Busting Out in 2011

So here’s a question for you…

How would you like to have five new team members that meet the following criteria?  They:

Work the business five nights a week;
Practice daily self-development;
Attend all local and major functions;
Promote all functions to the team;
Practice the core qualities;
Have a strong product culture and customer base;
Submit a counseling form every month; and,
Follow the system religiously.

Imagine how fast you would bust out in 2011 with five new team members like that!  So how do you get them?

I’m afraid you’re not going to like the answer…

To get team members like that – you have to be a team member like that!   So how you doing on that?

Now if you’re not where you want to be, let’s try something different.  No more guilt.  No more beating yourself up.  No more attacking your self worth.

How about you take the opportunity of the New Year for a fresh start, and give yourself permission to win?

One of the best ways to do that is to conduct a “burning bowl” ceremony.  It’s something we do at my church every New Year’s Eve.  (And when I feel like I’m off the path during the year, I sometimes do it again.)   Here’s a video showing you how to do it here:

Happy New Year – and Happy New You!


29 thoughts on “Busting Out in 2011

  1. Greetings Randy,

    How would you like to have five new team members that meet the following criteria? …………..

    I would have found 5 clones of me. :o)

    Seriously, As you indicated Randy, When you ARE one those, it is just a matter of time to helping a few others reach the same height.

    That’s really what this business is all about – Creating others to be like you if you like who you are.

    Hope you have a GREAT New Year’s Start.

    Be Blessed,


  2. I will need my back yard fire pit for this one. I have one main hurdle to over come witch I happen to be married to. She does not get this business nor does she want to. I will not put her in the bowl. I will not put her in the bowl. lol

    I have duplicated myself in my 22 year old son. I introduced him to personel deveopment earlier this year. He is now my hero.

    Four to go for each of us.

    Thanks Randy and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  3. Hey Randy , thanks for all the great info on You Tube, this web site, and emails. I carry you all over in my MP3 player and in my car, we Mopar fans have to stick together. My first car was a 4 door handme down, slant 6, Dodge Dart. Of which I eventually stripped to create my 360 Dodge Swinger-yeah baby.

    Well that’s the million dollar question…how to find 5 clones that do what you do. We’ll first you have to be someone that others will follow-period. As an engineer, I tend to be overcritical when starting a new venture-we call this analysis paralysis. It’s taken me two years just to be able to make phone calls, and slowly able to make presentations, but I’m getting better. I think I read over 100 books, CDs, DVDs, articles, and websites
    on network marketing, MLM, just to understand what this business is about.

    I can feel myself picking up steam..and getting that four barrel rolling. Keep posting your stuff, its really helping.


    Northern Cal

  4. wole,first and foremost i wil like to thank you for your inestimable information share on this site.2011 my earnest desire is to lead by example and as a result get 5 new team members as a clone.HAPPY NEW YEAR OF BREAKTHROUGH UNLIMITED

  5. Randy, thank you for the advice. Those items are also a great check list for me to help me keep things in perspective. Happy New Year!

  6. Hey Rndy

    When we want to have five new team members who are exellent in the all things
    that the need to know and do,we have to show them our positive personal example,
    and to teach and qualify them to get these abilities

  7. Thanks Randy for reminding me of what network marketing is realy all about. I will share this powerful information with my team member. Happy new year.

  8. THANK U so much Randy!! What ur saying is wise to say the least….u have to be IT before u can attract IT. Thanks ALOT. God bless you, have a Prosperous New Year!!!

  9. Thank you Randy; finishing this year with the “burning bowl” is a great idea. Happy New Year. On another subject, would you happen to have the blog sent about 10 days ago, which relates to the different ways of collecting revenues/interests from any kind of investment..?
    Again thank you!

  10. Hi Randy,

    Super practice here. Some times it’s tough to let go of destructive tendencies. Setting up a burning bowl ceremony sends a powerful signal to the universe.

    It becomes so difficult to grab at something that’s been symbolically and physically burned up. I’ve engaged in burning up a paper listing my limiting beliefs. It’s like instant healing.

    As for attracting go-getting team members our lives are a mirror. Whatever you get, you first give. If you can become that type of rip-roaring network marketing sponsor expect to attract like-minded people. It’s just the way the universe works, which is really kind of cool.

    Thanks for sharing your insight and have a Happy New Year 🙂


  11. thank you fot all your experiences for us, i living in tabasco mexico and i´m working whit your books and you really changeway i was making this business, good give you more roks star in you busines now my question is are you a hamster? jiji and is good. it really work,,,, exito$$$$

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