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My Making the First Circle Work book continues to break records for me.  We’ve now sold the foreign rights in 11 different countries and it will no doubt be the best selling book I’ve written so far.  The theme of the book is simple, but profound and has resonated with people on many levels…

Knowing the difference between what you control, and what you influence.  And then how to take action on the things you actually do control and do something about.  But it’s so easy to get off track with distractions…

Some people from my company left recently.  Immediately I started getting breathless calls and urgent emails from people in other companies wanting to know details.  Bloggers and YouTubers wanted comments from me so they could get the story straight.  Basically I told them all the same thing:

Since they all claim to be building in the business, I wanted to know how this had anything to do with their business.  Most would stutter and stammer and mumble something about how they wanted to get the facts straight or something similar.  But I’d ask again, “What does this have to do with you building your business?’

Of course the answer is “nothing,” and of course I was wasting my breath even going there.  Because the real reason people wanted to know about this is because they love to gossip.  And gossip is just a distraction.  As a leader your job is to kill distractions and keep your people focused.

Focused on:
Product culture
Meeting people
Working the candidate list
Getting to presentations
Follow up
Promoting the next event.

That’s where the business is built!  So how you doing on that?


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  1. Hi Randy,

    If everybody minded their business, gossip would die.

    The people you received calls from are more focused on gossip than growing their business. If I find out about the situation when it happened I would continue to do things as I always do: focused on my growing my home based opportunity by providing immense value and making meaningful connections on a daily basis.

    Whatever happens outside of that is no concern to me for I focus working on a creative plane of thought. Only competitive types are bothered by what’s happening with others.

    Thanks for sharing Randy.


  2. Hi Randy,
    You are right to ask “What does this have to do with you building your business?’ question from the callers. The answer maybe more than “Nothing” and more than just pure gossip. That would be bad enough already but in my experience I noticed that people are looking for alibi and reasoning. ” No wonder I fail in this business if X could not do it with Y in that fantastic company!”
    People believe somehow they are less responsible for their own failure if somebody else is a failure in the same type of business.
    They do not need to worry, they already failed when they called you.

  3. Thank you, Randy! I was one of those “people”. Only I called my immediate upline. 🙂 Although, it was not for gossip, but more for assurance. And I got a similar “counselling” from her. Now reinforced by – even more detailed – your’s.

  4. This is something that needs to be reinforced regularly in every team culture. We do weekly webinars & training sessions online & conference call & every 4-6 weeks do orientation trainings for new people as well as have a bootcamp training series on our team site that drills into each of the first circle activities. We also talk about filtering what you’re spending your time doing thru the list & if it’s not on the list Just Say No.

    For a great talk on the kinds of things that try to sidetrack you check out Dani Johnson’s talk called The Pirate.

    MMA only – Money Making Activities.


  5. Great advice Randy, I have a mantra I have been using in my business for years when these type of “distractions” come up,”What does this have to do with building leadership?” Helps focus me and the global leaders I have on my team on what is really important in building their business.

  6. Hi Randy, this is the second time I’m seeing you write about “Product Culture” since I signed up for your blog last October. What is it all about? We neither know nor do something of such here in Nigeria.

  7. Yes Randy, focus is what it’s all about. It’s all about that fork in the road we hit every day; we either take the positive route or the negative one. Granted, our profession is not easy and definitely not for everyone, but there are few others that can be as rewarding and gratifying as ours.

    If there’s one statement that keeps me focused, it’s from Denis Waitley’s landmark book – “Seeds of Greatness”. He simply said, “Every completion has a new beginning. We need to seed and cultivate our gardens. The need to work in the garden never ends; it is never finished, never done.”

    Dick Beglinger

  8. Dear Randy,

    I got the electronic version of the book. There was a volume offer on the paperback for the same price I could have 1-9 copies. Can that be applied to the electronic copy? Can I make extra 8 copies of the one electronic that I bought for the same price as the paperback?

    Thank you!

  9. Randy, when will “Making the First Circle Work” be on audio CD? I have found my team listens to many books on CD. I happen to love reading.

  10. People leave companies for many reasons. There have been very succesful distributors leave the company I am with.
    As long as the company is not doing nothing un-ethical,then there shouldn’t be a problem.
    Thanks for the areas I need to master in order to build a large group in NM. You are the only teaching these skills as a Whole.

  11. Absolutely right, you get paid on your downline not on what other people are doing somewhere.. and even if that person was in your downline.. people come in, people go.. everything is great. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  12. Randy

    The book is brilliant. For things to work, the first circle, you must be. Remembering that for things to happen, laser focus is needed. If u want it great enough, u will go great length to get it. What happens in between that is not helping in the business, isn’t something to focus on. Dun get distracted, let it past, keep it simple and focused. 🙂

  13. I don’t have time to see what happen with other people in my company. I don’t have time for that. I like my products, my compensation plan, I am fine with that. I need to improve my mind set with good things and show that to my and to my team. 🙂

  14. Hey Randy,

    People who are distractedand intersted in gossip will never go far in their business.
    “Great talkers are little doers.

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