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Hey guys, love the response on the last post about posture. And I appreciate that so many of you are reposting and sharing the blog around.  That makes it a stronger community for us all.  And more than 15 of you registered for Mega MLM yesterday, the most we’ve ever had in one day. Good to see people stepping up and making the commitment.  Anyone else on the fence, the early bird price is still good through the 15th.  Now though, the next question…

Tomoe asked when in my MLM career did I get that ultimate belief in myself that I could do it?  Great question, so let me answer it.  But perhaps not in the way you’re expecting…

I will say I think my belief came when I got a check that broke $1,100.  Obviously that isn’t that much, but after five years of negative amounts and $10 and $13 checks it seemed like a cataclysmic breakthrough.

But that wasn’t the real breakthrough…

The real breakthrough was keeping working while the checks were creeping up $40 or $100 at a time.  When I wasn’t making much, but I was still active and working consistently.  And THAT came from doing daily self-development.

There was a confidence that came from listening to audios and reading books.  Even though I wasn’t rich, it gave me enough confidence to have posture.

If you wait until you’re successful to believe in yourself, you might never make it!  So you have to work on yourself daily, borrow other people’s belief, and eventually you’ll earn and deserve your own.

So how you doing on that?


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  1. Daily self development is key.

    Today there are so many great resources online between ebooks, audios, great blogs like this one, free downloads of some of the classic books like As a man thinketh, that there is great opportunity for advancement even if someone cant yet afford to invest in themselves.

    Success is an inside game.

    Thanks Randy!

  2. I just finished re-reading Think and Grow Rich straight through. Each time I pick it up I gain new insights into the power of the subconscious mind and the crucial importance of having a Definite Purpose to keep us going when the checks are smaller than we would like.

  3. Hey Randy!
    I think you knew you can make it so you worked consistently for 5 years before your checks broke $1,100. I dont think your checks broke $1100 and then you believed that you can do it. So there must be something else that you knew or could see when things were still negative. Could you think of something else? something that many lack in their MLM career today?
    Thanks for your great posts!

      1. What kept you working on yourself and building a belief in the business when you didn’t see result or when you got results you didn’t expect?
        Like sponsoring people who frequent bars.

  4. I listen to CD’s, watch videos online, and read (LOVE my NookColor) all the time – improving myself. I have TOTAL, UNSHAKEABLE belief in myself and my business. With a husband who doesn’t see MLM as a viable business, it’s so important to keep feeding myself with positivity daily! Reading your blog posts and watching Prosperity TV are some great practices I engage in and share with others.

  5. Hi Randy,
    Thank you for all you’re doing. I agree entirely on Belief. Legacy is not a name we leave behind; Legacy is a seed we have planted

  6. Absolutely it’s about belief. I am sure that what did it for me was stepping outside of the circle of people in the primary company I was with and having conversations with other TOP Earners in our industry. It was a way for me to have a No Bias (on my primary company) listen to people who have made it in our industry. This was a huge step for me. I believe most folks are afraid to “talk” to others in the industry because they have the “my company is the best” attitude and are taught not to “Look left or look right” from their trainers. BAAHH!! Become a student of the industry. Learn everyday. And the first sale of each day you should make is to sell yourself. Then you will see those checks come in.
    Keep Going,

  7. Hey Randy,
    There allways light in the end of the tunnel
    “the moment one commits oneself, then providence moves too. All
    sorts of things occur to help that never otherwise would have occurred…'”
    – Goethe

  8. -RG,

    Have you ever watched little children? They have not graduated from any school, made any money or achieved any greatness, yet they strut around happy and confident.

    We are born with it and then the negative programing starts to take over a little bit at a time and we forget that we were born confident with plenty of posture.

    I think that Matthew 19:14 speaks to that.
    But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.”



  9. Thanks Randy,

    This is good timing for me. Coming up on 11 years in the business and making more than I did in my previous careeer, however have not been able to build much of a team. I have narrowed it down to my beliefs, not in myself, but in my ability to attract enough people willing to go through what I did to make a living at this. Most of the people I seem to be attracting are looking for guaranteed salary and traditional benefits. What books and tapes did you find were the best in building your beliefs about this type of business?

