Creating a Rock Star Culture

Glad to see so many of you making the commitment from the last post on viewing one episode of Prosperity TV every day for a month.  What you’re going to see in your expanding vision, belief, and posture will amaze you.  Stay true to the course.  

The other intangible we haven’t talked about in a while is culture.  Namely the culture you create for your team, and how that duplicates down through the group.

If you want to really create something big, spend less time on tactics and more time building culture.  You’ll see a difference that pays off for decades.

A great resource for this is my audio album, How to Be an MLM Rock Star. You’ll learn the seven most critical areas for creating culture and how to make it happen for your team.  You’ll learn how to move from MLM grinder to MLM Rock Star, earning acclaim, recognition, and lifetime residual income.

So while you’re expanding your prosperity consciousness, you’ll also be working on the most important element of leading your team.  Give it a go, and let us all know how it’s going for you.


15 thoughts on “Creating a Rock Star Culture

  1. ThanK you Randy.But i have a challenge of gettin your material in Nigeria Africa especially audio n video CDs on prospecting n recruitin.Thank you once more.

  2. Well, I have you in book form, Nook form, video form….it only makes sense to take you on my daily drives with me. I mean, I listen to others’ CD’s in my truck, why not you too Randy? : )

  3. HI Randy,
    I work professionally in a field that is very different from my MLM business. I have thousands of connections in that work. What is your advice on approaching prospects from another line of work? I generally just tell people that I do something “else” with my husband and I ask their permission to connect with them about it. This is only after qualifying with them that they have an interest in earning another stream of income. Your thoughts are appreciated. Much of my team will be coming to Vegas to be with you.
    Best blessings~Patti

  4. Hi Randy,
    yes, everthing you told us is right. I want to buildt a big business with XXXXX in germany. I´m following every information on every channel in your multi channel strategy. But I´ve the challange to be german and the german don´t want to use english material. For example: What can I do to get your advice “How to Be an MLM Rock Star” in a german version?
    Thanks hearing from you

  5. Hey Randy.

    The better way for building prosperous organization is to qualify the
    leaders thos who have the potential to be, and like you say to creating culture
    Your stuff are valuable, thanks.

  6. Hi Randy,

    Thanks for sharing your audio album.

    You’ve walked the talk so I don’t doubt this product flies off of the shelves.

    Setting up a certain culture permeates the entire team. It’s why dudes like yourself and Eric Worre have become so successful. When I read one of your blog posts or watch one of your videos I feel it. I feel the energy of someone who believes 110% in what they do and it becomes infectious. So your culture is transcending your team 😉

    Have a powerful day!


  7. Hey Randy,
    Been following you for awhile. Do you have “rock star” still available in some “Old Fashioned” cassettes/ Most of my stuff of yours is in cassettes, Dating myself, huh?
    Thanks Dan

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