Closing Strong

One thing we know.  The way you close one month is the way you open the next one.  And the way you close 2010 is going to be the way you open 2011.  So how you doing on that?

Have you mentally closed down on the 15th or so and just waiting for the New Year?  Or are you still planting seeds?

Don’t assault your relatives and friends at your holiday gatherings.  But develop the relationships, listen for help and set up times to follow up.  Next year can be your best one ever.  But to make that happen, you have to be working now.

You up for that?


24 thoughts on “Closing Strong

  1. Yep, there is only the present.

    Some use the holidays as an excuse to stop working or to go on auto-pilot, forgetting that the seeds you plant now grow into dreams of the future.

    Thanks for sharing the reminder Randy. Have a powerful day!


  2. Thanks for this post Randy. I was actually thinking that this is Christmas week and wondering if I should be working my business or waiting until next week. I have my answer–back to work.

  3. The tendency is to close down round about the 15th but that’s an old pattern and pattern can be changed. I am in the middle of a major blast and nothing is going to stop me now.

  4. Go HARD or go HOME at all times! Never let your foot off the pedal. Holidays are only one or two days…not weeks. Don’t let your organization think you’re in holiday mode. They will do what you do, not say.

  5. Hey Randy,

    I hope tgat the next year will be better.
    Idon,t like a situatuon that the past, the persent and the future,
    all this time every thing is the same,like it was allways.Iwant to
    plant seeds in the way you teach us by your video.

  6. Randy,

    I am very pumped and excited for the year of 2010 and what is to come for 2011. I have been planting seeds, done a office presentation, had two parties and hope to do a couple presentation before the years out! Life is good!

  7. Randy,

    So pumped and excited for 2010 and for the year to come. I have been very busy with an office presentation, facial parties, and planting seeds. Fun! I am ready for 2011 and can’t wait to see it unfold.

  8. I will meditate and enjoy the presence of my relatives and closest friends within the Christmas, but still planting seeds at work for next year.

    Btw, part of the meditation the Randy videos will be too so as part of planting seeds.


  9. Of course! Excited for 201!. I’m super-charged, spreading seeds, and waiting with hoe in hand to help those who are peeking thru with interest. Those too choked up with weeds, will just not do!

    Happy New Year Randy!

  10. The holiday period is by FAR the best time to build your candidate list. NOT TO PRESENT, but to add to your candidate list. However, January 2 and onwards is simply a wonderful time to be presenting…everyone’s seems to be open to looking. Just my take 😉

  11. In the spirit of “When everyone zigs, zag.” (Gageism?)…

    I already have my whiteboard & 12 colored markers ready, with a spare one in the driver’s seat of the Viper (in case the 1st one gets confiscated by some non-holiday-spirited “I’m happy in my rut” scrooge (ex)-relative.

    Product samples wrapped (some are wrapped… ran out of time) ready to be passed around the dining room table for the moment after grace is said.

    Memorized my “First mover advantage, all the whales are getting in…” high-pressure closing-speech.

    Added falling snowflakes and a nice holiday jingle to all 23 of my social media sites, lead capture websites, “rock ’em sock ’em” online videos and “rock ‘enroll ’em” online webinar… so that when I pull them up on my iPad at the holiday gathering everyone will “get” the connection immediately and see why it’s a appropriate after all.

    What am I missing…? Anything?

  12. Hello Randy,

    I have run across your content in the past and I thank you for providing good information to the community. In response to what you said about “planting seeds,” I believe that we should all be planting seeds and continue to water them because if we continually nurture those seeds, they will not only just grow…they will blossom and blossom in great numbers!

    Thank you!

    Josephine Monty 🙂

  13. Hey Randy, I am looking at undertaking a HR referral program so that I can speak with more qualified people. Have you ever done anything like that or do you think it is a waste? Yours in gratitude…deb

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