Your Real Job

This is going to sound crazy to some of you.  But your real job is not to sponsor everyone you know.  It’s just not.

Some people are allergic to your products.  Some people are allergic to work.  Some people are afraid of being self-employed.  Some people are afraid of success.

For other people, you product is perfect for them, they need the money, and you’d work great together.  But the time simply isn’t right for them.

You’re not supposed to sponsor everyone.  You’re only supposed to offer it to everyone.

Got it?


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    1. Hello Randy,

      I think you are awesome. My partner Bill and I are at the TC level in ACN and as a male couple I have had some concerns about the MLM industry and what appears to be a very conservative image that seems to dominate the industry. We are not willing to hide who we are and I was interested in your opinion about this. We hate the term Gay and would prefer to ourselves as a male intimate couple in a committed relationship. Should we make it very apparent to everyone who we are and if they have an issue with it they don’t have to work with us.

      Thank you,

      Joseph Osborne

  1. Yes, I got it. Sometimes we tend to complicate the simple things.There is a time to sow the seeds, then will be time to harvest! Thanks for the remind, Randy.

  2. Randy,

    Coming from you, I can’t argue with that. It does make sense.As a national trainer here in Nigeria, I was just making this point privately, not publicly as I would be misunderstood. Thanks for the confirmation Randy.

  3. Thanks Randy for your valuable advice. You are a very busy bee. If you have some time my contact is 90055051. Wishing you Godspeed and happy holidays!

  4. Hey Randy,

    I am not not supposed to sponsor everyone,but supposed to offer it to everyone.
    It’s like the” marketing funnel”.The first stage is exposure,then making click,then
    persuation by our Landing page,at last the customer commitment.

  5. Yes, as you said we offer a life time opportunities for everyone, Some of them are enjoy it, some of them are rejected. Praise the name of GOD.

  6. I heard a study was done about those “protection plans” offered at various stores. The success rate for the automatic cashiers (computer self check outs) was higher than the HUMAN BEING cashiers because the machines ask EVERY person EVERY time. Now, imagine if the human beings asked every person every time. What would your success rate be?

    Just ask! Just tell! … and be successful.

  7. I love it! The Law of Attraction……or the Law of Detachment…..offering is sharing without attachment. As long as you offer…some will, some won’t so what, next…

  8. You definitely have to be offering value to them by asking it what’s in it for them and listen!!

    Then based on their answers point them out to a website or whatever. Lets say you have a video. That information changed my life!!

    And do not be afraid to say I don’t know. Just say “I don’t know but my friend Michael who is having massive success in this company might be able to help you out. Would you like me to put him on the phone?”

    Lawrence Bergfeld

  9. Thanks for your guidance.You have saved me from frustration of beiing rejected and trying to force/convince prospects who are not yet ready.But the fact is some will, some wont.

  10. This is so true. The best you can do is to present everyone with your offer. The more you show your opportunity to others best chance you have to sponsor the most people.

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