The Power of Negative Motivation

I still remember the first home meeting I ever conducted.  Or guess I should say, “not conducted,” since no one showed up.  But what an important meeting that turned out to be…

Sure I could have quit, and lots of people do in that circumstance.  But I saw things differently.  I realized I was the most ambitious person I knew.  And drew power from that.

And you can also…

You can draw strength from every doubter, every person that rejects or ridicules you.  You can use these challenges as fuel for the fire.  The more people that tell you it can’t be done just makes it that much sweeter when you do!

Along those lines, if you didn’t see the show I did for Eric Worre last week on “Stay Away from Pookie & Ray-Ray,” check it out here.


16 thoughts on “The Power of Negative Motivation

  1. I knew I wasn’t crazy for staying in the game. Regardless of how many no-shows, doubters and rejections we get…Network Marketing for life!

    Thanks Randy!


  2. -RG,

    You live in a fantasyland. Be more practical. “It can’t be done” is just a part of life we must get use to it.

    I hope thousands of people read this instantly.

    Now I must go get into my car listen to my favorite satellite radio station. Drive at about 75 mph. Catch my flight where I will sit in a lounge chair and fly through the sky in an aluminum tube at about 440 mph across the country. To visit my great uncle that had a heart transplant and is doing great.



    ps. thanks for adding the Linked In button.

  3. I remember an Upline in a former business venture sharing that she invited ALL of her friends to a home demo she held as a Hostess and cooked a ton of food and…that’s right-nobody showed!!! What did do? She dropped all of them like hot potatoes and moved on to building her financial empire as a company Consultant! The SAME woman got her car stolen with ALL of her client base information and product inventory inside it. Did she throw in the towel? NO! She started from scratch and built a multi-million dollar cosmetics business! Now THAT’S the real power of negative motivation! Thanks for sharing Randy!

  4. Adversity fuels a fire prosperity could never form.

    Nothing like experiencing some early adversity to get you on your toes, or running into a few haters who fuel the fire.

    Thanks for sharing Randy and have a powerful day!


  5. You are 100% correct!

    That’s exactly what I learned years ago even as a starting running back for 4yrs at a major Div 1 University.

    I carried that mindset into business & it’s afforded my wife & I an incredible lifestyle with the bonus cars, trips, time freedom etc that comes with being a super achiever in the network marketing business.

    Though we struggled in the early months, we preserved with a commitment to increase our net worth to over a million dollars as a start & become experts in helping lots of other folks to experience the same thing .

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us in the early days of our humble beginnings & now thru the great content you share.

    Warren Little

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