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Are You Validating Your Failure?

Ok for today’s post I have a very important question for you… Continue reading “Are You Validating Your Failure?”

How Consistent are You?

I can’t begin to tell you how many people struggle in this business because of consistency.  They get fired up after an event and work like crazy for two weeks.  Then the remote control starts to beckon to them… Continue reading “How Consistent are You?”

The Lesson from Gandhi

By any chance did you sponsor Mahatma Gandhi?  You should have.   Because he knew more about human nature and how it affects duplication than perhaps anyone alive.   Continue reading “The Lesson from Gandhi”

Top Countries for MLM

Here’s an interesting article from Direct Selling News.  They rank the top countries for MLM and Direct Selling and list the ones that do over US$1 billion annually.  It makes for some interesting reading.  See how it compares to your organization. Continue reading “Top Countries for MLM”

The Lesson for You…

So I got an email Monday from a new teammate of mine.  And he mentioned that he wanted to talk to me about “that prosperity stuff” because he is out of work and is running down his savings.  And of course I had an opportunity meeting last night, which of course I immediately invited him to. Continue reading “The Lesson for You…”

The Discipline of Discipline

Discipline is a weird thing.  We all think we hate it.  But we all need it.  Because it’s a very ironic thing. Continue reading “The Discipline of Discipline”

Are You Coachable?

We’re doing a continuing series on what it takes to be successful in network marketing.  One of the most important things is to be coachable. Continue reading “Are You Coachable?”

Are You Willing to Face Your Fears?

Last post I said you must be willing to change to achieve success.  A big part of this usually is facing your fears. Continue reading “Are You Willing to Face Your Fears?”

Are You Willing to Change?

A frequent question I get is what does it really take to be successful in MLM?  A good question and a lot of possible answers… Continue reading “Are You Willing to Change?”

Which Mountain Are You On?

Ask any soldier and they will confirm something:  It is a lot easier to hold territory than to re-take it.  And boy is that true in our business… Continue reading “Which Mountain Are You On?”

Nurturing Leaders

Wow, what an amazing response to the last post! Thank you all for spreading the word on that message and I hope you continue to do so.   And since that message set the world’s record for the longest blog post, I’ll be brief today.  The message is about developing leaders. Continue reading “Nurturing Leaders”

Don’t You Dare Give Up!

It’s 5 am and I should be sleeping.  But I’ve been tossing and turning for over an hour thinking about what I wanted to say to you.  It’s about the work you do and the dreams you want to live… Continue reading “Don’t You Dare Give Up!”

Special Event in the Baltic States

Just a quick note to alert you about a special event.  I’ll do an e-zine about it, but wanted to give you guys advance notice.    Continue reading “Special Event in the Baltic States”

Overcoming Your Fears

In the last post, Tomoe asks, “How did you conquer your biggest fear? And don’t tell me it was about taking action. What was the process that went on in your head?” Continue reading “Overcoming Your Fears”