You Don’t Always Win

So your prospect rejected you.  Your sponsor quit.  Or a team member dropped out.  Guess what?  It happens.

No team wins every game.  No champion ever goes undefeated.  But every champion gets up when they lose and goes after it again.

Accept the fact that you’re going to lose some battles.  But commit that you’ll stay the course.  That is where victory lies.

You up for that?


26 thoughts on “You Don’t Always Win

  1. Totally. Because focused energy is where creation lies, eventually the universe will bend to our will – but not if we keep changing course.

  2. Randy, I admire Vince Lombardi for what he taught his team about winning on the field, as well as off the field. This quote resonates with me in regards to what you posted.

    “Once you have established the goals you want and the price you’re willing to pay, you can ignore the minor hurts, the opponent’s (distributor’s, friends, family, etc…) pressure and temporary failures.”~Vince Lombardi

    We have to remember that we can not control other people and certain conditions, but we certainly can control how we act and respond.

  3. Last year I lost three of my key leaders in my business and i thought its the end of me conducting the MLM business.Common sense tells me to quit but it didn’t align to my dreams I have started fighting backs building up new motivated leaders and now i feel invigorating. If you don’t lose you don’t learn.

    Thanks Randy

  4. That take part in the believes if it’s not easy to accept it often it’s like that.
    Many thanks again for your support Randy. Have a nice day.

  5. Hey Randy,

    There are some failures and hard problems in life
    And business . The way which we choose to handle
    ,and manage them can bring us the success.

  6. Greetings Randy,

    Yes I am IN!

    ‎”There Are 2 primary reasons most endeavors fail: They are not begun, or they are not finished. Understand and remember the vision you had from the beginning and REFUSE to be distracted by lesser aims, goals or OTHERS. Be PERSISTENT – THE PRIZE WILL BE ACHIEVED.”

    The above can be applied to any game, task, desire etc.

    Be Blessed,


  7. During the past 10 years my wife and i have been involved with 3 different Network marketing companies and all our original uplines have quit the business.
    If we have quit with them,…… we would have never earned the Millions of $ we did!

  8. Yep, I’ve been up to it for 2 years Randy.

    Resistance encountered again and again only makes you stronger. If everybody said “Yes” you’d never embrace the value and privilege of having someone join your team.

    The value in each “No” is tremendous too. How could you ever figure out what needs to be changed with your prospecting strategy without this real world feedback? I’ve learned so much more from No’s than I could possibly imagine, and I am especially grateful for my difficult prospect encounters for these folks taught me patience, persistence and created a dogged drive in me that helped form the person I am today/

    So I guess you could say that for each “Yes” you are blessed and for each “No” you get to grow 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your inspiration Randy.


  9. So you spend several days and some money making stuff to sell at a craft fair. You set up your booth and your first customer comes along. They look. Then they leave without buying anything.

    What do you do?

    Of course, you pack up all you stuff and go home. You quit.

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