Leadership as a Recruiting Tool

Great discussion going on the last post about the real secret to recruiting. Here’s the interesting thing…

That’s the real secret about leadership as well.  And if there is one thing that is crazy important to network marketing, it’s your ability to lead.  And regularly develop new leaders.

I’m doing a lot of work on this lately.  I will read just about any book that has leadership in the title.  And it’s simply shocking to me to discover how many of them are “book reports” on the subject, written by people with no practical leadership experience.

We build teams.  And we do it with an all-volunteer army.  That may be the most difficult leadership job there is.  But also the most rewarding.  So this is a topic I want to explore a lot more in the days ahead.  So here’s your first assignment:  Answer the following questions…

Do you consider yourself a leader?  Do you lead followers or other leaders?  And do you have new leaders steeping up on your team regularly?


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  1. In the past 6 months, I have moved my thinking from being the founder of my team to being the leader of my team. One of my affirmations is, “I Am leading my team of leaders.” I encourage & coach emerging leaders on my team. Randy, I look forward to hearing more about leadership, especially as it relates to an “all-volunteer” team.

  2. Hello Randy! As always, thanks for the post. You always get people to think! I’m a leader, definitely not a follower (but I do have awesome mentors that I respect and learn from!). Have a few leaders on the team but we can always improve our leadership level…our influence. When you think you’re too good at something, you don’t leave yourself room for growth. Leadership skills should always be worked on!

    Make it a great day!

  3. Leadership is not a self proclaimed thing. If you call yourself a leader and you have no followers are you a leader? Leadership in my opinion is given not taken. And leadership has different looks to it. The lady at my church that greets me every Sunday with a big Hello and a smile. That is leadership also. But to be a leader in our business you must become a leader by leading. You must first follow then lead then you will became a leader.

  4. You know its said, If you are leading people but no one is following, you are just out for a walk. I am a leader of mostly followers and some leaders. I often expected leaders to emerge and figure it out like i did. Nope. Didn’t usually work that way. My challenge is recognizing who the emerging leaders are and then developing them. I’ve always done too much of the work myself. Randy, I’m aware of your advise on this. Give emerging leaders more and more responsibility, recognize, and build them. When I really learn this lesson, I will reach new levels, I’m sure. Ouch.

  5. leadership is thinking of overcoming and putting all the trust in God. That the will of God comes to pass. Thanks. Kiikpoye Augustus ISAIAH

  6. Hey Randy, it amazing how those 3 questions determine the size of your paycheck:

    Do you consider yourself a leader? This puts you in the top 20%

    Do you lead followers or other leaders? Leading leaders means you’re in the top 4%

    And do you have new leaders steeping up on your team regularly? Building an organization full of leaders means you’re in the top 1%

  7. One of my leaders once said that leading an “all-volunteer army” in network marketing is like trying to herd cats.

    The key to success is continual personal development, so that your leadership ceiling is continually being raised, so that you can attract better leaders.

  8. I am. I believe i must set the pace.
    I see some degree of leadership in some of my team members. I also think they will develop into greater and better leaders than myself.

  9. Hey Randy.

    Thse great leaders in the past didn’t read a lot of books about leadership. They actuality subjects.A leader is one who can motivate his team to follow him,according to a common,concerted idea.
    Idon’t lead follower,”Yes Man”s.

  10. Yes ,I am a leader, no doubt about it, now I found a successor and let him to continue collecting under my supervision and gained another colleague.

    They must work independently but with natural respect to me.


  11. I lead mostly followers. I need to get to the point where I’m leading leaders? How do I take that next step and make that leap?

  12. Our business is in part all about people development & more importantly leadership development.

    Your question reminds of what John Maxwell talks about in his book “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.

    I always model & teach having a mid pin rank leadership ratio of 10% to total organizational size.

    I also found with some comp plans it’s rewarding to have 30% of your upper pin rank leadership in your 1st 3 levels.

    When you have to tap root you do but these ratios prove profitable every time.

    Great post.

    – Regards,
    Warren Little

  13. Yes i believe am a leader and a champion, i have leaders in my team and am still striving to create more leaders, and making myself an even better leader. I believe in learning/ personal development as the sure and best way to become a better leader.

  14. Striving toward Level 5 Leadership
    daily. Developing leaders on the team every day.

    Don’t be fooled by someone’s pin level. Leadership isn’t determined by a pin rank or how many pins someone has in their organization.

    I’ve met many guys who call themselves leaders that got in at the beginning of a momentum wave & recruited 2 or 3 real leaders that built big teams & then the positional leader that brought those 2 or 3 in wanted to claim leadership over the organization having done next to none of the work.

    Leadership is a verb.

  15. Do you consider yourself a leader? Yes I am.
    Do you lead followers or other leaders? I am leading other leaders
    And do you have new leaders steeping up on your team regularly? How I will know this?

  16. Hey Randy,
    The real secret is that the ability to lead can be acquired and developed.
    When someone dicide that he want to be a ledear he can apply oneself
    as a leader, and develop his ability to lead .
    Noone was born as a leader, the time and the sitiation and the neccity of the society makes him a leader with a idea , or ideology.

  17. Randy,

    I enjoyed your comments about leadership. It gives me a lot to think about. Thanks for helping me grow some brain cells! Doe Winfrey

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