best way for making living to someone who isn’t initiator,creative, is to be an employed for any boss,who will tell him what to do and when.

  7. Yes oooo. Success is not what you achieve is what u become. Succes is not in a place but in a person.

  8. I would add, most of us have learned over the years to fear failing and making a mistake, which leads us to quit if we failed to much. This is just the opposite of what you should do in this business. If you fail you are guaranteed to improve if you make a small attempt to improve. The higher the failure the greater the reward in the end over time.

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