Your Attitude

Here’s the funny thing.  The one thing we have the most control over is our attitude.  Yet most people behave like they have no control over this whatsoever.  

But your attitude determines how you respond when someone turns you down, doesn’t show up for a presentation, or a team member drops out.  You can choose to make those learning experiences or distractions.

Your attitude determines whether you accept personal responsibility for what happens in your business, or you blame others.  Your attitude determines whether you do daily self-development or not, exercise or not, try or give up.   In fact, your attitude actually determines whether you decide to succeed or fail.

So how’s your attitude?


31 thoughts on “Your Attitude

  1. Attitudes blended into birds of a feather make everything possible. A great attitude, alone, may not make much difference. I am looking for white hot interested in success on all levels for all time. I may scare a few away.

  2. My Grandfather used to tell me: “Life is an Attitude, Have a good one”!
    I miss my Grandfather….
    Thank you Randy for the memory!

  3. I accept personal responsibility for what happens in my business, but not be frozen, take it as challenge for other step, let say God has better chance for me, this worda are not mine , they are from your book Randy.



  4. Dear Randy.
    Good question. To answer that, I will tell you a little story from when I started parashuting, because that describes very well how I tacle things in life. First I took long time checking out how they handled all the gear, their teachings, watch a lot of the jumpers – a year or so. Then I took the course myself. I tell you on my first jump I was deadscared, and when I had to get out of the plaine, I refused to get out. Then I started to thinking – wow now they have to land the plaine to get me off, and have I now scared the other first time jumpers, and I decided to jump anyway, told them to fly to the place I had to jump out, and I did it, landed standing, and had conquered my fear. I was completely high. I have 60 jumps in all, and EVERY TIME I was deadscared until I started to get out of the plain – then it was heaven. Imagine 1 minute free fall. And I was very good at it. So my attitude in life is that I do not stop just because I might be afraid, or get resistance from others – I’m a fighter. But I take too long to get started. I have a lot of thoughts that actually stops me from starting – that is my bug, and that is why I have not really started my networkmarketing business yet – you know the first step must be what scares me most. I’ll have to work on that.

      1. Thank you Rodrigo!
        I will continue for sure, but just writing down the facts here make you realize things about yourself. I think it is important to be able to communicate these things to a terminal. That makes things more clear.

  5. Hey Randy.
    The attitude determines all the aspects of life, and according to it
    how we respond to everything,like the saing “A contented mind is a perpetual feast”,Contentment of mind is the cause of lasting happiness.

  6. A great attitude breeds strong energy and foster positive thinking. I strive daily to have a great attitude. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment on what just happens, I have to catch and watch my emotional response and bring my attitude in check.

  7. Hi Randy,

    Most live entirely in the outside world. If something happens they react instead of responding.

    Going within on a consistent basis forms the foundation of an attitude adjustment.

    Thanks for sharing with us.


  8. Just finished your latest book, Making the Circle…… Would recommend it to anyone serious about this profession! Keep up the good work Gage!

  9. Greetings Randy,

    How is mine you ask?

    Wheather in a good time when good things happen or when a bad time comes my way, you are correct, I have FULL control on how I respond.

    For me, I choose to repsond positivly


    Be Blessed,

    Robert “Buck” Buchholz

  10. What a fantastic question to wake me up. My attitude stinks. I procrastinate all the time. I am on a downward spiral and in desperate financial crisis. I have a fantastic opportunity within the network I am involved in and have “watched” other people get siccess and free trips and free cars. Why am I not there myself? Because my attitude stinks. Thanks for waking me up.

  11. I’m very motivated because they see it, if I’m enthusiastic enough, you can impress the candidates.
    Your result METHOD, simple steps to show, and I like, and continues to grow, the team under me, and I choose to have the vezetőimet, so it is even more motivated!

    I am very pleased to learn from you here, and other marketing staff!
    Thanks Laci
    (This letter is made of compiler.)

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