The Real Magic of Recruiting

We’ve talked here about using third party tools, how to follow up, making better invitations and many of the other mechanics of recruiting.  Now let’s explore the most powerful element of the process…

At least based on my 25 years worth of experience in the profession.  Let me share some insights on what I think turned things around for me.

As many of you know, I struggled and scuffled for five years, losing money in the biz.  And certainly learning some of the mechanics was important and coming to the awareness of having a step-by-step system to follow.  But the biggest breakthrough came through my self-development work.

Because that work changed who I was…

And when I changed who I was, I changed my entire approach to the business.  Because I joined the biz for three reasons:

1)    To make money
2)    To make money
3)    To make money

I was poor, had always been poor, and hated being poor.  I saw the business as a way to get rich.  And thus, that was how I viewed every prospect I met.

I didn’t say it out loud, but the very clear message I was sending was, “Join my business, because you can help make me rich.”  So of course only the people that joined my group were people who weren’t the level of consciousness to pick up on that.  Translation:  they were greedy, selfish people like me who were looking for other people to use, so they could get rich.

What the self-development work did was change my focus from using people to help me – to helping people use me to achieve their own dreams.

Please read that last sentence again.  Because that is where the breakthrough lives for you.

It’s not about your next rank, how big your bonus check is, or what color your dream bonus car is on your prosperity map.  (Although having all those objectives is still a good thing.)   To reach those objectives you have to convey to people how they can use you and your talents to reach their own objectives.

If you’re struggling to recruit people now, please do some critical thinking on this.  What are the subconscious messages you’re sending out?  And how committed to helping your people achieve their dreams?


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  1. such a good point Randy! I am actually discovering that truly caring about other people and their dreams and building relantionships have to be a top priority on my list if I am to be wildly successful with good retantion rate having business! how ciritical is it to switch the ME ME ME button?! although doesn’t this contradict with what you are teaching in Prosperity, i.e. that you have to be selfish to be prosperous? could you expand on this? thanks!

    1. That’s an excellent point Bob, and one that many people don’t consider. No matter how great your company is, if you’re not the right person for people to work with, you’ll struggle to have people join you.

  2. Wow I sure appreciate your ability to admit that. many don’t no matter how far they get! I sure have seen that as well. And while I am not where you are yet, i know I am on the journey. We do attract who we are for sure!

  3. Greetings Randy,

    You are right on point, making this business more about what you can do for others instead of what they will do for you.

    This Has been my #1 focus in the past, it is the #1 focus of my present and will continue to be my #1 focus in the future.

    This business is really all about helping others achieve what their dreams are.

    That is the power of this industry in the right company.

    By helping those you approach and help, naturally puts you in the receiving end of the equation.

    In a traditional business the only way to the top is to make yourself look better than everyone else at all cost so you get the promotions.

    Be Blessed,

    Robert “Buck” Buchholz

  4. Excellent, we sometimes forget what Networking is
    really all about. “PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE”
    What you sow you will reap. If you come across as
    a passionate greedy self-centered sponsor, your
    prospects will pickup on that vibe and close the doors
    on you. Go out of your way to share the knowledge
    that made you successful and your downline will be
    happy and continue to grow with you.

  5. Randy, I usually just read and don’t write but I have to make this comment.
    Without giving you the bighead…you are a networking genius! I have read your books and have several of your cd’s and Duplication Nation. Your training material, your tweets, blogs etc. are down to earth but resonate with much needed wisdom in our industry. You have a gift of being able to present material in a manner that is easy to grasp and yet excites the memory banks.
    You are appreciated. Never quit…too many need your input, your wisdom and your humor as it keeps things moving in a positive way.

    Hey! I love softball too.

  6. Thanks you Randy.i am reading book how to win friends and influence people.And i saw this quote.’It is the individual who is not interested in his fellow men who has the greatest dificulties in life and provides the greatest injury to others.It is from among such individuals that all human failures spring.’BECOME GENUINELY INTERESTED IN OTHER PEOPLE.AND YOU WILL BE WELCOME ANYWHERE’

  7. Dear Randy!
    “What the self-development work did was change my focus from using people to help me – to helping people people use me to achieve their own dreams” and “Because that is where the breakthrough lives for you”
    This is so mindblowing fantastic beautiful. This made me exteriorize from my body. I know this is true. I have been doing that with personal development for others thousands of hours. Helping people get rid of unwanted conditions, and seen them grow – that is the most rewarding work I have ever done, and I absolutely love it. You are right, that is where breakthrough LIVES. In the field of selfdevelopment I KNOW that I can help people that way. I just never made any money on it.
    I just realized that I do not have the confidense that I can do that in Network Marketing – not that I do not want that, I really do – but I do not feel confident in that field as I never tried that before. I know it is a worthiness isue, and it wont be good enough unless it is perfect. I also know that as long as you give your care and love, you can get away with a lot of errors. So I just have to get started.
    Thank You very much for this Randy. If everybody acted from this equation, the world would be a completely different place.

