The Real Elements

As you build your network, it’s easy to get distracted by a symptom or a desired result, and miss the real element that gets you what you want.  For instance…

You don’t create your future.  You create your daily habits and they create your future.  The results you’re experiencing now are the results of the habits you created in 2008.

You don’t build the team.  You build the culture and the culture builds the team.   The growth of your team now is the result of the culture you’ve created previously.

You don’t manage people.  You lead people and you manage things.  Prove yourself as a leader and watch how fast people follow you.

So how you doing on this?  Are you concentrating on the real elements?


24 thoughts on “The Real Elements

  1. “You don’t build your future. You create your daily habits and your habits create your future. The results you’re experiencing now are the results of the habits you created in 2008.”

    Randy, that’s a great way of looking at it. I’m always looking at how many people I recruited or how much product I’ve sold. I started tracking how many phone calls, how many contacts and how many appointments I completed every day instead. (Hopefully that keeps me on track better!)

  2. Randy, every word rings true! But you’ve just scratch the surface, more meat and depth in the coming posts, yes? Specifically on “the journey to becoming a leader”, and “the process of building culture”. I promise to re-tweet and re-post to my universe. 🙂

  3. Another very wise NWM fundamental! I’ve worked painless years and I’ve paid thousands of dollars in my career learning this type of information and you give it away for free! You’re an officer of the industry and a gentleman. See you in Vegas Randy!

  4. Am working on my habits and leadership; so much looking forward to tomorrow’s 11am release and to Valencia on Friday! Both events will be superuseful for all of the above. Thank you, Randy!

  5. I am reading Robert Kiyosaki’s book. The cash flow quadrant.In this book Kiyosaki mentions three steps: BE – DO – HAVE. First we need to learn how to be a leader and then be able to lead our team friends. I learned in hard way that if I don’t grow my team will not grow. We show to the other what to do, no matter if you want or not show that in your mind your manifesting that. If you want them to commit to the team, the first thing to commit to the team is you. If you want your ideas to attend the events, you must first attend the events, if you want to create a culture of product first you should be a consumer regularly. Do not wait for your upline does it first, if he does it, very good, becuase he will show you how to do it and the way will be much better for you, but if he doesn’t do this thing we must wait, we must do it for ourselves and for the team we are forming. It’s time to grow internally to know that we deserve it. Grow daily, to have a great future because we dererve something better.


    1. Correction, I mean: but if he doesn’t do this thing we must not wait, we must do it for ourselves and for the team we are forming.

  6. Aborting bad habits, use only good, and build new relationships and habits as well as a new house from scratch – foundation.

    Totally agree, thx


  7. Well said, If we teach people how to be in business, instead of how to the do the business, we create success for people in any business. The daily habits you talk about are part of teaching people how to be in business. This then creates a culture, where people see you are all about helping them to become successful, not about making money off of their efforts. This type of mentality will automatically make you a leader.
    as Jeff Olsen says, “It is only a slight edge, that creates the 5% who enjoy their lives financially, emotionally, physically, over the 95% that don’t make it.
    Little things successful people do on a daily basis leads to exponential returns.”
    Teach people the slight edge

    1. Pete Monsen,
      Very well said. I read these posts all the time but found this one sobering. Culture built on trust and putting others first is the only way to build a strong business foundation. I am proud to be building that foundation with you.

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  9. Hey Randy

    Great said.To build steable and prosperous organization, we need to build culture.
    “A smart entrepreneur knows they cannot run a business on their own. They know that business is a team sport.” ~ Robert Kiyosaki”

  10. Do you know what I love about this and you dear Mr Gage…

    It’s it’s about the LONG HAUL – truly transforming peoples lives and working deeply, beautifully and amazingly with them.


  11. In my team i encourage the culture of hardwork, which includes talking to people, connecting with them, following up and doing the business with integrity. Being there when ur supposed to, honouring commitments with clients and such kind of stuff is key. I feel that the world is craving for such kind of people. People of integrity, people who can be trusted. I like ur previous emails about not trying to get people to join ur business by force but giving them all the information they need to make the right decision acc. to them. I believe this is what culture is about and i look forward to learning more on this. Asante sana (Swahili for thanks alot).


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