Bring the Heat!

New people join and they’re excited.  But that can wear off quick if they’re fearful about what to do.  The first rejection can also dampen that fast.  And think how often one person is excited, but their spouse a lot less…

So what do you do?

You need to bring the heat!  Create the excitement.  Get in their place and help with a couple of home meetings.  Bring along other team members.   Get them into action and let your excitement infect them.  It’s contagious!


17 thoughts on “Bring the Heat!

    1. That’s right Alex! You CAN bring successful Team Members, Hosts, and even Clients to a prospect’s home or office! This happens at home and office demonstrations all the time. This idea is not exclusive to Sales events but Recruiting ones as well. Why? It may/may not be enough to hear just what YOU have to say. Prospects may desire a few opinions versus just one. It works wonderfully when done correctly. Try it on for size! Cha-ching$!

  1. Greetings Randy,

    All of what you say is true with the addition of the following.

    Being excited and enthusiastic is an important element but it only can go so far.

    It’s like teaching a new child how to ride a bike, with people just entering this industry of network marketing or those that are still struggling.

    They have seen and made a conscious decision to join a company, it’s a shinning new bike without the training wheels.

    Helping them with a home meeting, supporting them with others that are already successful in the company, is as if you are running along side them. They however must do the pedaling.

    What keeps them wanting to continue to pedal is the fact that as their sponsor you are willing to continue to run along side them with 1 hand on the bike as a guide. If you yourself are new to the company, both you and your newly sponsored person need to make the conscious decision to reach up to find someone who can effectively do the guiding, as you learn how to pedal BETTER.

    As is the case in learning how to ride a bike YOU WILL FALL and FAIL. It’s OK, you may have a bruise but it will heal, so you get back on the bike and begin to pedal again with a little less tipsiness.

    What will help you? Indentify a clear and precise REASON you want to ride the bike. (Becoming successful in your business)

    Preparation builds Confidence, Confidence builds Success.

    Someone else may inspire you but only YOU can motivate YOU, to get ON, stay ON and PEDAL the bike.

    Once you learn how to ride a bike you can teach others to do the same.

    That’s Duplication. Duplication = Success

    Have a Blessed Christmas,

    Robert “Buck” Buchholz

  2. Right on Randy. This is so important – especially in the first 7 days. One needs to create that excitement right after they join. Sit down with them, help them with their goals – map out a plan, and just like you said…get excited about it! That’s what leaders do.

  3. Hey Rand’

    When somene has a great “why” and has self-awareness about the his “why”,
    it’s need to show him the way,how to overcome rejection obstacles and so on/

  4. Randy, your excitement infected me!!! You´ve been changing everything in my mind with all your writing…and videos too.You were great in Eric Worre´s program and I loved to watch you there all the week long. Sorry if my English is not perfect ,I´m Brazilian! Thanks a lot for everything. Do you have an e-mail or an online course or I don´t know…something like that so that people can talk or send e-mails to you?

  5. Fear can cripple them. If you sound fearful or anything less than mega excited every time you speak to them they will feel that and respond accordingly. I think showing your enthuasiam is worth 100 times more than actual skills, especially with a newbie.

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