Keeping People in the Biz

“Ninety percent of those who fail are not actually defeated. They simply quit.” – Paul J. Meyer

Truer words have never been spoken in our profession of network marketing.  And that is a sad state.  Now a lot of that can just be attributed to the nature of human nature:  People going into biz for the first time, not disciplined, not willing to do the work, etc.

But some of that is on us…

Because we’re not guiding people right, creating the right expectations and supporting them.  The most important time is their first two weeks in the business.  We need to help them drive some depth and get some initial success.  We have to anchor their belief.

What are some of the things you’re doing to help new people and improve retention?  Please share your thoughts below.


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  1. hi randy

    i have setup a very simple website where people logon and start reading the simple step by step initial actions: how to fill in the distributorship application, where to send it, how to prepare the shakes, how to use the products, how to place their first order, how to build a list of names, how to do a grand opening

    the sponsor calls them and they together run through the very basic initial steps.

    This is to ensure that the new distributor understands the very basics (worst case scenario: his family and friends use the products with him)

  2. With our 48 hour follow up, the goal is to get them into action immediately so that we can create their story. We schedule a couple of 2 on 1 presentations with the enroller and DATE IT. We then schedule a couple of in-home presentations and DATE IT. Finally we schedule a couple of Webinars for long distance contacts and DATE IT. By calendering the action steps it shows that you’re serious about building your business and that you’re willing to match their efforts. It also shows that they’re not in this by themselves.

  3. That’s a great question.

    We model & teach a strict 48hr Follow-Up System that involves answering any additional questions the new Team Member has.

    By this time we teach to always have a Goal Sheet completed with a contact list & returned to the person doing the Follow-Up Session which may be someone other than their enroller.

    At that point a plan of action with accountability is laid out with specific hrs of execution of the money actions necessary to build the business.

    In our case it helps that most people building a business with my primary company enjoy a 95% retention rate anyway for reasons I won’t go into here.

    My leaders & I have mastered getting people who actually do what we teach $1200 – $2200 1st month checks which always helps keep a new team member excited about the business.

    I could go on but you get the point..

    Great post as always Randy.

    See you in West Palm Bch this weekend.

    – Warren Little

  4. I don’t teach a strict system right off the bat like some others have suggested here. I invite them to have coffee or get together with a couple other people on the team and just get to know each other. We all want to be a part of something bigger and that’s my first goal. To make them feel like they are not alone in this endeavor. I believe that through meeting and developing relationships in these early stages of their business this will keep them coming back. I always teach relationship first then the business will most naturally progress. This business is caught not taught. Get your new people around the people in the business and they will catch it!!! …….my 2 cents –Trey

  5. You wouldn’t just be excited when your baby starts to walk. When they fall down, cry, and reach up to you, that’s when you realize that, even though they are ‘getting’ this walking gig, they still need you nearby to help pick them up and give them the positive boost they need.

    If you treat your new business partner with some of this nurturing, letting them know it’s ok to have questions, and what the reality of this business can be, you help them to be ‘brave’ and keep on working, even when the chips are down.

    They joined you because they knew you, liked you, and trusted you. Once they join your team, it’s not time to ‘give them their wings’ and push them out of the nest. Be there always – ESPECIALLY in the beginning of their business!

  6. I’m improving a lot on this point. I’m working and studying hard on my prosperity consciousness. Knowing that I can and that I am worthy of something better, and then spread it to others that can too. Before infecting of enthusiasm to my team, should I first fill of excitement, for this I’m reading and listening audios of positive thinking and personal development. There is a saying: “We teach what we know, but contagious what we live. ” I hope that soon we may have in spanish your great book: “Making your first circle work” this book would also be of great help to inspire and work with our team. A hug Gabriel

  7. What we’re doing is taking our prospects through a training schedule by Day and scheduling the first two weeks with the training schedule leading up to their first presentation, This allows them to have a game plan for the first two weeks and seeing results and prospects sponsored in within that time period.

    This also creates excitement knowing that we’re building up towards a target date.

  8. Before that follow up !!
    Don’t accept anybody to work with You if they are not ready and willing to do actions in first two weeks. Before so called registeration ask them are they really ready to do things.

