No Charge Excuses!

It’s that time of year again.  People are reflecting on their lack of progress, the goals they didn’t meet, and looking for why it wasn’t their own fault. 

So as a public service, let me offer you some GREAT excuses and rationalizations you can use to explain away your lackluster results for 2013.  These are FREE, my gift to you.  There are seven to choose from, so feel free to use the one that works best for you and your particular lack of results…

The products are too expensive.  This is always a good choice, popular with most people who don’t succeed in network marketing.  It never occurs to them that the top earners in their company sell products at the same prices, so why should you worry about it?

I live in a small town.  Another old standby that works great.  You can use this excuse with confidence, because most people don’t realize that some of the most successful people in our business hail from small towns and villages.

People are too conservative where I live.  Don’t use this one if there are other successful people in your area or it doesn’t work.  Only use it if all the successful people in network marketing live outside your area.

My sponsor is a dork/my sponsor quit. This is a great one, because most people don’t realize that 99 percent of the top income earners in our business had no sponsor or a terrible one.

I don’t know that many people.  This is always a solid excuse to use, because no one is going to question it.  Even though you probably had hundreds of people at your wedding, went to school with hundreds more, have lived next to dozens and dozens over the years, have hundreds of connections on social media and you know hundreds more through your kids, sports, PTA, all the people you spend money with, etc. – most of those people don’t know each other, so your secret is safe with me.

Even my own family won’t join.  This rationalization works a majority of the time.  That’s because most people don’t know that personally I don’t have a single member of my family in my business and I made MILLIONS of dollars anyway.  So this is a pretty safe one to use.

I would work the business, but being a good parent is more important to me.  This one is perfect!  You get to be lazy, are covered with an excuse, and look noble – all at the same time!  Instead of using your kids as the REASON to do the business – you can use them as an excuse to NOT do the business.  Brilliant really.

Hopefully one of these seven works right for you.  HOWEVER, if you’re not looking for an excuse or rationalization for your lack of success – and you actually want to learn new skills, develop confidence and produce better results – drop what you’re doing and register right now, for the Gage Academy for Network Marketing Leadership.

I trust you’ll know what’s the best choice for you to make.

– RG


18 thoughts on “No Charge Excuses!

  1. Hi Randy,

    Great list! Now, if I need an excuse, I have 7 “go to” excuses! Thank you for the gift!! I feel bad, I didn’t get you anything. Well …

    How about another excuse …. “The sun was in my eyes!”

  2. You made me smile, Randy :)! Great post! I’ve heard such excuses millions of times and probably used many of them myself. It’s sad that most people reading this post will come up with the 8th excuse, which sounds: “Yes, but..”

  3. I’ve learnt that a person who is not looking for success will always have excuses and is difficult to help. If he/she is looking for success I’ll address the excuses and move forward. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  4. Thanks, but I have already mastered that particular skill. In fact that was the first thing I learned starting as soon as I heard the word no a couple of times. This skill has been serving me well ever since.

  5. A wise woman once said “Excuses are tools of incompetence and people who dwell in them seldom do anything at all.” The interesting thing about these 7 excuses is that I have heard them a lot in the time I’ve been in network marketing and they are truly played out. People can say what they want to psych themselves out of being successful but as for me and my house….

  6. I enjoyed the list–it all sounds too familiar. I use the “gym” analogy a lot with my team as well.

    When I hear someone complaining about the company or its products being a “scam,” etc. I ask them… If you joined a gym to lose weight and failed to meet your goals, would you blame the gym? You had all the tools at your disposal–YOU are the one that didn’t take action.

    Thanks again, and Happy New Year!

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