Are You Repeating That Again?

Ever go to a major event and hear one of the leaders repeating some of those boring core principles yet again?  Congratulations, you’re in a great sponsorship line!

The true leaders in our profession know there are some fundamentals that have to be repeated over, and over, and over.  And over again.

Self development, product focus, how to meet people, working a candidate list, invitations, follow up, dream building and others.  These things must ALWAYS be taught at the major events, no matter how many times you may have heard them.  And here’s why…

Because learning happens from repetition.  Because each time you hear something, you should be at a higher stage of skills development and consciousness so you get more out of it.  And because there are always new people that have never heard it before.

So instead of racking your brain trying to think of something new to train your people – rack your brain trying to think of a fresh way to train something old.

How you doing on that?


21 thoughts on “Are You Repeating That Again?

  1. Hey Randy,

    Every time when we are reapiting of something, we can understand it better, and remember it better, so i am still repeating some of those core principles.

  2. I’m doing great with it Funny I am emailing back and forth with a lady
    and just did the very thing you are talking about. Repeating great lines I have heard. You and I are on the same page this morning RG TYVM YOU ROCK !!

  3. Greeting’s Randy,

    Yes repeating is very important.

    Think of it this way:
    Repeating the same core principles to success in this industry or for that matter in ANY thing is like a dripping facet….. drip, drip, drip, drip until one would think they are going to go bonkers and why is this the same? Drip, drip, drip, drip…. it is at some point you hear the drip enough times you put a glass under the drip and it fills the cup. When the cup is full you can take a drink and satisfy your thirst. The dripping continues and you keep filling your glass. A full glass of the right information will then also lead you to the path to your success once you drink it (apply).

    Point? Continue to fill yourself with the same information until you can teach it and once you can teach it others will then also duplicate the same.

    That’s the Business.

    So from this point on, never grumble again about hearing the same thing from your leaders and trainers at the events you attend.

    Go get a GLASS.

    Be Blessed,


  4. Get a large group of people to do a few simple steps consistently for an extended period of time.

    I remember attending a church service at a church that tends to teach very basic principles and go over them over and over again. One time the pastor had it up to here if you know what I mean with people asking when he was going to start teaching “the good stuff”. He put that to rest one service by saying, “I get asked this question all the time and I grit my teeth and keep my mouth closed and smile. But in front of all of you I want to publicly declare, ‘I will move on to the good stuff when we all get the basics down!'”

    The power of events after a while becomes how many people you bring to the events with you after you’ve applied those basics, not hoping you get something new each time.

    Thanks Randy!

  5. Read Jeffrey Gitomer’s “Little Black Book of Connections” this weekend.

    The book is negative regarding MLM and all about networking [??]

    Not one sentence was new and I will read it at least twice in the coming year. I saw where what worked in the past had a reason I had never considered before. The more times and the more different angles from which you see something the more likely it will make sense.

    I wish everything took less time and required 1/20 the number of times to learn it. … of course what else were you going to do on your way to $1 million a year?

  6. Hi Randy,

    Life is the result of affirmation.

    Repeat something to yourself. Accept it as true. Watch it manifest.

    Sometimes these statements need to be accepted from an outside source over and over before they resonate with us. When the resonance occurs we begin to act on these statements.

    Thanks for sharing your insight.


  7. This is a point many miss in our profession alot Randy.

    Especially the part about “not racking your brain to train on something new , but find a new way to train on something old” . . . powerful stuff man.

    Your leadership is appreciated.

  8. Hi everyone

    Yes the same old messages, but there are a lot of fresh faces listening to them. The payback is when they understand what you are saying to them. The can see a way forward, an opportunity for them. There aren’t many safety nets out there!


  9. thanks randy. U know to become perfect in a situation, u must repeatedly practice how to overcome the challenges and learn how to work on it, sooner u can even close ur eye yet u will be able to handle such rehearsed situation.

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