Just a Reminder

I just finished outlining a mentoring webcast I’ll be doing for some of my leaders in Latin America tonight.  And instead of teaching on skill sets, I decided to simply remind them of seven very important things. 

I’d like to share them with you.

1)   Europe is melting down, the US has the highest deficit ever recorded and governments everywhere are unable to take care of their citizens.

2)   The advance of technology is continuing to eliminate millions of jobs a year, and changing millions of others to require complete retraining.

3)   Fake food, frozen food, microwaved food and fast food will continue to increase as a percentage of diet, causing serious health challenges.

4)   You represent a beneficial product line that helps people.

5)   You are eligible for some very lucrative income, prizes and awards.

6)   You represent a company offering an attractive residual income program.

7)   You’re amazing.  And you wouldn’t be in this business if you weren’t

So now that you remember those seven things, remember what you can do about them.  BOOM!

– RG

12 thoughts on “Just a Reminder

  1. Hey Randy,

    I offer beneficial useful product that helps people.
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  2. it is not a comment from my side. i mean i have a question, randy talks about values and philosophy in his book. but i faced a lot of problem with my uplines trying to convince my downline that i was waiting for OTHERS to do the business for me and that i did nothing. i am still a novice to this business,but i realized that i was taken for a ride. i mean i will get the people into the funnel and these team members will tell my downline that i am no good. infact i am thinking of changing the team itself. it is not that they are bad people, but smart people trying to snatch people ( in turn kill my business) away from me. all this because i had a break(of sorts) with my wife delivering a baby last month and i was at the hospital whilst she was there with a 2 yr old girl to take care of. is this the business that works only this way? i mean are there no emotions? difficulties involved building this business with a day job and do i have to be out there every night regardless of the situation my family is facing? or do i have to fire my uplines? and look for someone better.

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    1. Thank you I aim to please my brand and that is what relaly self branding is all about looking good for people to never forget you but providing value to help others!

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