The Lesson from Gandhi

By any chance did you sponsor Mahatma Gandhi?  You should have.   Because he knew more about human nature and how it affects duplication than perhaps anyone alive.  

He once said, “We do not need to proselytize either by our speech or by our writing.  We can only do so really with our lives.”

There is a very important – and extremely relevant – lesson there for network marketers.   Do you know what it is?


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  1. We won’t attract people to us by preaching to them. We can attract them by being a great example and letting them decide if they want to follow us or not.


  2. Practice without preaching. Or at least practice what you preach. Actions speak louder than words.

    It’s easy to adopt this mindset when things are going in your favor. The minute something stresses you out; bingo! Right back to a competitive plain of thought where your pure intentions aren’t in alignment with your actions.

  3. I try to remember to “walk the walk”. In good conscience, I can’t possibly have my group do something I’m not doing. Show me, don’t tell me. Love this quote:

    “What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say”
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

  4. You can only control what you do, not what other’s do. So, the best way to motivate anyone else into action is to be in action yourself, and not worry about what anyone else does.

  5. I’m not sure if I understand it, but if its the message I think it is than “your people won’t do what you say…your people will do what you do.” Thinking through further, there is a very poignant poem about that exact lesson if anyone can remember it. If not I will find it and post it. Taking this all a step further, if my group is not growing its because I’m craking my whip instead of leading by example.


    There is a story told about Mahatma Gandhi:

    A lady brought her son and said he ate too much sugar. She wanted Gandhi to tell him to stop. Gandhi said to bring the child back the next week. The next week she brought the child and Gandhi said “Stop eating sugar child”. And the child did. A month later the lady came back and said “My child has done what you asked, but why could you not have spoken to him the first time I came.” “Lady”, said Gandhi, “a week earlier I was still eating sugar”.

  7. I had to look up “proselytize” in the dictionary. I laughed when I saw the meaning. I was just discussing with my wife a few minutes ago, whether we should be handling all those crazy objections and changing our presentation to suit the prospect, or simply show the same thing to everyone and see who gets it.

    I figure that, in a way, we’re offering people a new way of life. So I think Ghandi was spot on. How a person lives says a lot more about them than anything that comes out of their mouths, and ultimately THAT is what will attract or repel others.

  8. We teach “People don’t do what you tell them to do, they do what they see you doing” or “Lead by example”

  9. Greeting Randy,

    Obviously Mr Gandhi was right on. All to often people try to convert an individual or individuals to their opinion of something or to their personal belief.

    This is all to often something that occurs in our industry because many are trying to get people to do what they want them to do or see this industry as they do for their own agenda.

    In my previous post when we were looking at the individual that thought playing pool was more important than learning about a possible solution to his current economic condition, I indicated and you may have seen that I wrote the following:
    “I can get anyone to do anything THEY want to do.”

    The lesson for us all:

    No matter what we are doing or how we think or believe, if we, by our own actions of what and how we do things, shows and creates the value for others to follow… THEY WILL, all on their own.

    Again: I can get anyone to do anything They want to do

    I then need to work on my ability to create the right value.



  10. I just want to tell you all that I like this lesson. Comments already posted are wise.

    Personaly I’d say: -“No comments” Just smart reflexion and start the action!…

    Cheers and take a deep breath!

  11. Randy ,

    You taught me this at every Ft Lauderdale Mtg.

    Some things we don’t teach . . .we just model the behavior.

    Applying that has helped me to help lots of people to ‘escape the rat race’

    Robert Buchholz pretty much summed it up.

    Some do it now, some later & some not at all . . .it’s their decision.

    Rock on.

  12. The comments I read said it. Lead by example. Show your team that you are there for them and work together. Be honest and positive.

  13. Thank you Mr. Randy.

    You are what you think all day long. I will copy this attitude as our business is a copy business/duplication.
    Thabj you again.

  14. Randy, your word (that) needs to be changed to (then) in your first sentence. I enjoy following you, never the less. One doesn’t need to follow anyone’s footsteps. In fact, one can’t even master the Masters’. But we can do all we can to lead the way. Be a leader.

  15. Mahatma Gandhi was a political and spiritual leader people folow him,and trust him .He was a man of vision, and charisma, and gave to this people
    personal example . His saying is:”If you wante make changes be yourself the change”.In the MLM, if you want that persons in your organizatin duplicate you,
    give them personal example.

  16. “Be the change you want to see.” On the same lines, I also believe in what Jim Rohn said, “Be the person you want to be.” An extremely important principle in order to become successful in Network Marketing.

  17. Randy,

    I get it too! My wife Pamela Chappel wrote a song about this very idea. it is called the Peace Cannon. just go to

    It was so good that it brought a tear to former President, Jimmy Carter’s eye a few years ago! ” We must be the change we want to see in the world”. Check out Pam’s website.
    Pete Wehle

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