Are You Coachable?

We’re doing a continuing series on what it takes to be successful in network marketing.  One of the most important things is to be coachable.

Even though you may have great experience in other areas, network marketing is a whole different world.

Sales techniques don’t duplicate here.  Corporate hierarchy doesn’t work.  Many other rules are different.

Your sponsorship line has gone before you and found what works.  So let them counsel you.  And here’s the issue…

Most people have no problem following counseling when they agree with it.  But if you agree with it – you probably didn’t need the counseling.

The best coaching you receive is probably the stuff you don’t want to hear.  So how you doing on that?


21 thoughts on “Are You Coachable?

  1. I am so glad you posted this TODAY. Law of Attraction man … Just had a weekend where I had to tell my sponsor that what they have been teaching me is not working and it involves a lot of inconsistency in our approaches. At training there is no coaching on how to invite, their is no coaching on how to present … but after 13 years in this business I know how to do all those things (mostly from reading your books :)) … I believe that I am coachable but what do you do when their techniques are not working – not getting appointments, not making sales, not duplicating downline?

      1. That’s a good one…. I think I’ve given up being coachable after some bad experiences with some sponsors that think they know everything and are stuck at Silver Director rank.

        Now my “coaches” are Randy’s audios and materials! Someone commented about me that “If it’s not consistent with Randy Gage, then it must be wrong”

  2. Hey Randy Gage.
    network marketing is a new marketink.Everyone who want to do well in his
    business, has to learn and make self improvment, non the history of the economy of the world, ther are alwase some professions which disappears,and some newsprofession which are according to the needs
    of the society.
    “Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.” Confucius

  3. I’ve learned tons these past 6 months or so. How to get prospects to want to listen to a presentation, how to give better presentations, how to leverage the internet to get more leads in to my system, so I can do more presentations. All of it seems like information overload but I’m loving the results. My bank acct is happy too. And with the info you share Randy it is priceless. Thanks

  4. I am coachable. I followed a lot of training. Went to Seminars like Go Diamond (in San Francisco last Febr.11 till 14th. Went to a lot of ABB’s etc. But I still “don’t have the magic in my hands.” I am in touch with a lot of people through internet. I meet people (maybe not enough?). I have to get better in attracting people to our business.
    So, i still don’t give up on it, but I really have to do better.
    Thanks for your question, Randy.
    Stella Webber

  5. Randy , you are right!
    When I decided to make network marketing I had the impression that I know all.
    I started to learn , to hear, to read, to see., to speak…it is anything else.
    The process is a continue one….
    The result are coming, people are follow me…
    Thank you , Randy!

  6. Everyone has a ‘filter’ between the world and their mind. Everything passes through it and IT modifies what we hear. Until you notice your own filter not much anyone can say that is really heard by you. Some people are great coaches because they have a ‘knowing’ or a knack of other peoples filters.

    Most people have encountered where they say something intending to make a difference and no one listens. A few days later everyone mentions how a derelict they encountered gave them the keys to the kingdom and it is exactly what you said a few days earlier…

    Would they have heard it the second time had you not proposed it the first? Hard to tell. In any case their filter was set to stun for your words but allowed someone else’s in. This is a long topic of study.

    Being ‘coachable’ is a commitment to yourself and to your coach. All too often however there are people who offer coaching and you didn’t ask for it. Too many cooks spoil the soup and too many coaches ruin your game. We all need and deserve coaches AND work out buddies. You may have to upgrade later. Don’t make it mean anything.

  7. Great! Great! Great!
    Honestly I did’t think about that in this way.
    Simple but straight ..
    “network marketing is a whole different world…. Many other rules are different.”
    Thank you!

  8. Oh you are so right. I was very resistant to being told how to do things when I first started in network marketing but I learned the hard way that I had no clue how to build a network marketing business. Now, I listen and appreciate all the advice and tools my upline offers me.

    Have a great one!

    ~ Dorene Pierceall

  9. My problem is that I don’t seem to have all the same fears! that other people have and that is mostly what people coach. What I mean is that I have no problem picking up the phone or talking to strangers or cold calling etc but still dont seem to be doing as well as I could be… Any tips?

    1. Cold calling may not pose a fear to you, but it will for most people. And that means bad duplication for you. So it is important that you use 3rd party tools as much as possible and be the messenger, not the message.


  10. Randy, you are 100% correct .Most of us claim to be coachable but the truth is that we are not.When the reality start to surface we all fail to learn and pay the price that we need to pay to achieve our great success.

  11. I have been following the steps given by our up line, The problems stems from the other people being scared to open their minds and embracing the market I always welcome new ideas and enjoy learning..

  12. I am coachable. Offcourse I have my stubbornness now and then, bu I always keep a few things in mind. These are:
    look at the level of GROWTH and ACTION the advisor is at. Check if he/she is not in a longterm stall.
    absorb the vision and energy of the top-achievers and fill your heart with it.
    listen to the exact steps it took the advisor to get to the next rank
    be very alert for any moment in which you get irritated by an advice. It might be exactly the moment you need to hear it, like Mr. Gage says.

  13. Great post Randy.
    Being coachable is a significant thing to have when venturing within the network marketing industry. It is a challenge for me sometimes and then I just remember the realize the value that will come later from it, and then once I become aware of what is going on, I can choose which path to take.
    Thanks for sharing with us all.
    God Bless,

  14. Randy, been coachable, is good, there is not a thing wrong with listening to some one, who may know a thing or two more than you. However, on the other hand, most coaches really don’t have time for people such as my self, if they have to invest their time and energy to making a dollar for themselves also. Besides, most companies do not pay sponsors to coach. Therefore, sponsors, sponsor and you are on your own from then. This is precisely what happened to me. Therefore I thank God, graciously for people such as your self, who is willing to help rookies like me. Please keep up the good work, and remember this; it is not all about money, but about those who you help on your way up cause you will surely see them on your way down. Love you !

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