Winning the Fight

So I was going to support a home meeting for a new line and they gave me the warning…

The mother-in-law was going to be there, and she was skeptical.  VERY skeptical.  In fact, they told me she was a dragon lady.  Tried the biz back in the 80’s with the big A, and now she was on a crusade to protect everyone in the world from that crazy idea that doesn’t work.

Of course I started licking my chops…

These days I LOVE to meet a skeptical person, but almost never get the chance any more.  Network Marketing is gaining such widespread acceptance, the cynics and skeptics are getting outnumbered by the success stories.

I always see these situations as a challenge to see how long it takes me to win them over.  They don’t always join.  But quite often they do.  And at the worst, by the time we’re done, they have a whole different perception of the business.  Even if it’s not the right time for them, they no longer have a distorted view of what we do.

Because my positive information is way stronger than anyone’s negative anticipation.  Anyone.  No one can tell me it doesn’t work.  Because I was the guy that started as a minimum wage dishwasher.  I’ve seen the proof in my own life and the lives of thousands of others.

Some candidates you meet will have a hard time believing.  They can’t help themselves; negative is their default setting.  But you know what they desperately want?

To find someone that believes in something.  And to follow that someone.  So here’s the question of the day…

Is that someone you?


44 thoughts on “Winning the Fight

  1. Just because someone would not like to built their wealth through Network Marketing,It does mean they are negative about the industry.
    Like any other profession, they are very few people who make $100,000 per month in NM. I believe there might be 2 to 5 distributors who make that kind of money in the company I am with.

    1. Yes Enrique that’s true. And I’m okay with that.

      And certainly everyone isn’t going to earn $100,000 a month. But we can (and do) help LOTS of people earn $5,000, $$8,000 and $20,000 a month. And as a guy who has people in 60+ countries, I can tell you in many of them, we are doing people a huge service giving them an opportunity to earn a few hundred dollars a month extra.


        1. Thats right Volker, an extra $200 -$500 a month would enable someone here in the Philippines to buy a car, send his kids to a private school and buy better food.
          Imagine what iwe can do with $5,000 or $10,000?!


        2. This is what I can tell u for sure. I am from Hungary, and here life is very different to what western european countries are used to or the USA.
          The minimal wage is approx 600USD/month which of anyone hardly can make ends meet. Unfortunately this is the situation with dreams. Because most of people are trapped in the level of human phisical needs -they are not able to dream big and believe that can happen to them.
          I fell in love with Network Marketing recently coz I believe that if someone wants long-term success they need to change thought-sets first, and friends!! NM is best of this! And I really appreciate Randy what you share with us! I am very thankful for that! Wish you all the best!

    2. If your #’s are accurate you might be the right jockey on the wrong horse.

      With the right network marketing business model you’ll see 1000’s of people making WELL OVER $100K a year !

      – Regards,
      Warren Little

      1. I’m actually under the impression that no network marketing company in history has created more than 25, million dollar/year earners.

        1. Pick up some income disclosure statements from some different company. I know one that at 4.5 years in business had 34 people making over 1.5 million a year. Things are changing man!

    3. Please can I add something to this:

      The point is that only in MLM can the ordinary person aspire and have the opportunity to make such money. Of course they don’t all make it because they just don’t have the drive and enough desire to make it happen. But they all have a chance.
      Unlike in a job where there is very little chance or opportunity for most employees.

  2. Greetings Randy,

    You bring up a GREAT point.

    There will always be a negative minded person who has the wrong perceived thinking about NWM.

    I too LOVE the opportunity to, if nothing else set them straight on the VALUE of the industry.
    Of course it has to be with a company that meets the true standard of any legal business, with good products etc. and of course there are a lot of them out there.

    Not everybody wants to do what it takes to be a successful doctor, actor, lawyer, realtor, insurance sales etc. but you can not argue they work or it is worth while to be a part of and for many it is a Great money producing profession.

    The same it is with NWM, This industry WORKS, I will never be able to dunk a basketball but I can make the same OR more in my business. As it is with EVERY OTHER PERSON willing to do what it takes……ANYONE CAN become a successful NWM. NO SPECIAL SKILLS REQUIRED!

    To those of you that read this post – NEVER let a negative minded person sway your belief in YOU to be successful.

    Prepare yourself, be confident, use a third party who already has a success story until you create your own, BUT ALWAYS ACT AS IF you DO have and ARE already successful.

    If you can dream it YOU can achieve it.

    It will not be easy although it is simple.

    NO ONE has the luxury of signing on the dotted line, click your heals 3 times and poof your there and it is not a lottery ticket to instant success.


    You can create whatever you want to create, NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE, where you come from, where you live, what your past has been, the color of your skin, the religion you may be or not, male or female.

    Produce and YOU will get paid, Help others to Produce and get paid, YOU get paid MORE.

    Be Blessed.

