Being Great in the Biz

I hope you’ve read today’s post on being great over at There are some important lessons for you.  And I’d like to continue the conversation here, specifically on how it relates to network marketing… Continue reading “Being Great in the Biz”

The Real Magic of Recruiting

We’ve talked here about using third party tools, how to follow up, making better invitations and many of the other mechanics of recruiting.  Now let’s explore the most powerful element of the process… Continue reading “The Real Magic of Recruiting”

Your Attitude

Here’s the funny thing.  The one thing we have the most control over is our attitude.  Yet most people behave like they have no control over this whatsoever.   Continue reading “Your Attitude”

The Real Elements

As you build your network, it’s easy to get distracted by a symptom or a desired result, and miss the real element that gets you what you want.  For instance… Continue reading “The Real Elements”

More on the First Circle

My Making the First Circle Work book continues to break records for me.  We’ve now sold the foreign rights in 11 different countries and it will no doubt be the best selling book I’ve written so far.  The theme of the book is simple, but profound and has resonated with people on many levels… Continue reading “More on the First Circle”

Keeping People in the Biz

“Ninety percent of those who fail are not actually defeated. They simply quit.” – Paul J. Meyer Continue reading “Keeping People in the Biz”

Creating a Rock Star Culture

Glad to see so many of you making the commitment from the last post on viewing one episode of Prosperity TV every day for a month.  What you’re going to see in your expanding vision, belief, and posture will amaze you.  Stay true to the course.   Continue reading “Creating a Rock Star Culture”

Building Belief Bigger than the Grand Canyon

We have a great dialogue going on the last post about building belief. And it got me thinking about what you could do to create a belief so strong that nothing could shake you from it… Continue reading “Building Belief Bigger than the Grand Canyon”

Building Your Belief

Hey guys, love the response on the last post about posture. And I appreciate that so many of you are reposting and sharing the blog around.  That makes it a stronger community for us all.  And more than 15 of you registered for Mega MLM yesterday, the most we’ve ever had in one day. Good to see people stepping up and making the commitment.  Anyone else on the fence, the early bird price is still good through the 15th.  Now though, the next question… Continue reading “Building Your Belief”

Where Posture Comes From

Last week I told you the story of meeting up with the dragon lady and how I actually look forward to these challenges.  What we’re really talking about here is posture.   Continue reading “Where Posture Comes From”

If You Could Not Fail

Just finished recording a new show for the Prosperity TV channel, on how big of a prosperity window you see the world through.  And explored the question which has been circulating in self-development circles for years… Continue reading “If You Could Not Fail”

It Is Gone

Hey guys,

If you’re looking for the post on the most important lesson for you, I’ve removed it.  Continue reading “It Is Gone”

You Don’t Always Win

So your prospect rejected you.  Your sponsor quit.  Or a team member dropped out.  Guess what?  It happens. Continue reading “You Don’t Always Win”

What Freedom Really Means

I was counseling with one of my leaders recently and the conversation turned quite interesting.    That was when I suggested that I didn’t want her to leave her job.  Ever.   Continue reading “What Freedom Really Means”