One of the smartest things you can do to recruit more effectively is to utilize third party tools.    By this, I mean a tool not specific to your company or product, which edifies the business and opportunity. 

There is a new book out now that does a great job of this.  It’s an all-new edition of Richard Brooke’s, The Four Year Career.  This book shows both prospects and distributors, how a residual income can be worth millions in asset value.   It demonstrates the real cred of the biz.

This compelling, easy-to-understand, totally generic recruiting tool:

  • Shines a light on the economic uncertainty many are facing, and the challenges that traditional methods for building financial security pose;
  • Provides a revealing explanation of the many myths and simple realities of Network Marketing (some may surprise you);
  • Includes the latest industry facts and big name third-party endorsements from Richard’s groundbreaking presentation that reinforces the power of Network Marketing as a wealth-building vehicle; and,
  • Provides case studies from REAL Network Marketing millionaires and how they rose to the top (Including yours truly)!

I recommend you get a book for yourself right away.  Also consider buying bulk copies and using them in the follow up process with your prospects.  It makes a rock-solid case for the credibility of the profession.  Then you only need to show them the value of your product line and comp plan incentives.

Get on this today!  Find the book HERE

– RG

12 thoughts on “Cred

  1. Hola, Gracias por Invitarme a participar de su programa. Estaré gustoso de estudiar todo lo necesario para darles el mejor rendimiento en este emprendimiento; que aunque será nuevo para mí me tiene ardiendo en deseos de comenzar a trabajar.

  2. I think using a tool not associated with your business is something that could work well, but if you really believe in your opportunity you really should use a third party tool related to your business. Why wouldn’t you unless you don’t believe in it!

    If you are with a good solid company, you will be proud to show your prospects a tool that is related to what your business is. That’s just my opinion!

    1. Ditto on that… When u r passionate on what u have,u believe in ur product & u don’t let anything or anyone getting u out of focus on the goal u have… and let someone that is moving forward help u reach ur goal to their level of success…

  3. I am always looking for learning opportunities. I’d like to know the truths about network marketing, so I have already bought this book. That’s a great idea about buying in bulk and using them for prospects. Thank you so much.

  4. I appreciate all your information here. I am a newbie and am interested in learning more from what other marketer’s have to say about internet marketing online. I find the best information is by reading people’s blogs. Thanks for you info here.

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  6. Get into their heads and figure out how you could convince them
    to open themselves up to the idea. Once you’ve researched and analyzed every aspect of the
    network marketing opportunity (just like you would do for a different type of business or a job) and you are satisfied with everything you’ve learned, then it’s a good decision to join.
    Sales is convincing someone that they need what you have.

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