It Is Gone

Hey guys,

If you’re looking for the post on the most important lesson for you, I’ve removed it.  The plan was to make the point about how we’re all responsible for our own success.  But after rereading it, I felt like I didn’t handle it very well, and it could be construed as a personal attack.  So I deleted it and will try and do a better job in the future to present lessons in a way that are helpful but can’t be misconstrued against anyone.  My apologies.


19 thoughts on “It Is Gone

  1. Hey Randy,

    Your posts are helpful and gives us good lessons,because you talk
    about real situations,and how we can manage them in the best way.

  2. I wish I would have seen that post. I know I can come off like an ass a lot, the sad thing is the truth hurts for most people. I don’t care if your in the network marketing business or a regular traditional business, the failure rate is huge, most people can’t handle the realities of being a business owner.

  3. Randy,
    I thought the post was excellent. However, i have renewed respect for your integrity after reading “It’s gone.” Your modeling is mentoring me!

  4. Missed it Randy, but if it didn’t resonate with you it was a wise move to get rid of it quickly.

    I kept up one post which I didn’t resonate with for way too long. It was an ego-based “I am right” type of post, and I attracted plenty of resistance that I handled quite well on the outside but that ate me up on the inside.

    Eventually I deleted the post and felt 10 times better. Let go and grow.


    1. I read it from the viewpoint I was writing it: Which was how we each are responsible for our own success. But after re-reading it, I could see how others might construe it to have been a personal slam on someone.


  5. I can understand why you removed it. Perhaps you should post about the responsibilities a good sponsor should have to their downline.

  6. I myself thought that the article was very concise and to the point but I can understand your thinking in taking it down just out of respect for the other distributor who wasn’t doing so well. For someone who is at times known for their brash delivery I think this shows a lot of integrity on your part.

  7. That’s the one on having the same sponsor but different results? The lesson is personal ownership. It’s core to success in anything!

  8. Randy:

    I sense a shift on your way of communicating. First, you told one of your distributor to keep her job,and now you took down a post.
    I agree with your ideas about prosperity about I don’t like your bombastic style-“I know it all and if you don’t agree with me,You are a loser because you don’t make the amount of money I make or because you haven’t developed a “succesful” business.”

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