    Robert “Buck” Buchholz

  3. Hi Randy,

    The genesis of the MLM/Scam talk is formed by people who’ve either failed at network marketing themselves or trusted the advice of someone who failed with MLM.

    Uninformed people tend to side with the most emotionally charged opinions. These opinions are usually formed by those who feel network marketing is the latest racket and these folks tend to have bombed in the industry.

    SCAM is usually a 4 letter word that lazy entrepreneurs use to shift responsibility from themselves to something outside of themselves. This can be a person, business opportunity, anything. Network marketing is surrounded by skepticism in some circles because it’s an easy scapegoat, but as you mentioned the success stories continue to put wholes in these lame arguments.

    Bad eggs do reside in the industry, just like any industry but after the banking collapse did everybody pull their money? Was there a run on the banks? Dishonest people operate in any/all sectors.

    A few bad seeds don’t spoil the crop and this is the case with any industry.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Randy.


  4. -RG,

    Network Marketing is becoming more acceptable to people. Blogs like this and other professionals have raised the bar, and information is key to winning over public opinion.

    One BIG problem that we can all fix is to stop talking smack about other NM companies. If people hear so and so company sucks over and over why would they want to get involved in a business where the people in it speak poorly of it?


  5. People are scared of what they don’t know. People are not willing to do what it takes to get out of their rat race… People will talk about the political situation in Yemen without knowing what’s going on… Our job is not to convince them. Eventually over time there will be enough education and examples so that people will recognize the truth.
    My mother (not in law, my real one…) called me a few years ago telling how concerned Dad and she were that I had joined a sect.
    My same mother called me two years ago, after I told my parents that I would divorce, to advise me to develop my NM business as “she could see that some people make money”…
    My brother ha told me over and over again that he’d rather buy products from a well established company. I’m in business with a company that is over 30 years old. He has his own… in insurance (talking about bad crop sometimes) 10 years old and makes money.
    Let people come to their own conclusion and believe in what you do without looking back.
    I really don’t want to fight the dragon lady. It’s not my job. Sorry

  6. I had one of those mom’s & mother in laws. It’s usually emotion based. My mom had a bad experience from a bad sponsor with a bad attitude & it reflected poorly on our profession.

    My mother in law, well, she was “protecting” her daughter.

    It took a mere $1000 / month profit to get them both to be our cheerleaders. We have since gone on to $20k months & it has had a dramatic impact on our lives.

    Thanks Randy for all you do to make this a profession. 🙂

    If anyone wants to read the story, it’s on my blog. Just click on my name above.

  7. I’ve met my share of ‘Dragon Ladies’. One thing I pride myself on is that I remain professional and positive. I have people who follow ME, because of ME. Some ‘get’ NWM, some don’t. Doesn’t matter; I remain unshaken and living the dream!

  8. Love your comment and question at the end – that’s indeed what many are looking for, or at least will find themselves respecting in spite of their skepticism – someone who truly believes in themself and what they are doing!

  9. Thank you Randy; I don’t think how much money you earn is THE most important; I can tell you that since I started MLM 6 months ago I found myself back, I started dreaming again, I saw a light at the end of the tunnel, I’ve a sense of “nothing’s gonna steal my dreams anymore”; for me this is invaluable. nobody knows how much time will we live with the money we earn, but we all know who we are and what we want to be until the light turns off.

  10. yes, yes, my ex-wife negates everything outside of her ideas, and I hate to guess, it’s not easy.
    But it is perfectly true that I’m sure she has no chance to convince me abot reverse.She waits for the next opportunity, simply must be right.

    The only way is to be sure of what I do = Randy path.

    Thanks again Randy.

  11. Ok, ok. You didn’t get back to us and tell us if you won her over or not. But, I guess that’s really not the point you were trying to make! You wanted to convey that you’re not afraid of confronting and dealing with these negative people.
    It’s not really that relevant if she became a believer or not!

  12. hey Randy, why don’t you ask your webmaster to put the facebook like button to the end of the post as you have it on the prosperity blog, i find it much easier to recommend it because i don’t have to scroll all the way up to the beginning of the post.. and i believe there are also a lot more people that would enjoy that.. is more convenient. fired up and focused. And see you in Valencia

      1. In effect Randy I think also like that, but I can understand Alex Tita too…
        You are a GREAT Randy, have a nice day, and I wish an Happy New Year to everydody.

  13. Professionals sort, amateurs convince. It is great to build up an arsenal of reactions to things people will throw back at you, but those can be acquired and improved over time. More important to keep seeking the willing.

    Enjoyed the comment made by Ryan that some are just seeking to assign blame for their laziness/ lack of commitment to another, claiming SCAM.
    You don’t have to talk them into the ground– and shouldn’t– but don’t let them poison your spirit either.

    Sales is the transferance of belief. Who is going to transfer their belief to the other?
    That indomitable belief you build up must be aligned with the validity of NWM as a model for compensation, the key product/ service your company provides, and the

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