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Winning the Fight

So I was going to support a home meeting for a new line and they gave me the warning… Continue reading “Winning the Fight”

Six Steps to an Amazing Year

Let’s continue the discussion from the last post on how you can crush in 2011. Before a counseling call I did with one of my leaders, I was doing some thinking on the difference between the people I have crushing it right now, and the people getting crushed… Continue reading “Six Steps to an Amazing Year”

Meeting Needs

What a great response to yesterday’s post on selling versus sharing versus marketing. And thanks to you all for sharing and spreading the word.  I appreciate the love!  And there was something that came up in the comments quite a bit that is worth looking at deeper… Continue reading “Meeting Needs”

Selling versus Sharing versus Marketing

Long time followers of my work will remember the “sharing” joke I used to do at seminars.  In reality a lot of people in our business use the word share when really they are simply trying to sell.  But you have to do better… Continue reading “Selling versus Sharing versus Marketing”

Are You Repeating That Again?

Ever go to a major event and hear one of the leaders repeating some of those boring core principles yet again?  Congratulations, you’re in a great sponsorship line! Continue reading “Are You Repeating That Again?”

In Appreciation of You

As we bring 2010 to a close, let me offer thanks to all of you that participate here each week.  The vision of this blog was to create a safe space where people from all companies could hang out, learn, and Mastermind.   Continue reading “In Appreciation of You”

Prospering through the Holidays

Before you go to the your next holiday gathering, watch this one more time! Click the link:  Stay Away from Pookie & Ray-Ray!


Bring the Heat!

New people join and they’re excited.  But that can wear off quick if they’re fearful about what to do.  The first rejection can also dampen that fast.  And think how often one person is excited, but their spouse a lot less… Continue reading “Bring the Heat!”

Closing Strong

One thing we know.  The way you close one month is the way you open the next one.  And the way you close 2010 is going to be the way you open 2011.  So how you doing on that? Continue reading “Closing Strong”

The Power of Negative Motivation

I still remember the first home meeting I ever conducted.  Or guess I should say, “not conducted,” since no one showed up.  But what an important meeting that turned out to be… Continue reading “The Power of Negative Motivation”

Living in the Fringe of Fear

Success in any endeavor requires a price and network marketing is no different.  If you want to get free, you’ve got to be willing to pay the price.   Continue reading “Living in the Fringe of Fear”

I Believe in You

Belief.  One of the most powerful forces in Network Marketing.  Until you develop it, you never get the results you want.  One you do, you bend the universe to your will.   Continue reading “I Believe in You”

Giving Away Prosperity

I’m working on a new book on prosperity.  What a wonderful experience it is.  It feels like I’m just channeling insights from Infinite Intelligence.    The chapter I’m working on now is about giving your prosperity away as fast as you can – without creating entitlement mentality.   Continue reading “Giving Away Prosperity”

The Power of Posture

If I had to really isolate the biggest difference between people struggling in the business and the million-dollar producers, it would have to be posture.   Continue reading “The Power of Posture”