    Appreciate what you are doing,


  10. Hi Randy,

    I like yourself make personal development a priority each day.

    The people who lack belief continually look outside of themselves to bolster their belief system. They are doomed for if you never look within, your results won’t change. If you check to see if what you’re doing “is working” every 5 minutes you will live according to appearances. A no-no in building a strong belief system.

    Once you release this incessant need for proof you release the attachment to outcome. This is when the money tends to start rolling in. You no longer look outside because you know that all comes from within.

    I remember the days of living on 50 cent heat peanuts and having my net worth in my pocket – $5. I continued to do personal development religiously and maintained a vision of me living a spectacular life throughout.

    When the money began to roll in I was as hungry as ever. The checks were a nice little bonus but I finally realized the fact that success comes from within.

    The outside world changes only when your predominant line of thinking changes.

    Thanks for sharing the inspiration Randy.


  11. If you wait until you’re successful to believe in yourself, you might never make it!

    most of us do that or simply give up

    thanx randy

  12. Personal development is KEY. I think a lot of people skip over this because they think its “airy-fairy” but then those are the same ones that are not having success? I’ve learned to never take advice from those that don’t have what you want?

  13. Ok RG
    This is where I am currently. I have been following you and others to develop my self in all ways. I am also enjoying the benefits of this.

    What would you say (and this may be obvious-get a different one) when I ask.
    I have belief in my ability and my self, I have belief in the industry thanks you people like yourself who share their experiences so we can do it too.

    I have belief in my Company in their vision, ethics, products etc BUT my struggle is my belief in the Companies commitment/timing/support…I’m not sure, in my country specifically.

    I just know that I am not doing what I need to because of my lack of belief and faith in the products. I have their key product – their point of difference product and it does not work, so how can I promote it with confidence and posture?

    I have posed this question to my US based sponsor who is having phenomenal success but have not had a response yet. I have arranged a call with another in the company to share this with. I am new at this industry and need guidance and support.

    If this is just an elaborate excuse please help me to open my eyes to this so I can move forward.

    Thank you.
    Bonny Brown

    1. Here’s my thoughts on this. As far as company commitment timing, etc, I’m not sure those are really an issue. I believe growth has to come from the field and people shouldn’t look to the company for that. The warning bell I heard was what you said about the product. You have to believe in your product or you won’t be able to build effectively.


  14. Randy. Till now I am having poor results, but I think MLM is the best way, and my company as well. Thats why I still belief. To get onfidence on my self, I am reading, listening audios and visitng this page. I do my work, and go ot to meet new people avary, but still with not very nice resultas, but I think some day it will be, I will be amazing! That day is coming. Ragards to all. 🙂

  15. Randy, thank you for this! It has been 7 months for me 🙂 and it looks very much like your first 5 years picture… 🙁 Family and friends start having “serious” talks with me 🙂 I wonder (and doubt) myself… But what I tell myself is that if it took Randy 5 years then my 7 months of such results are ok and I have Randy, Eric, and my local sponsors Lia&Simon and the rest of the team… So that is what helps me going.

  16. That´s so true – I have to repeat your words:

    If you wait until you’re successful to believe in yourself, you might never make it!

    So you have to work on yourself daily, borrow other people’s belief, and eventually you’ll earn and deserve your own.

  17. So uplifting…..thank u Randy. Tot I was the only one earning little and working so hard…….even u experienced that. I’m encouraged.

  18. I totally agree with you Randy, you gotta do daily self development and after a while you start seeing the difference in your confidence and belief levels even if you are not yet that successful! it works! I listen to Think Right Now! every night before going to sleep – it works wonders you want it or not!

  19. I agree with you Randy. Building a business to become successful at making the kind of money we desire has different ways to happen. Doing nothing to achieve something doesn’t happen to us all. Thank God and mothers for wonderful coaches.

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