How Much is Enough?

Last week I went through about 20 counseling forms.  (And if you’re not counseling with your key people, and aren’t being counseled yourself – you need to get Duplication Nation and start immediately!)  And in ninety percent of the case I was counseling – the issue was the same…


Ninety percent of the people were not doing activity consummate with what they say their goals are.

Now of course, none of these people are employees, just like you aren’t either.  But my job as coach is to tell people the truth.  So here it is…

If you’re just starting out, holding two or three home presentations in a month isn’t enough.  If you’ve sponsored three or four people – that’s not enough.

You have to sponsor enough people that you end up with at least three or four people that are serious.  And then you need to work with those three or four, helping them drive depth at least ten levels deep.  That means activity.

If you want to step up the results you’re getting – you have to step up the activity you’re doing.

And that’s the truth.

– RG

18 thoughts on “How Much is Enough?

  1. This is a great post Randy. But I’m fairly new in the business so I don’t have any idea of what activity goals would be sufficient to achieve my business goals of 3 or 4 serious business builders. Do you have any suggestions for how many prospects to look for per day, how many phone calls per day, how many meetings per week in order to get those 3 or 4. Any metrics you can provide would be very helpful and thank you again for the post.

  2. You have the truth….! If we don´t have the succes we are looking forward, is because we don´t do the right things…….. I have been very slow….. with a lot of excuses……… But I´m in an my goals are high….Thank You Randy…. and Thak You SHAI….!

  3. The question is… if EVERYONE is not having enough activity what is missing … what’s missing that if it was present you’d have more than enough activity?

    It isn’t the dream or skills or the WHY either.

    For just about everyone I know it’s the ‘work’ is NOT fun.

    I like contacting people, especially ‘warm’ market But the first contact is always the most difficult. Once I light the fuzz I have fun. What I say lights the fuzz is working with someone. Call or get together with a buddy/partner and do ‘three ways’ from the get go. Two people can have a lot of fun working this together.

  4. Reminds me about what Joe Girard said about sales(7 times in Guiness World Record as the best salesman in the world) the more spaghetti you throw on the wall the more sits there. Sales is about activity. The more you do the more you sell. It is a numbers game. Joe Girard had 16 presentations a day and sold on half of them. He didnt have the best skills but the most numbers.

  5. I concur Randy.
    Many dream dreams thinking there is no price to pay. The price to pay is activity. Thanks for what appears to be an obvious post.

    As usual it ROCKS.

  6. It is good not to allow result to determine ur attitude. Be an activity oriented not result oriented. Because this is a game of Some wil,SOME WON’T, SO WHAT but there are some people where waiting for you. Just keep on.

  7. thanks for your frank,truthful comments. I wholehearted agree that in reality climbing Mt Everest is a difficult task. With weather conditions difficult terrains etc….as the the saying goes when the times gets tuff its the tuff gets going!! Its only what you mentioned hard work & keep going brings success. Facing hardship is a journey…like climbing Mt Everest. Success is ahead if we press on & preservere. Its comes as a price but without sacrifice…no price to gain. Self motivate to see our goals is accomplish. To me that’s an achievement!!

  8. I have seen a lot of information on the internet that suggests that you don’t need to talk to people to build a business, how do you build relationships.

    One thing the internet does have to offer is the ability to do the same presentation to many people, all you have to do is create a video.

    But that on its own is not enough, you need to take the action to get people to your video.

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