  8. Randy, this post has helped me reconcile a long standing issue – the debate between selfishness and service.

    It has struck me that your message of “helping others use me to achieve their dreams” is akin to being “in service” to others. Yet you’ve previously stated how much you abhorr the idea of service to others as a purpose. You make the case that responsible selfishness is the moral choice. And I don’t disagree.

    The way I see it, service to others and selfishness do not conflict. In fact they are two sides of the same coin. They compliment each other, in the same way that giving and receiving compliment each other. Which is better? Well both are necessary for a balanced life.

    Similarly, service versus selfishness is not an either / or dilemma. Both are possible. Both are necessary. Both are noble drivers of behaviour. On one hand, I attend to my needs. I put myself first. I grow. And in doing so, I am in a better position to help others grow. In my business, helping (serving) others is my number one purpose. While in the bigger picture of my life, evolving myself and reaching my goals is my number one focus. The two are not mutually exclusive.

    My point is, the danger was never in serving others, but in being subserviant to others … to the detriment / demise of oneself. The first is noble, the latter is terminal.

    I think we’re on the same page now : )

  9. Nice thinking. It is true. I want to change to that way of thinking very deep in heart, because that’s the only way to enjoy this beatiful life!

  10. ” helping people use me to achieve their own dreams”- GOSPEL THRUE – this people do much more than others.

    Thanks Randy


  11. Randy, My 15 yrs. with a fortune 500 co. showed me that when “all is fair” in climbing the ladder it brought out the worst in people. The management thought of it like a competition amongst the workers. Well, when its OK for one person to act that way, everyone either plays that way too or gets trampled, so I got out before I burned out.. I discovered NWM. I immediately saw a brilliant comp. plan. ie. you get ahead when you have figured out how to help people, where you share knowledge with everyone, not keep it to yourself like a top secret. In NWM the opposite is true. If you dont share your knowledge, lead from a genuine heart to help, you won’t build very big. As Wole quoted from Carnegie, those that are interested in other people are the ones that effectively “get along.” Yes Randy, people will follow those that do their work, so do your work, love your work, become someone you would want to follow, and lead your people by example. They will come.

  12. personal growth is like a leaky faucet, Put a bucket under it and at first you don’t notice much change, but come back in an hour or two and the bucket will be full. The books you read, the CDs you listen to and the people you associate with are like the faucet. You may not notice change but your bucket is being filled.

  13. Thanks for this great post Randy! I’m so glad my friend Oliver Kent directed me here! Your words are wise indeed, and I really truly think it’s only been quite recently that I’m actually grasping this concept and making it my own! I’ve heard it, read it, thought about it, but not owned it, and that is what is different now.

    I heard a great saying last night on a call “When you change the way you look at things – the things you look at change.” – I think this idea goes hand in hand with what you are saying. I am starting to look at my new recruits and prospects differently! I’m excited for my new journey! Thanks for the excellent reminder!

  14. Bingo, Randy. And this is the reason, I believe, that Network marketing has a bad name. Too many people out there pushing their own agenda (like the insurance salesman that everyone loves to avoid). People are not stupid. They know when a distributor is looking out for his/her self interests or not. The only way for us to succeed in this business is to REALLY want to help the other person. We are so transparent!

  15. Great point Randy,

    I actually have a new business owner who will be calling his prospects today, this is a great message to share with him. It can be easy to get caught up on what we want and subconsciously give out the message of wanting others to help and serve us rather than us serving them.

  16. WOW! That is AWESOME! So true! I just had a shift today. We can obtain what we want in life by helping as many other people obtain what they want. It’s not about us, it never was. It’s better to be the messenger rather then message. A messenger can save lives. Just one person can’t do much of anything knowing from first hand experience…

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