  9. The first 15-30 days are crucial! It’s imperative to check in with them by phone and email to support them in their success efforts. Review with them how their sales, booking, and recruiting efforts are going. Share ideas that have worked for you that have actually made you money. Sometimes new Consultants need to literally be taught what to say to book a Host! If they’re local, team up with them by attending their appointments or taking them with you to yours. Recognize and reward them for taking the small steps to build up their confidence. These were a few of the kinds of things that were done early in my Sales career and I’m so grateful for the support I recieved! It’s made me the Sales Professional that I am today! Cha-ching$! Much success!

  10. Hi Randy,

    I start my new team members up with my Training Manual on Day 1.

    It’s a simple, step by step tutorial that explains how to become successful with our activity and see desired results quickly.

    I also instruct each new associate to set up twitter and Facebook accounts immediately. Being transparent is a must and I feel many network marketers are missing the boat on this. Using twitter and Facebook properly forms the foundation of any effective attraction marketing campaign. Many powerful connections can be made before learning business specific skills so setting up twitter and FB accounts properly and letting people know *who you are* is a no brainer for our new team members.

    Being accessible is another biggie. When someone is new to a venture they want a live body helping them through the process. It’s critical to be there in the beginning.

    Of course it helps to have a FAQ set up for beginners but there’s nothing like hearing a live voice on the other end of the line when a new team member is frazzled with starting a new venture.

    So keep the system in place and focus on helping your associate get quick results to bolster their confidence in the system but never forget the human element. Making connections makes all the difference.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Randy.


  11. I share motivational material with them.
    I also train them on the products.
    I call their list of prospects, invite them to our meetings and i do the presentations.

  12. I was watching a recorded training event in which a very high rank was telling that the difference between a high earner and a low earner was the daily actions, and that includes home meetings every day. I thought about the people I know who do this, and I came to the conclusion that an extremely low percentage of people care that much about ther business. And fewer yet can do it daily for 100 consecutive days, let alone 300 days.
    I believe its true when they say that the culture of the organization imitates the actions of its leader.

  13. Several of the people I have in my business are from former companies. The reason they quit was their former sponsor told them how they would be mentored and it never happened. In other words, they were told what they wanted to hear in order to sing them up.

  14. Thanks all who have shared so far. One reminder guys, please don;t post links to your sites that sell leads, business systems or information about your opportunity. Everyone needs to know that this is a safe space and is generic.

    Thanks, RG

  15. Hi Randy,

    How are you? I just read your book How to build….. and Making the first ………
    I know that you tell us to sell the business opp and the whole package instead of product first. My question to you is, if the customer know and interest in my product first. How should I do about it? Thank for your time.

  16. Hi Randy,

    I maked a guide that the new people recives by e-mail. An autoresponder sends the e-mails automatically. First I explain the history of network marketing and the compain. Secondly speak about the differents compensation plains. Then I teach how do new distribuitors.

    I’m sorry, my english is bad.

  17. We focus on M3A – Money Making Mindset Activities from Day 1.

    Help them:
    1. Sell a product
    2. Sponsor a new rep
    3. Hit a new bonus bracket
    4. Lock them into the next event with new prospects or team members

    I have found the simpler we keep it the faster it grows.

    So many are hung up these days on traffic that doesnt produce fastest enough results for most new people. We do promote these activities but teach new people to spend 75% of their time on activities that lead to M3A & 25% on traffic strategies & building a social media presence.

  18. 1. I find out my new Associates “WHY”.
    2. I help them set their “GOALS”.
    3. I help them create their “LIST”
    4. I help them call their “LIST”
    5. I teach them “HOW TO INVITE” and “USING AN EXPERT”
    6. I teach them “LESS IS MORE” (SHOW & TELL)
    5. I guide them to all my company’s training materials, systems and tools.
    6. I set expectations with my new Associate.
    7. I make sure my new Associate has financial success within the first two weeks.
    8. I help them recruit a new Associate in their Organization. I go thru all of the above steps with this 2nd level new Associate and make sure my level 1 Associate is Paying Attention.
    9. I make sure all my Associates get expert industry training (specialized knowledge) by going to RG’s site and others.
    10. I make sure we have fun. This business is a blast. I love NWM!

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